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  1. Guys, guys, there's still Duke Nukem Forever...
  2. Kind-Sir

    Admin building

    BLAST YOU KIDS AND YOU'RE RECKLESS POSTING! Haha, don't worry about it man. We're here every now an again to check over the forums and offer help where we can. If you would like any help with this script, I could help you out at a later time. Setting up my dev server today and will be writing some scripts I had in mind.
  3. Kind-Sir

    Admin building

    Moved to Scripting Help. You may have luck looking into the dayz_code.pbo/actions/player_build.sqf
  4. Gotta have the sound files in the mission, as the clients need 'em too. The clients will not get any access to the dayz_server files. The way the buildings load in through the dayz_server files are that they are stored in their own variable and spawned on each client through the server. With sound files, you have to have the sound file local (on the player's computer) in order to play it. If the file size bothers you, you may have luck compressing it down. Although, you may also have luck looking into https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Custom_Sounds_Tutorial If clients can have sound files (50KB or less) shared between server and other clients, you might be able to set up a sound folder in your instance folder and see if it loads from there. Might work if you have a headless client, bonus for AI, too.
  5. OGP is based on Linux, so you should have no issues installing it from SVN to your Linux machine. It's worth a shot, and utilizes a lot of Linux-based utilities.
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext
  7. I know your pain. I moved over to a Windows Server 2008 box after having trouble setting up a few servers for other games on Linux. Then I found OGP and it seemed to work like a charm
  8. Since this seems to be an issue related to the DayZ Epoch Linux server, and since the source for the DayZ Epoch Linux server has not yet been released (to my knowledge), there isn't much that can be done. If you're looking for an alternative, install Open Game Panel on your server box and install Arma 2 through that. It'll set everything up via wine for you, and have it's own mysql database and so on.
  9. This seems to be an issue with the Linux Epoch Server software. The thread has been moved to the Linux Epoch Server category for further investigation.
  10. Do you have any modifications to your server files? Have you tried running your database on vanilla files? I've had a database well over 3MB without much issue, but that was with older Epoch versions ( I believe) If the problem still persists with vanilla files, may you send over your arma2oaserver.rpt and hiveext.log to me? If nothing pops up in the logs, I will populate a database with 2.5MB+ of object, player, and character data, and see if anything goes haywire for me. On another note, is your dedicated server a Linux or Windows server? I would assume Linux as I've seen your posts in the Linux Epoch Server section.
  11. I would recommend keeping all data in Player_DATA, but Player_LOGIN is only for the purpose of seeing who logged in/off at what date/time character_data holds all the inventory, humanity, etc for players. There are dead players that clog up character_data, as well. A simple command like the following should suffice when clearing out old player data DELETE FROM character_data WHERE alive=0 AND LastLogin<(NOW()-INTERVAL 3 DAY);And for deleting blown up vehicles: DELETE FROM object_data WHERE damage=1
  12. Try updating the variable 'connect_timeout' inside of your MySQL database to a higher number (preset to 10 seconds, try 20 or 30 seconds) This should prevent the timeout for loading a big database. Another thing to note would be to clean out any old player data and any old object data from the database.
  13. I actually have been working on my own previously, but I have not completed it. If you're up for sending me some files, go right ahead, but I will use the old code I have and try to get it to work. Will report on it via message later tonight.
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