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[HOW-TO] Rollback Arma 2 Beta Patch


This is not my fix, I'm just posting it here for people as there seems to be a lot of bad information out there.  This fix requires the steam version of arma 2.


1. First go into your Arma 2 OA folder and delete all the exe files (ArmA2OA, arma2oaserver, Arma2OA_BE)


2. Open the Expansion folder and inside delete the folder called 'beta'.  If you are running a newer version you might not have a beta folder and you can skip this step.


3. Now go into your steam library and right click on Arma 2 OA -> properties.  Select the beta tab and pick 1.62 - older version of the game.


4. Again in properties choose local files tab and verify integrity of game.  This will bring you back to 1.62.95248


5. Now you can open DayZ Commander and install any patch you want, no more error about 1.63 being newer then 1.62.


Hope that helps.

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patch 1.63 is getting more and more annoying, i have all automatic update disabled in steam arma 2 OA, the both methods worked great for me for months, but then ~


about 2+ month ago I could downgrade 1.63 Arma2 in the easy way:

- Delete the exe's, verify in steam, start, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander


1+ month ago, the method stopped working, so I had to start to do this:

- Delete the exe's, BUT now I had to choose in steam arma2 OA properties under beta the 1.62 older version, verify, start, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander


2-3 week ago, it stopped working again, and now i had to combine the methods in this forum:

- Delete the exe's, shut down steam, delete regedit arma 2 OA, start steam, choose in steam arma 2 OA properties the beta to 1.62, verify, start, and install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander


1 week ago, also this stopped working, now steam won't start arma OA with beta 1.62, now i had to:

- Delete the exe's, shut down steam, delete regedit arma 2 OA, start steam, choose in steam arma 2 OA properties the beta to 1.62, verify, BUT NOW arma 2 OA in beta 1.62 state won't start, but "try to start" was enough so dayzcommander recognized arma2 OA, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander, but since steam 1.62 version wont start, i had to put back arma 2 OA to "normal" none beta state, WITHOUT verify, now arma 2 OA starts again, also in dayzcommander, but if I verified arma 2 OA in "normal" non beta status, it switched back to 1.63, even I had 103718(1.62) installed in dayzcommander


1 day ago, it...yeah you know, stopped working...

But this time, i dont have a solution.


If i set arma OA back to "normal" no beta, it instant update to 1.63 even having autoupdate deactivaded

If i leave 1.62 beta, it won't start, unless u start it without battle client, but it will not allow u to play on dayz mod's without battle client.



The reason why i had to switch versions, was simply searching new dayz servers over weeks, some have 1.62, some have 1.63, and now im defeated by 1.63, but really want go back to 1.62 without reinstall


I sent steam a report, they shall communicate with arma 2 support, and make beta 1.62 version work again, or even better find a solution for a simple down grade in dayzcommander, like it was always possible earlier time long ago.

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You realize that you don't really need to switch versions?


There are 2 Arma2 executables:

  • the one in the Arma2OA directory, that is used for connecting to the up-to-date (not the 112555) 1.63 servers
  • the one in the expansion/beta/ directory that you get when you downgrade to 1.62 and use DZC to patch to 103718

Switching the version to a current 1.63 in Steam does not delete your 1.62.103718 version. I'd recommend not to delete it manually for the time being.


So, all you need to do is to

  • use DZC to connect to 1.62.103718 servers (the exe in expansion/beta/)
  • use Steam to start the 1.63 version and there connect via the Arma multiplayer menu

I myself prefer to use bat files for this, see my post #29 in


The bat file cited there is for connection to our Chernarus 1.63 server, atm I don't have access to a file in the 1.62 version, but you could connect to tsde1.vilayer.com:10005 , and open the file browser of the 'wait for admin channel' for Overpoch. There you'll find a bat file designed to connect to our Overpoch server that is still running 1.62.103718 because it has another hoster than the other servers.


Edit: I've edited that post to show an example for a 1.62 bat, too.

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you realize that newer version don't really have expansion beta folder?


i dont have expansion/beta, where is it located in newer? Its not in steam folder, or anywhere in C:/User

i never heard i dont need to switch version, but maybe you are right, who knows, things happens.


but since I and others dont have expansion/beta, your help is sadly no help. But i really appreciate the try :)


But doesnt matter anyway, my post was more as an info for others reading this solutions having same problems, and see they are not alone, I put all my hope in steam fixing the 1.62 unable to start problem. Because if i can start it again, no more problem.

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You'll have expansion/beta (again), as soon as you use steam to reconstruct the 1.62 version and then use DayZCommander to install 103718(1.62).


At least, after doing this, I myself got back the expansion/beta I had faithfully deleted following the advice one of the how-to-update threads in these forums gave (thus sadly depriving me of the means to admin the one of our servers that hadn't been transitioned, yet) ;-)

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      Simple but fun little script I put together awhile ago.
      What it does? It is bound to a object in this case "ItemObsidian" as a right click, but can be changed to whatever you want. It then will sends out a message to the players on the server and marks the player with red smoke and a marker on the map.
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      I'm still working on this and will update it when it is done. If any of you better scriptwriters then myself ( I'm still a noob lol) have any ideas on how to improve this? contact me so I can give you credit in the update :)
      Known bugs:
      marker sometimes stays on map Credits to : @Schalldampfer  For helping me understand map markers
      Install: Place this in your scripts folder name it something like Jugg.sqf
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      sleep 2;
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      PJ_grenade attachto [vehicle player,[0.1,0,0]];
      sleep 2;
      //Temp Godmode for 2 mins////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      (vehicle player) removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage";
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      (vehicle player) addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { true }];    
      (vehicle player) removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage";
      (vehicle player) allowDamage true;
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      Call it from your right click
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      _nameP = name _unit;
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      _markerobjp setMarkerType "mil_dot";
      _markerobjp setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
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      _markerobjp setMarkerSize [1,1];

      while {alive _unit} do {
      _markerobjp setmarkerdir (getdir _unit);
      _markerobjp setMarkerPos (getPos _unit);
      _markerobjp setMarkerText _nameP;
      sleep 5;
      uiSleep 240;
      deleteMarker _markerobjp;
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      I am having an issue on my server where vehicles which spawn randomly around the map repair themselves upon server restart.
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      DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100;
      DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0;
      DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 25;
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      DayZ Version -DayZ Epoch
      Scripts Used -DZAI | -DZMS | -Right Click Actions (Suicide, Smoke Drugs, GPS Scan)
      AntiHack - InfiSTAR
      Server Host - GTXGaming
      My HiveEXT.log and arma2oaserver.RPT logs are not showing anything out of the ordinary.
      I'm not sure if it matter, but all Planes/Helicopters and Boats have been removed from the server via the dynamic_vehicle.sqf.
      In addition, all of the traders and trader cities being removed by removing the call for the CfgServerTrader.hpp in the description.ext.
      If there is any other info I can show to assist in fixing this problem please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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      Bonjour, j’écris aujourd’hui parce que j’aimerais savoir si vous ne pourrez pas m'aider. Je loue un serveur via gportal et j’aimerais pouvoir être mon serveur en PvE, mais aussi créer des éléments de base pour la connexion et des choses simples comme . J'ai un autre problème lorsque j'achète une voiture chère à pied cela me met une flèche rouge puis rien non aucun véhicule il apparait qu'après un redémarrage du serveur
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      I installed the dynamic climate script and it happens that it rains on the server but only lasts 10 seconds and stops. Is it because I use the script that speeds server time? I currently use Control Time which allows the server to have 2 hours of day and 1 hour night.
      The other climates such as overcast and fog last the forecast time 5-20 minutes but the rain does not.
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      Hello guys)
      Tell me please how to make 
      spawned veh. unused 4 day deleted
      with key veh. unused 14 day deleted
      I broke my head
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