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  1. Much love !! thanks ! 1 xx
  2. I just get- Error code: 2C171/1
  3. Does anyone have aother link for this as fourms wont let me download it
  4. A quick conversion from Ceto Forts, I took the guns away & vehicles. I use this area for my blackmarket traders. Remember to add a blacklist for building - or make it a admin base. No credit taken for this, although i didn't convert it. I used Editor to replace a part then deleted the other so i could export. Digitalpurge previously caboose69 (unitl my account got locked out)
  5. Cheers dude thanks for the qiuck reply :) just in a copy and paste frenzy adding cup weapons to the trader! arghhhh Im picking up this in my rpt, I haven't changed anything in that file class HALV_IGUIBack { type = 0; idc = -1; styl> 16:47:08 Error position: <HALV_IGUIBack { type = 0; idc = -1; styl> 16:47:08 Error Missing ; 16:47:08 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\trader\Halv_defines.hpp, line 44 16:47:08 Error in expression <
  6. So this is destroying me! Im not getting any errors or anything im just not getting anything showing up on the map! no vehicles - even if i comment out vanilla ones and wipe DB i have no vehicles spawned
  7. Where would i find the limit for vehicles i wish to lower it!
  8. So im failing at this, I have got to the part of filling in HSpricing but nothing seems to work, been trying for 2 days now. my hspricing isnt working with the mass weapons! http://pastebin.com/TMX40M7j any help would be loved : P
  9. Im trrying to get is so only HS trader ( Love it ) sells only mass weapons, for the life of me i cant figure it out! i do believe i am have a blond moment!
  10. When will this just be serverside?
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