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  1. Hello, I have a question for you guys. Is it somehow possible to manualy save object/players/etc. to db? ideally with command or something like that? On which action does the server save? Is it on timer ? Thx
  2. Ok, this topic can be closed. I finaly managed to run the damn server. Just some missing dll libraries
  3. I did that, I even changed the db to my other db, on separate hosting, on separate everything and still... it doesnt work. I can post my hiveext.ini, if I didnt miss something
  4. The rpt ends with the HIVE: trying to get objects nothing more
  5. Hello guys, I have a problem mentioned in the title. I dont know why I am stuck at this, but I know something for sure... The server loading doesnt even get to reading hiveext.ini. becouse I have no hiveext.log at all. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  6. WEll this problem still persist and noone nows solution?
  7. drewappling and you to have the error with dissapearing skins?
  8. Ok, back to the topic. Why the skin start to disappear after the server or mission.pbo are modified? I know myself that this started happening after some time, but with that,came some rollbacks and such...
  9. just magazine slots. main weapon and pistol ones. toolbelt and weapons with bag is ok
  10. Well with devd pbo I have this issues: Error h_player_update - loosing skins on relog Empty inventories - magazines and pistol magazines are sometimes empty ( cant pintpoint why ) Sometimes players are on place where they shouldnt be..
  11. Dean, can you backtrack what have you done before it started appearing?
  12. well thats not that helpfull to be fair... I have tons of content in my server and mission files... but thx for info anyway
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