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  1. Razorman

    GTA V

    Don't do it, would be a waste of a beautiful port & a source of frustration for u.
  2. GTA V PC has dragged me & my buddy's away from our server since it was released, we have a penthouse apartment with a chopper on the roof, 25 million $ in the bank, hookers, fast cars booze & a bong lol, what more could a crew want ;) Gamers are a fickle bunch, the hardcore will stay to the death but keepin kids amused is difficult, maybe not such a bad thing to trim the servers down to just the quality ones, losing player base will be inevitable though.
  3. Razorman

    GTA V

  4. Razorman

    GTA V

    My Overpoch server hasn't had a look in since this was released, cant tear myself away from GTA V Online, sooooo much fun damn it! ;)
  5. "Epoch: Server Start Complete: 64.228 seconds" That's mine with multiple mods & scripts running on a dedi box in my mancave ;)
  6. u type killme to suicide and it's set as default, at least it was/is on my server, chat restrictions are set in your description.ext file, u need to un .pbo epoch_Altis it's in there, adjust then re .pbo & launch. you have a long way to go, welcome to the world of server hosting, btw if u can drop your provider & host your own ;)
  7. All good now, appreciate the support thanks!
  8. Razorman

    GTA V

    it doubles to a 120g install.....
  9. Razorman

    GTA V

    Very very nice, this is tearing me away from my server lol
  10. @Epoch;@EpochHive;@Emod03;@mas18;@masvehicles;@allinarmaterrainpack; Try that. @Epoch;@EpochHive;@allinarmaterrainpack;@mas;@masvehicles;@emod;@asm;" -enableHT -autoinit This is mine
  11. 5nine any chance of reviewing my mission.sqm above? Your script is excellent, my only issue is he black txt boxes in the centre of screen when calling the taxi, all other txt is fine, driver conversations etc. Thanks
  12. Ai default combat status is Blue (Neutral), Change it to Red (Combat), change the type of vehicle to an open pickup truck & Ai in the back will shoot at u as they go past, actually leaving the icons on display/map & Ai in vehicles is better after playing for a while, You can increase number of vehicles in each Ai convoy or whatever you please. nice script.
  13. Interesting script, works fine, couple questions. Why dont convoy vehicles stop when they see a player? They just keep driving past atm. How do you remove those annoying map icons showing spawn locations & actual convoys driving around? Thanks
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