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  1. same shit here... nothing works.. cant play arma at all
  2. we started to get this on our server now. shit.
  3. This just happened to me lol Any idea why? i am guessing the hitbox was bugged because of desync or something
  4. if they do this, rest in peace epoch, rest in peace
  5. Ok that's cool. thanks for the answer :)
  6. I was playing on UKGZ chernarus a few days ago and came across a "Sapper Hive" 10-20 sapper was inside and around the small apartment building between beresino and beresino docks. Luckily i had Nvidia shadowplay on so i recorded it all: Custom added by the UKGZ crew, bug or a secret new feature?
  7. this would help alot for map additions! more organized than Zeus
  8. i can comfirm this bug. i placed an lockbox and at first i could access it, but after restart nothing happened when i clicked unlock and pack
  9. some people will find this very handy! good release :) i wont be using it since i have infistar, but as you said this is good for people that don't have 40$ to spend
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