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  1. not much to go on but is the server running
  2. Major Khunt

    typeOF player !=

    finished yet? or will i get popcorn?
  3. great work IT07 :) really would have been a shame for this system to fade away it has sooo much potential
  4. at version 0.3 its still a baby learning to walk
  5. the scripts you are adding require battle eye filters to work. you either need to learn how to put exceptions in your battle eye filter on your own or read all the way throught the instructions for installing the scripts and hope the battle eye exceptions are also listed for you to install
  6. well the download is a pbo file and contains the usual file extensions you would expect. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xdgken5vky0dhd4/epoch.Altis.pbo?dl=0 stuck it in my dropbox up to you if you want to grab it :)
  7. bitdefender didnt bat an eye and downloaded it what antivirus do you use?
  8. had a quick fly around this morning, omg its huge!!!!! very impressed :)
  9. vietnam maps would do. rivers, jungles and villages :)
  10. @brunz pretty sure thats fums hc missions throwing the error not sem
  11. i used m3editor to get building names to put in the loot spawner
  12. omg devs on vaccation an no patch out!!!!!!! fml xD
  13. i find running panthera hurts ur player base more, the amount of people i see trying to connect with the wrong mods is frightening. @mimic change the height on ur manhole covers, they are probably underground
  14. great news, great work, no need for apologies
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