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  1. Hey @juandayz! Do you know if the custom debug monitor works still today with 1.0,7.1? I've installed as you explained it but it doesn't display nothing and I can see any error log at rpt file.
  2. Finally I solve the issue and now I have both of them running okay. Let me explain (hope this helps someone in the future!): Both of the instructions (WAI and DZAI) are okay. First install DZAI and next WAI. In the case of DZAI, only add the one line ([] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\dzai_initserver.sqf";) and put the compile WAI line at the bottom of server_functions.sqf like instructions says. DONT PUT THE WAI COMPILE LINE BELOW DZAI COMPILE LINE OR YOU'LL GET SCRIPTS ERRORS FROM WAI. Do the rest of the homework following the instructions. Finally and no less important, be careful with the pbo file genereated by PBO Manager: check if the properties are okay. If you see nothing you need to add two properties: pbprefix and prefix as it shows at the screenshot. Enjoy!
  3. Like @Mattiman338 I'm trying to figure out how to make it run on a Epoch with WAI installed (and working fine) but no logs, nothing happens at rpt file. I followed the installation instructions (https://github.com/oiad/DZAI/blob/master/Installation Guides/Server-Installation.md) and put the line [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\dzai_initserver.sqf"; above that line (dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf) allowConnection = true; Any tip or help will be appreciated.
  4. Thanks @olegatorfor your answers and tons of help. Fortunately I solved that issue and already no need to tweak with BE scripts restrictions. If this helps for anybody in the future: The install instructions are ok and works for Epoch Just read and follow them step by step. My problem was the use of a pbo creator that doesnt work properly (cpbo and mikero tools). The link at the README.md points to the discontinued armaholic site. At the moment there are two options: last PBO Manager (NOT the deprecated!): https://github.com/winseros/pboman3 (this version only works on Windows 10, not 7) and -my solution-, rescue from the past the old PBO Manager that is still available at this repo: https://github.com/SteezCram/Armaholic-Archive After unpack and repack with that everything was running fine :-)
  5. I know I'm very late to this party, but unfortunately I have stuck trying this mod working on a epoch fresh server. I followed the step-by-step installations instructions but with no luck: server starts fine but in the process of authentication I got a "kicked off bt Battleye Script restriction #39". Any clue? Thanks in advance
  6. After three years, any chance to download the source code?
  7. Maybe is the same scenario like Dayz mod: it does'nt support the cache-perl write/read method to the mysql database. That means that it needs to check out the diff between the last 1051 linux support and the new server files, specially the database extension (Hive.dll). I'll give a try and see if it's possible to bring Epoch to Linux again :)
  8. Thanks a lot for your time and help :) np about last issue... your script is amazing :) Very good job man!
  9. It works! Thanks! but now I have a new weird issue: when players spawns by HALO, few seconds after they reach the ground they get back to fly again (with or withouth parachute!) :?
  10. So I must change the antihack_addActionCheck = true; to false, isn't? Thanks for your attention!
  11. Thanks man. Now it works, but still I get a -1 EpochMod.com Autoban when I spawn in HALO mode :( It works now. Sorry for my stupid noob comment.
  12. Maybe it's a stupid question but I just upgraded to the last version (github) and I can't spawn if I do double click either HALO or ground. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for this script! but every time I spwan in HALO mode I get a kick EpochMod.com Autoban (no problem in ground mode). Any idea?
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