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Asian Kid

Starting a fresh server pack need help

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I am starting  a fresh server pack. I saw some of other people's server packs and some don't have the features I want. I am takeing any help from the community even ideas.

Here is the list that is going to be in the pack


- Base building

- Base building improvements

- Custom map

- Custom spawn load out

- Salvation city

 - AI

- Self blood

- Tent healing

- Towing/lift

- Safe Trading post

- Custom loading screen

- Custom Death screen

- Removable skins

- Fire dance

- ON/Off debug

- House lights

- Tower lights

- Full moon

- Auto refuel

- Anti hack with admin tools

More to come in later builds

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Not sure what you mean by Salvation City *Be careful you don't get sued.. they may of copyrighted that as well* Hahaha


Only Issue I see is the Custom Death Screen, which is usually defined in the rscTitles.cpp in the Client Files.

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I had considered using the FNG island my self however with the couple of major problems it has (loot wont spawn and AI don't work to well on it) it would turn out to be nothing more then something to look at like the aircraft carrier.


I'm waiting with base building to see what epoch does with this. If they don't do much of a change in the next release ill see about adding it in


I'm currently working on my server and am almost ready to go public with it. A lot of what you are wanting i already have working 100% with no known errors (I'm not using battleye at the moment as use blurs anti hack)


this is the list of what i have working


Custom spawn load outs (epoch setting)

Full moon nights (epoch setting)

Sarge AI (need to edit the config a little)

Head shot suicide

Self Blood bag

Booby Traps

Zombie Bait

Exploding Zombie Bait

Mission System

Dance at fire

Player knockout

Sleep and heal in tents

Remove clothes from dead players and AI

Helicopter disconnect protection (not tested yet)

Dead player journal (not tested yet)

Safe trader city's

R3F logistics

Custom map add on's by various people



Still to add


Custom loading screen

Custom spawn location based on UID (for people who donate)

Zombie nuke (for people who donate to keep zombies out there bases)

BTC Fast rope (need to check if the problems have been fixed yet) 



Im also considering adding


Street lights (need to look into how epoch lights work first)

House lights (need to look into how epoch lights work first)

Tower lights (need to look into how epoch lights work first)


Things I'm not adding


Auto refuel (i like how with epoch you need a generator to make electrical things work however if there was a way of making it so there is a chance it would not work and would then need a generator i would add it then)

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I've just finished my server as well. Have everything in your list working but the server lag is killing me. It's in the 18-25 range with just 10 players! Anything over 20-25 and we're experiencing desync and FPS  of 2.


I've had to turn off the AI, except for the bandit city and Bandit forward base, and the mission system. I have no clue how to optimize this for a 50 man server.....

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