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[RELEASED] "Quick and Dirty Stats"



I named this shit "Quick and Dirty Stats" for a reason.

Remember all of this shit is a learning experience for me and I like to overcome hurdles as fast as possible.

Sometimes with working as the admin/owner it takes away from my time to finish stuff but it definitely kills the train of thought when you are deep into something....

However, on a better note.


Well so far, Ive got Rank, Kills and Deaths working fine and tracking.

Ive incorporated a quick and dirty GUI to go with it, but its attached to the statusbar currently.

Well here we go, the stats at the bottom are true to player stats(was done for testing purposes) and now im into the GUI creation.

Here is a screen shot to go with all this lovely news.


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Ya just to add.

Currently it is determining if you are a Bandit / Hero or Neutral.

I got some coloring to add in for rank.

Figuring how to get the text in the Structured Text Boxes(hehe always learning)

Algorithm for the kills_rank_change.

Tie it into a blacktrader, need to be bandit or hero to trade.

Move all HP/OP weapons,ammo, vehicles to black market!

I should have an initial version up and running on the server for testing.

If all goes well this will be another DP release until Epoch can get it going internally!

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And many hours later. a revised Stats Bar for now. Plenty of work to do, but its coming along great

Overcame a small hurdle and learned a few new things

Needs color and a size adjustment. gotta get some sleep....walking dead ;)

OOPS wrong photo.....

ive been up too long, ill post up a new pic in the morning/afternoon or hell I wanna sleep for a whole day.

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Yep quick and dirty is definitely the proper name for this one!

A few more pics, the stats box has been changed, and proper colors added for the ranking + or -.

Kills and Deaths are properly tracked and rank is properly modified after the kill.

Should be ready to start initial live testing tonight

will be adding in the counts and effects for Heals and Rez, another learning curve coming.




Right now it is processing and tracking:



Rank Changes(Spawn/Death/Kills)


Heals tracking and rank change

Revive tracking and rank change

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My guess is the feature itself is already a plan to go into EPOCH.

But we all see the impatience so, QUICK n DIRTY gets the job done.

Im putting all my scripts into a compile at this time and should be ready for initial LIVE tests later this evening.....we shall see IM HUNGRY!

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Thanks bud,

I went even quicker and used the status bar as a template for the StatsBar, I kept the idc's separate so there is no conflict :)

God Bless diag_log right? Helped me through a few things already and then having a Debug console is the cats ass.

kinda wish there was more info out there on PVEH PVclient and PVserver, its just very limited information that I come across.

I got the gist of it all but its just not working like it should, ill try to overcome it with some more reading.....

The test has been going well, mind ya its just a very basic stat tracker and rank change, more will be implemented as I learn more. ;)

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What a great day.

So I have broadened the rank change system, remember the name now "QUICK N DIRTY".....

There is a nice balance to the current rank changes and makes me smile! 0 to -500 +25 rank, -501 to -1000 +50 rank, all the way to the -5000 +250 and the BANDIT is +350.

flop it around to get your Hero rank changes.

Also added AI kills to the system, for now AI are bandits and you gain 10 rank for the kill as well as 10 crypto.

Will be looking into heals and revives tomorrow.

Then sort out having Bandit and Hero AI for the players to properly solidify their RANKs.

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Todays mission has actually changed after finding some new info.

Hopefully by end of day I will have Hero AI mission ranking you +10 per kill and Bandit AI missions ranking you -10 per kill.

This will involve a rewrite of my missions to split them up. Literally duplicate every theme one for hero ai one for bandit ai

then work in the if's to give the appropriate rankings. Also rework my map key to show proper map markers for the missions.

All in all this little project of mine has really come to shape in a short amount of time.

gotta love BIKI!

ps. Anyone have any info on MPEventHandler for revives, I found the HandleHeals but it doesn't look promising for revives.

Maybe there are some internal MPEH's in epoch I have not found yet regarding the multitool and/or the revive attachment...maybe I just answered my own question LOLZ

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how is it going man looking forward to using this script , it sure open up a lot of doors . keep up the good work

LOL got lost looking for the thread!

Thanks bud,

Well just to fill in a gap from the 24th to now.

I have successfully integrated the stats into AI kills.

In testing I have set up Bandit AI and Hero AI missions.

Each one providing the type of rank change necessary for each side to work at their goal.

Bandit AI = +10 rank / Hero AI = -10 rank

Each AI kill now pays out 10 crypto for a lil bit more incentive.

I have also as of about 20 minutes ago, got the revive tracker and rank change working.

I will be doing some more testing on this tracker and I know there is plenty of optimization to do to it, but the idea is there and implemented almost to its fullest.

My next step is a true BlackMarket trader setup, possibly designate on respawn if you are bandit or hero blackmarketallowtrader=true or something along them lines.

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