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  1. mh okay, but I believe the most people doesnt have those crash problems, is there maybe a possibility that that this crash is caused by me? If its really server based, I could ask the chief of that server if he can do anything EDIT: The Chief said, it was truly as you said, he fixed it and hopes ill have no more crashes, that would be wonderful :)
  2. Hello, merry christmas ^^ I opened a Thread in another forum, where they told me to go into a epoch forum And because im playing on a napf server, i hope im right here. This is the Original Thread with one useful answer what my problem could be. He meant its something with "_ctrlfpsamount" http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186918-What-means-what-in-RPT-file&p=2844341#post2844341 Thanks for any usefull answers Greets Lupi
  3. you realize that newer version don't really have expansion beta folder? i dont have expansion/beta, where is it located in newer? Its not in steam folder, or anywhere in C:/User i never heard i dont need to switch version, but maybe you are right, who knows, things happens. but since I and others dont have expansion/beta, your help is sadly no help. But i really appreciate the try :) But doesnt matter anyway, my post was more as an info for others reading this solutions having same problems, and see they are not alone, I put all my hope in steam fixing the 1.62 unable to start problem. Because if i can start it again, no more problem.
  4. patch 1.63 is getting more and more annoying, i have all automatic update disabled in steam arma 2 OA, the both methods worked great for me for months, but then ~ about 2+ month ago I could downgrade 1.63 Arma2 in the easy way: - Delete the exe's, verify in steam, start, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander 1+ month ago, the method stopped working, so I had to start to do this: - Delete the exe's, BUT now I had to choose in steam arma2 OA properties under beta the 1.62 older version, verify, start, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander 2-3 week ago, it stopped working again, and now i had to combine the methods in this forum: - Delete the exe's, shut down steam, delete regedit arma 2 OA, start steam, choose in steam arma 2 OA properties the beta to 1.62, verify, start, and install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander 1 week ago, also this stopped working, now steam won't start arma OA with beta 1.62, now i had to: - Delete the exe's, shut down steam, delete regedit arma 2 OA, start steam, choose in steam arma 2 OA properties the beta to 1.62, verify, BUT NOW arma 2 OA in beta 1.62 state won't start, but "try to start" was enough so dayzcommander recognized arma2 OA, install 103718(1.62) in dayzcommander, but since steam 1.62 version wont start, i had to put back arma 2 OA to "normal" none beta state, WITHOUT verify, now arma 2 OA starts again, also in dayzcommander, but if I verified arma 2 OA in "normal" non beta status, it switched back to 1.63, even I had 103718(1.62) installed in dayzcommander 1 day ago, it...yeah you know, stopped working... But this time, i dont have a solution. If i set arma OA back to "normal" no beta, it instant update to 1.63 even having autoupdate deactivaded If i leave 1.62 beta, it won't start, unless u start it without battle client, but it will not allow u to play on dayz mod's without battle client. The reason why i had to switch versions, was simply searching new dayz servers over weeks, some have 1.62, some have 1.63, and now im defeated by 1.63, but really want go back to 1.62 without reinstall I sent steam a report, they shall communicate with arma 2 support, and make beta 1.62 version work again, or even better find a solution for a simple down grade in dayzcommander, like it was always possible earlier time long ago.
  5. Kitty

    No Item Respawn

    no everyone have the issue hope fix update comes soon
  6. Kitty

    No Item Respawn

    confirmed its a bug of 1.0.5, its on every server since the update
  7. Kitty

    No Item Respawn

    and how do i know what i need to update? Cauze im sure im updated, i use dayzcommander And I think other people on server has same problem, but if they not, what do i need to do
  8. Hi The Epoch Napf Server I'm playing on has no more Item Respawn after updating to 1.0.5/ few days ago. Has anyone else this problem? Thx Kitty
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