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  1. Thanks man but for some reason I get a wait for host error with the loot tables and traders
  2. I did this, is it possible to add the overwatch weapons to the current traders?
  3. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone knew how to install custom loot tables and where I'd get the files, if someone would be so kind please? Thanks
  4. Thank you very much it completely works
  5. Awesome thanks, do you mind giving me a brief rundown on the installation procedure please?
  6. Oh really? I asked my host and they said they couldn't but can it be installed the same way we did Epoch with Overwatch?
  7. Chief501st

    OverPoch 1.0.6

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if OverPoch with Epoch 1.0.6 is possible? Thanks
  8. Yea I have that in the init.sqf, thanks though
  9. I did that and it still doesn't work
  10. Hey guys a friend and I have been trying to get this teleporting with Infistar to work for the past week to no avail. I've done the reinstall of Infistar and tried all the old tricks for disabling it but it seems to keep reverting the tp's. Any ideas or literally any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. 1. All Servers 2. Chief =CGN= 3. I was logging into a server and it was the first time trying Arma 3 Epoch before Please help me asap
  12. Yes I did that but it breaks the service points and makes it so nothing on it works
  13. Hi I added this this morning and added the dev functions before the isdedi part in my compiles.sqf and i get the scroll option in-game at the fuel stations but it is not repairing/refueling/rearming anything, is there something I am missing?
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