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  1. I have no knowledge of Altis Life so I wouldn't know how to do a correct port. I'm sure it can be done. All you'd have to do is change the Epoch player variables to those used by Altis Life. If you know someone in the Altis Life community who does scripting have them contact me and I'll be happy to give them permission to port it over. That's a great suggestion! I'll look into making it happen. I can't give an ETA though since I'm pretty busy working on other projects. Keep watching the thread for updates. :)
  2. I need the whole line from the log in order to tell you what the exception should be.
  3. For the BE filter(s), find the createUnit prefix and place the listed exception there. It doesn't matter what line it's on. It's the createUnit prefix that matters. Getting this to work with the stock AH is possible, but you'll have to make sure to whitelist the addActions. Also, pay close attention to the load order of your scripts. This script is one of those where it matters where you place it in your init.sqf. You can also try using this code in your init.sqf for the script startup: //Attach Explosives if (!isDedicated and hasInterface) then { [] execVM "addons\etv\EtV.sqf"; waitUntil {!isNil "EtVInitialized"}; [player] call EtV_Actions; };
  4. I've never had any issues with the folder names being case sensitive, although I supposed it's possible. With the BE filters, the line numbers may change depending on how the filter authors set them up. Whether you're using the stock AH or Infistar the lines numbers can possibly be different. When looking for which line to add the exception to, pay close attention to the filter prefix listed in the instructions, i.e., "exec" and "playableUnits". The line numbers they're on may change, but if you just find the correct prefix and add the exception to whatever line it's on then you should be good, regardless if they're found on line 2 or line 65.
  5. In your onPlayerRespawn.sqf try this: Clean all that other crap out of there. Apparently there's some condition that's not being met and the script isn't loading properly. Doing it the above way will pretty much force it to load regardless.
  6. Yes the script load order can have everything to do with it. Try moving some stuff around and see if that helps. Just make sure to keep the attach explosives script somewhere inside a if '(!isServer and isDedicated)' block.
  7. Well as a server owner/developer having experience with both mods, I can say that at the dev level the Exile folks have gone a long way to make it very easy for people to create, run and develop their server. Pretty much everything is open-ended and editable, allowing people to add their own flavor and flair to their servers, which is something that Epoch was, unit recently, sorely lacking. Exile's server performance is top notch as well. Hopefully Epoch can match all that on the 0.4 release. Oh and btw, Exile runs on MySQL, which is just a Godsend if you ask me. It's nice to be able to run the server and not have to worry about database crashes negating all player progress. ;) From a player standpoint, I tend to agree that Exile is the "flavor of the month". It's new and people want to check it out. How long they stay is dependent on how the next update goes, as far as new mod features, added stability to account for the recent Arma patch, and how quickly said update is released. I'd say it will keep a dedicated following on whatever servers can manage to keep things interesting, but after a while you will have some players who prefer Epoch and others who prefer Exile. And let's not forget, there are still other mods coming soon, like 2017. And DayZ SA will be releasing server files sometime this winter (supposedly). So as others have said, the traffic will come and go as the mods and other games are released.
  8. That's due to the offset of -1 I placed in the code to account for headless clients. Check the files for this code: _players = (count playableUnits -1); and remove the -1 to have an actual player count. You will have to do that for the playerbar.sqf, adminbar.sqf and adminbar_WS.sqf so that all bar types appear as you want them to.
  9. Download and get familiar with Mikero's Tools, specifically unRap, which will decrypt the mission file for you. A quick Google search should point you in the right direction.
  10. You should use the mission file that comes with the Epoch server files as a base. If you wish to add scripts or change things you can alter the settings based off the stock mission.
  11. LMAO! You guys are a trip! :P Back on topic, I think the community will be split somewhat. Me personally, there's things I like about both mods, Epoch and Exile. I hate to say it, but I think part of the waning in community interest in Epoch stems from the lack of zombies. Zombies have been done to death, yes, but that's the Epoch that people knew from A2 Epoch and that's what they expected in this new generation and it was a shock and disappointment to many folks when it wasn't part of the new vision. In my opinion I think it was a mistake to release A3 Epoch to the public without having the new antagonists fully fleshed out, debugged, and a full back story to go along with it to give players something to get behind and help them become immersed in the Epoch lore and culture. On Epoch's release the antagonists were buggy and, in the case of drones/AI, very overpowered (and they still are honestly), which really turned people off and drove lots of folks away, and as a result they didn't stick around long enough to see what all there was to offer. Couple that with a shaky building system and it's easy to see why Epoch hasn't really taken off yet. So now the Exile team believes they can create a new flavor and make it better, and perhaps that's true. I like what I'm seeing from them so far and their development team's roster is certainly highly capable and very talented, but there's still a ways to go, and the same can be said for Epoch which is just now 1/3 of the way through its development. All that being said, that doesn't even take into account the 2017 mod, which brings its own take on the post apocalyptic survival genre.
  12. I think it will be up to the gaming community as a whole that will ultimately make that decision. It will come down to which mod has the most quality features and the best gameplay that offers the best performance to the end user. Arma 3 has a long way to go before it gains the user base that Arma 2 has/had because of the popularity of the DayZ mod. Currently there's no mods out there that are pulling people over to A3 left right and center like DayZ did. As a result, the A3 player base just isn't there right now to support a bunch of different mods. I'd say that within the next 6-9 months something will hit the wild that will fill that gap and Arma 3 will follow Arma 2's path and see a big uptick in popularity. Which mod it will be that finds itself as that catalyst is still up for debate. I have a gut feeling which it will be, but only time will tell.
  13. Yes. Just released. Time to update.
  14. Having BE filters wrong wouldn't cause the server to not start, so there must be another issue. If you're still having problems please post your server and client RPT files here either zipped or in a link to dropbox or something like it. Might need to look at your mission file too, but let's see what the RPT comes up with first.
  15. No filters used. I just pay close attention to my monitor calibration and also adjust the color saturation in NVidia control panel.
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