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Found 20 results

  1. Happy to announce the launch of our new custom server. DayZ Epoch Chernarus To connect search for "v666" in your DayZ Launcher Server Modes/Mods/Addons Romero Style Zombies Snow & Cold Weather Effects (temp+breath) Custom Intro Radio Broadcast Spawn Location Options Safe Trader Areas Roaming/Driving/Flying AI Excursions AI Mission System Random Events Auto Re-fuel at any Gas Station Day/Night Cycle w/6 Hourly Reboots ++Many more to come! Want something added? Request it here Don't forget to register here for your own custom load-out and access to our community forums Note: This server is both PVP and PVE. We dont believe in giving players rules but cheating in any way will result in lifetime ban from whole community.
  2. Hello everyone and let me introduce you to us here at Ground Zero gaming. We are a new community with a freshly wiped sever going live 13/9. Here at GZG we have a wide range of experience from a experienced community manager, experienced scripter and admin. With this we aim to fulfil and surpass the community's expectations by being dedicated to feedback and fixing errors that we see while constantly developing the server. Working XP system with easy access rewards (which will continue to be developed and refined). Quick use menu (view distance, toggle grass and so on!) Global banking system Roaming Trader for higher tier weapons and vehicles Semi Mil 10k view distance 100k Start money Starter kits, humanity and xp booster Regular Events Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter And more! (vehichle garage in the works) Here at GZG we aim to please our players. We have and will continue to put in a tremendous amount to give the server a brilliant experience! We also understand that coming on to a low pop server can be mundane but come on and grab your starter boosters, stick around and help us grow, im sure you'll enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you! How to find us: Search gzg on DAYZ Launcher or: Server IP: Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com (will change to groundzerogaming.co.uk soon) TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/fC3gtFk Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/
  3. Hy, I have downloaded some custom bases, and 'installed' them on my server. But i have no idea why there not spawning. Because only the first custom base i installed is spawning. And when i try to add another custom map additions, there just not spawning. Does someone have an idea what im doing wrong here? In my server.pbo, i have a "buildings" folder, with all the Custom bases .sqf files. Except from the NorthWestAirfield.sqf i got that in a diffirent folder called "mapaddons", but i dont understand why that one is spawning but the otherones aren't? In my server_functions all the way in the bottom i got the usual: //MapAddons execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\NorthWestAirfield.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NEAF_S4M.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\traderstary.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\novy.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\dichina.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\bor.sqf"; My server RTP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v6eqk9r1fowrsq/arma2oaserver.RPT?dl=0 Thank you very much for you time! (PS, im still a bit noobish)
  4. LostandCrazyGamerZ Presents DayZ Epoch All on a Dedicated Workstation Hosted By DizzY Himself. Specs Dual Xeon Quad Core Processors 8GB DDR3 RAM SSD Featuring: ESS - Enhanced Spawn Selection Hero and Bandit Selects. Group Management – Talk in group and know where your friends are Plot Management – Add yourself and your friends to your plot pole for easy building. Door Management – Eye scan and easy adding friends and removing – No more sharing combos Alchemy Crafting with GEMS – Buildable’s with functions, Working Vending Machine, Working Stove, Working Fridge and more to come. (still in progress on the 106 update) Walking Zombies – Don’t think that they are any easier though. Plot Pole 4 Life – Don’t ever have to pick up and place plot pole down for GEM crafting or regular building Plot poles also are Zed Free Zones.. NO more Zombies in Bases. Snapping Pro – Snap your base together in now time. Build Vectors – Rotate your walls and floors in any direction. Elevators – only useable by plot pole owners and friends. (still in progress with the 106 update) Custom Add-ons to Map Custom Traders Carpenter Trader – A place to buy wooden things (chainsaw as well) RPG and GEM Trader – A place Where you can buy RPG’s and Grenade Launchers and Much more!! The Junkyard – A place to buy all your junk needs (Sledge head, Handle, bulk cinder blocks and more!!! Lost and Crazy’s Gun Emporuim – A trader that has almost ever variant of gun the Epoch!!! Safe Trader Zones Anti backpack Stealing, Godmode, Vehicle God while in trader. Custom Missions The Missions on this server is one that sets them apart from the rest Red missions are minor missions 62 variants of missions to keep one busy, These are low loot missions, small box, medical supplies, building supplies, guns, food, and ammo. You never know what the box will be. you might get a set of bandages or might get some cinder. come test your luck Green Mission are major missions 30 variants to keep one busy. These missions have large crates at them with lots of guns, more building supplies, more medical supplies and so on. these have more ai at them to create a larger challenge then the red missions. Orange missions are black-market, gun emporium mission, Junk Yard Trader Missions, and more specialty missions, missions with hot-wire kits, Cinder Walls, Gems and more!! These missions have AI at them that carry M110s, MK17's and more. Watch out because the AI might have a RPG and take out that vehicle you try to run them over with. Then the BIG BLUE missions, these are team missions, hardest of all and has best payout.. Briefcases/building supplies and lots of them. Larger Big blue missions spawn in custom map locations built in map editor and have m2 emplacements and a heli that patrols them, the smaller blue missions are in the large cities such as Cherno and they have m2 emplacements and a m113 tank that protect them All these missions have been modified so they have to be done on foot. To hanance the feel of missions and increase those skills. Claim Vehicle – Claim mission and map spawn vehicles. TOW/LIFT Tow/Lift with all vehicles, Locked vehicles will not tow or lift Auto Refuel – Auto Repair - Reammo Self-Blood Bag – right click and action menu No DECAY!! Server Rules: No whining It’s DayZ You Die Keep S*** talk to a min Keep Trolling to a Min and No Spamming Side Chat and no Talking on Side chat No Racism No Raging, It’s DayZ – A Game DayZ has Bug’s and Glitch’s So Deal with it! No camping major trader cities and no camping or killing around Novy Sobor Parking Lot in cherno! No stealing in major trader cities (vehicles included) No leaving vehicles in trader cities (Bash, Klen, and Stary) Vehicles Can be left in the public parking lot.. Please no Helis No bases or safes or lockboxes within the novy sobor town or 500m of traders on tavi and cherno 200m on namalsk. Do not trust anyone Do not talk in side You can build anywhere but blue mission locations. You can raid any base - Protect them Plotpoles Do not put plotpoles inside of things such as walls and trees and rocks - You must be able to remove them yourself. Hold peoples base hostage - request ransom is allowed Camping bases is allowed Blowing Up vehicles is allowed Remember These are PVP Servers.. WATCH YOUR BACK!! Being A Bandit is allowed - if you do not want to be killed then go to a PVE server Please only bother the admin on real issues. No asking the Admin for free stuff Learn to make copies of your keys The Admin is not a Key Maker No Duping, Glitching or Hacking - If caught you will be banned no warnings or mercy will be shown. Acting or impersonating a hacker can cause you to be kicked, and possible temp ban or perm ban. Maintenance Rules: Vehicles laying around and untouched for 10 + days will be deleted - keep them updating by accessing them or unlocking and locking them. If noticed a player has not been on in 30-60 days then the base and safes will be removed. Databases can only grow so big so unused items can cause massive database lag. - Do not ask admin for players valuables that you did not earn. Thanks and enjoy Come Check Out The Hard Work in Action Overpoch Cherno - Overpoch Namalsk Server Server Owner: DizzY DizzAsteR Server Admins: Apex, Baibro, Geriatiric Hero Server Team Speak:
  5. I am having problems getting overpoch weapons to spawn anywhere i am only getting epoch weapons i have tried everything from changing loot chance and even adding more spawns for weapons if anyone could please help that would be great. I am not stengy I want a high loot server
  6. BanditTrader Overhaul So you always wanted a pretty nice custom bandit trader well download this then it is the most cusomized bandit trader with vehicle spawn points inside of it Here is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yihc7pp76eg3jch/BanditTrader.rar?dl=0 If you guys like this i will release the Biedi file and if you want any custom made cities whatever then pm me i will do it for free Pictures:
  7. Hello, I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing to help get a server running for me. I already have two servers, one with vilayer and one with gtx that we can use. I have used the sheeps repack on them and its really buggy for us, tried building it myself and i did ok, but get lost and can not get what we want done my self and have issues when i do get it all in(like safes deleting coins for one example). I am new to this so im not very good:). We are a small gaming community and i could really use some help. If i can find someone who knows what they are doing we would be willing to pay for the help. I put 100+ hrs into over the last 4 weeks and im just tired of not getting it. I want my players to have a better server to be on. we are trying to do the basics first. vector,snap,p4l, coin (either storage, banking , or both) plot management, door management, adv trader,enhanced spawn. i can t seem to get this all working together. from there we would like to add additional things after we get that working. So if there is a good dayz code/script/whatever it is person out there and there willing to help us out we could really use it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we can find a match!
  8. Welcome folks and allow me to introduce my newest venture. With an attempt at something different but the same, I have opened a Dayz Epoch server with some new features rarely seen in other servers. I present you fine forum browsers with Project NoZ. A RP themed server with focus on PvP and game progression. Server: Project NoZ IP: Current Features: Plot 4 Life, Door Management, Plot Management, Advanced Trading, AI Patrols, Missions, Very Low Zeds, Modified Loot Tables, Custom Map additions, new places to explore, spawn load-outs, and custom advancement What makes us stand out? Project NoZ is currently running a scaled progression system. Player Kills, Head shots, and AI Kills carry over through death. Humanity has been replaced with Experience. As you perform tasks in game you will steadily gain experience which will unlock new traders and load outs. But if you prefer PvP action you can also unlock PvP themed load-outs by killing your fellow players. This creates an environment in which your character is constantly progressing. Loot tables are being defined as well. Building supplies and weapons are common, medical supplies uncommon, and finally food scarce. The server features 3 factions of AI each with unique agendas. Server Lore: Project NoZ takes place 5 years after a global Zombie Event. With the worlds population decimated and humanity looking into the abyss a cure was found. Inoculations to stop the spread of the Zombie plague and a specialized bacteria that targets decaying flesh. In a months time zombies were obliterated. Unfortunately this left the surviving humans to try and rebuild. At first everything seemed stable but then rival Warlords and factions began battling for control. As a survivor you are transplanted from your home to a remote part of the World. Unique in its geography it exists in the eye of a radioactive storm. The resources in such a place are plentiful but like the rest of the world some people decided against sharing. This has lead to rise of 3 primary groups. The White Kingdom Militia, The Resistance, and the Butchers. You as a player will have to decide on your method of survival. Which factions you interact with may have unexpected rewards or consequences. Bottom Line: The server is new and many of the features are still growing and being defined. Bugs will exist and we are doing are best to fix them. But if you looking for something a bit different but the same give us a try.
  9. An established server on a fresh start. Looking for players to join the community and enjoy working together or as lone wolves. PvE only. Server IP: fbazone.enjin.com for more details.
  10. Welcome to THE HIVE We have Many Mods installed on the server which contribute to making this an awesome BUG FREE server. They Include; * Plot 4 Life *Plot Management * Door Management - eye scanning (No More Codes!) * Vectors and Precise Build * Group Management * Coins * Banking and ATM * 2 AI Mission systemas with Static AI Strongholds (You have to be good to deal with those!) * Right Click Options; View Distance, Scan Area, Flip Vehicle, Self Bloodbag, find your vehicles etc * Advanced Trading - From Backpack and Vehicle * Evac Chopper * Nos on certain vehicles * Slow Zd's * Advanced Building - Lots of extra Options, Right Click your gems! * Indestructable Bases, apart from Doors and Wood Floors etc. Base raiding can be fun XP * God mode on locked vehicles * Spawn Options * Refuel and Repair * Tow and Lift............. and Many More! Server Info. Server IP = There is a starter pack available if you would like a little help getting into the server, just ask an Admin in game. Indestrucatable Bases and Base Raiding All Walls and Metal Floors are indestructable after restart. Other parts like wooden objects and ALL Doorways are not. This means that players can base raid. If the player running the raid can manage to find your plot pole and maintain it then all parts will then become destructable meaning they will be able to get to safes, lockboxes vechicles etc... whatever you have made safe! My advice would be to creat a box room only accessed by wooden stairs so if teh door is blown out the stairs will also go so no access to the pole! Group Management Press F5 and F6 in game or right click your radio. Advanced building When you collect gems you will have a right click option on them to be able to build lots of cool objects. They will stay after restart and can really change the way your base works and looks! This is a PVP Server so you will die at some point! We have a cool community of friendly heros and bandits, so jump on and get in The Hive. See you in game. ~iCE If you are having an issue to join, move Epoch up to the top of your mods and turn OFF DayZ mod. You will be able to join without an issue. CUSTOM MAP ADDITION PICS - HERE
  11. Hero Trader Overhaul So guys im back with another Trader Overhaul this time it is for the Cherno Hero Trader it has a bunch of awesome features like custom forest around it and medicel tents Well you can see for yourself contact me if you want something made for you or just if you have some ideas here is the download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/0lk01utagdtmmms/HeroTraderOverhaul.rar?dl=0 here is some pictures :
  12. BrainlessGaming Overpoch Chernarus! Website: www.BrainlessGaming.com Teamspeak: TS.BrainlessGaming.com Server IP: Server Name: BRAND NEW!!! BrainlessGaming Server, Extremely Custom Launch Paramaters: [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch; 3 ANTIHACKS Snap Build Pro Build Vectors Accurate Base Building Door management Plot Management Single Currency (Unique Version) Towing/Lifting Refuel/Repair/Rearm Custom Spawning System Paint Vehicles AI Missions/Bases Cargo Drops Custom Loot Deploy Bike Vehicle Pointer Dynamic Traders Advanced Trading Earplugs Changeable View Distance Partial Safezones CrashLoot Random Speed Zombies Indestructible Bases Earplugs Group management + Tons More! Custom Dynamic Trade System The way our custom trade system works is, on every restart it spawns 0-2 of each trader on restart, it always spawns 1 bandit and hero trader. They are in random locations and they ARE NOT safezones. There is also 2 static trade cities which have the basics and are in 2 completely new locations on the map. Each trade city will be in a safezone. (IT TAKES AT LEAST 5-10 MINUTES FOR THE DYNAMIC TRADERS TO SPAWN) New Community Our community had a very popular server in the past, this brought us ton's of players that stuck arround until this current day, we took a break a while back and never really had a community. This time we are releasing at a full launch with a new server, new website, and new teamspeak completely finished. This will be the start of something great. And we are always looking for people to help us grow. What we are about Our community is all about the players, we have 2 owners that are always listening to the players. This is not like a normal community where the owners and staff don't actually listen to the players. In this community everyone has the ability to speak and everyone has equal say into what goes on in our community. We are all fun and enjoying people who want to make the best servers to match our players unique interests. Why should you join us You should join us because we are an amazing community and are always looking to expand, wether it be new games, new players, or even new servers. We can open any horizon that your mind will want you to go to. We want to make our community the best and we have the tools and knowledge to do so. We are always looking for staff because the more staff we have the bigger we can grow and the more people we can trust. I personally will be on teamspeak to talk to any players that have any questions. If you don't think you will like our server, please just even hop on teamspeak to let us know why and we might even change! We are just trying to get as much input as possible. PLEASE GIVE US A CHANCE! YOU WONT REGRET IT! JOIN US ON TEAMSPEAK! Teamspeak: TS.BrainlessGaming.com Or check out our website! Website: www.BrainlessGaming.com
  13. Hello all! We are looking for players to come and join our server. Our project has 1 year , but the Steam server only a few months , we have been working all the time on their servers, and brought them to the ideal state , below I will give some of the features of the server: [email protected];@dayz_epoch; - ESS v2 - Each player can individually vybrta place of rebirth and starting loot depending on humanity -DZGM - create and manage their own group allied with marks on the map -Custom loot - all ammo from DayZOverwatch -P4L - all the buildings are for the player even after death -SnapPro - modified system construction -VectorBuilding - tilting and rotating construction projects -Animated MV22, ArmoredSUV, UH1Y, AH1Z -BTC Logistic - air vehicle lif -MF-Tow - vehicle towing -Advanced Trading - sale of loot from the vehicle , backpack -BaseJump - parachute jump from high places -BinocularFog - change visibility -Advanced Alchemical Crafting - craft large number of buildings inaccessible to ordinary dayz -Busroute - Buses run from the Kamenka to Berezino -DoorManagement - opening doors without codes -oil rig - extract oil and sell it and more... (WAI, DZAi, DZMS, DZMSHotSpots, BuryHuman, custom crafting, custom death screen, drink water, elevator, fastrope, flip vehicle, casino with custom games, harvest hemp, investignation, JAEM, mystery brifcase, paint vehicle, plot management, regen blood, rob the bank, scan nearby, service point, sirens on cars, all overwatch skins, smelt bars, spawn bike, suicide, tent healing, vehicle key changer, walking dead zombie, walk among the dead, zombie bomb, zombie bait, zombie emitter, zombie track) Serch on Dayz Commander: GGSTeam IP: PORT:2302 Best regards, Ghost GGSTeam.ru vk.com/ggs_t
  14. Free Roam Survival IP: ADDONS -Lift/tow -AI BASE -WAI -DZMS -Self BloodBag -Custom LoadOut -Custom Loot -Deploy bike (Tool Box) -SnapPro -Trader safe zone -Debug Monitor Extra Info There is alot of Fresh cars un broken around. Loot tables and been modified. Loot boxes from missions. Loot boxes for building supplies from missions. Random AI in forest. (Mainly Groups of 2) IP: WE ADVISE YOU TO USE DAY LAUNCHER!!
  15. Just wondering if it would be possible/practical to port Cherno from Arma 2 Epoch to ArmA 3 Epoch? would love to see it :D
  16. Hi guys, I've been busy lately messing around with OverPoch and working like a madman but have finally got around to releasing my customised Cherno, Elektro and Berezino files. These were originally grouped together in a massive file I made a while ago that added buildings to every single town in Chernarus but I decided to split theses cities from that file. I have grouped these 3 together into 1 file for this release but please let me know if you guys would prefer separate .sqf for each city. I mainly focused on the usual areas, for enhancement, like Cherno industrial area but I have added lootable containers in and around the city where appropriate to encourage looting for supplies. I always felt that once a player was kitted out they just stayed north but hopefully this will encourage players to loot for cinder etc. I also added a second fire station to Cherno and 2 new fire stations to Berezino so that each of the three main cities have 2 Fire Stations. Elektro has a few unique additions, the central fire station has a small compound to make use of that wasted space, some apartments and a few well placed trees to give bandit snipers on top of the hill and fire stations something to think about. I basically focused on making those annoying Elektro snipers a bit less advantaged. Also, notice the walls along the dirt road heading out of town to help fresh spawns get into cover. Enjoy! Link to the .sqf https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/3cities.sqf Photo album of the areas http://imgur.com/a/BJ97u ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - Kamenka - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  17. Heya, I just wanted to announce here that my map-pack project "Ghost of Chernarus" is no longer WIP., the planned maps are finally finished. There is still another part that will be made, a large A.I. Stronghold to be exact, but its not directly part of that Map Pack. Since I am only mapping here, I'm searching people well-versed in the setup of custom AI guards and/or database-compatible vehicles. Here's the links: Map-Pack Overview and Screenshots: http://www.charlatan.at/DayZ/GOC.pdf The Map-Pack: http://www.charlatan.at/DayZ/GOC.rar The old WIP Topic: Feel free to send me a P.M. if you are interested and can: => Set up proper NPC enemies both stationary and patrolling or => Know how to add editor-placed vehicles to the database so they don't explode
  18. Hello, I am the lead admin of Dragonfire Gaming a small epoch server, well anyway to the point we have a vilayer server and have had it glitch and the map disappear along with my scripts i had in, i still have most of them backed up and the auto backup is too old to use. So i would like to find a decent scripter who can help me get my scripts back working. I am using the following: Infistar snappro R3f lifting and towing DZM missions and i need to readd custom currency and add it so certain traders can do it would also like to know how to add custom bases to my cherno map Thanks for your time, i would like to work thos over on my teamspeak and can provide the info upon request
  19. alright so i haven't been map editing for a while, and when looking through some files i found my old cherno map edit for the old server, since the server isn't running anymore i shall share out this old map edit for those who want something new for cherno. Features Forest / rocks to the north west, north and east. extra fire station and a bunch of other such buildings (cant remember half of what i put there in truth) heres a few pictues http://imgur.com/a/ZXkxW drop box file for sqf download. - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ycswipux7e2p4r/cherno.sqf p.s. i wont be re editing any time soon and havnt been playing with server files for a while.
  20. I am starting a fresh server pack. I saw some of other people's server packs and some don't have the features I want. I am takeing any help from the community even ideas. Here is the list that is going to be in the pack - Base building - Base building improvements - Custom map - Custom spawn load out - Salvation city - AI - Self blood - Tent healing - Towing/lift - Safe Trading post - Custom loading screen - Custom Death screen - Removable skins - Fire dance - ON/Off debug - House lights - Tower lights - Full moon - Auto refuel - Anti hack with admin tools More to come in later builds
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