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  1. @icomrade Were you or ebaydayz still running an open test server for 1.0.6?
  2. fr1nk

    New horizons

    Very impressive stuff :) Meanwhile, I have trouble getting a phone signal in my parking garage...
  3. Not exactly a roadmap, but this gives additional info on development activities.
  4. The install instructions refer to these: REsec.sqf antihack.sqf
  5. Yes, there's been activity on the DayZ Epoch github the past week. Not sure on a timeline but there are people working on it.
  6. While not quite the same, I'm reminded of this.
  7. fr1nk

    [HELP] Trader Items?

    I don't remember the exact reason, but something was changed a while back that broke using gems as currency...so the Epoch team added the _old suffix for this purpose.
  8. fr1nk

    Which Server Host?!

    Tested any server installs on it yet? I'm waiting on a restock at their Canadian datacentre.
  9. I had this happen once - turns out the mission file was corrupted so I just deleted __cur_mp.pbo and everything worked again. You mentioned checking the file but not sure if you've tried deleting it.
  10. [spoiler]Insert text here[/spoiler] :)
  11. fr1nk

    Which Server Host?!

    Those prices look pretty good..
  12. Check this and see if it helps...I wrote that reply a lonnggg time ago but it's still accurate. There were a couple of steps specific to Vilayer servers but you can ignore those.
  13. fr1nk

    Which Server Host?!

    Yeah, they have various installs.
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