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  1. Hey man how have you been?  How's it going?  Drop in ts sometime and say hello.  I'm getting the Arma 3 itch again...

  2. For me, griefing comes from your intent. If your only purpose on my server is to truly ruin someones (or everyone's) experience then you'll be shown the door in short order.
  3. What ai do you have installed? I used A3EAI and placed ai all about the island. It's not something I can "zip" up and give you. You have to install A3EAI once that's done I can help you with ai placement and a loot file.
  4. Tavi is still working pretty well, good fps server and client.
  5. Did you update the server key to the new 0303 key (on the server)?
  6. Darth, we did this on our Napf Epoch Dayz server. I'll dig through my files and send you what I have.
  7. Marvin, I'd ask the server owner. Did the server owner install ai on Sector B? We've got about 80ish ai on Sector B... It's not a fix, it's a do. If the server owner doesn't install the ai they aren't there. I use A3EAI for Sector B, very easy and straightforward.
  8. I believe you're thinking of Dayz Epoch. In Dayz it was possible to lock your car with someone in it. It did immobilize the vehicle. So far in A3 Epoch I have not been able to lock a vehicle with someone it. Not once. If you are able to do it, must be a bug or the exception, but not the norm.
  9. THIS! So it likely never locked the second time. You just thought it locked, and the thief drove away. If losing your stuff has you ready to quit, maybe you should. Just being honest here... No shame and I'm not poking fun at all; if it hurts that much this isn't going to be an enjoyable experience for you so save yourself the stress and frustration.
  10. I appreciate the effort but... For the most part this is currently very easily done using A3EAI and no modification to your mission.sqm. Take about 2 minutes with A3EAI... Oh and classified, be prepared to get reamed out for that last post of yours. No... just NO! Use spoilers please or even better use pastebin.
  11. Let me know if you'd like a Tavi test group ;)
  12. Diz, once again your wit has me back pedaling. Again you spew total BS. You offer nothing. You have no idea. Having configuration options to include base building items such as shelf kits included under the plot pole limit is Mod changing how? This would still allow your scenario and allow any other server operator to change those numbers if needed. You want to put yours at 8000 items allowed per jammer, then do it. I want to limit mine to 300 so be it. I'm not sure how this changes the mod. Seems to be you are the only one around here that doesn't like dissenting opinions. Seeing as you are the one saying "You're wrong and I'm right"... You think my idea is a bad idea so be it, your opinion is noted. You are the only person here that that is FLAT OUT ignoring other peoples opinions. I don't see any demands, I merely mentioned "I propose..." That's called an idea. Not a demand. It's called feedback. Based on feedback from players on my server and my observations and my experience running my server, this is the feedback I have to allow the best overall experience to my players. Go troll some other thread. Get 40-60 on your server regularly then come back when you have a clue. The Diz school of Epoch Server Operation: 1. My server has no issues with 15 players, therefore there can be no possible legitimate reason anyone would want anything other than what I have. It works great for me, it should be just perfect for everyone else. 2. What, you want to change something? No way, you are completely wrong, somehow you must have not read #1.
  13. Thanks Diz, Thanks for contributing. Next time you post in my thread please post something of substance. Spouting off default maintenance schedules helps again how? Your deep insight into the effects of a "pretty high" (exactly how high is pretty high btw?) world build limit on a populated server and it's game play are invaluable to this discussion. Thank you for explaining that so thoroughly. Apparently I stand corrected. Diz says it's all ok. Thanks again Diz. :lol:
  14. Problematic for storage with larger groups? What size group needs 75+ shelves, 30 tipis and 30 lockboxes in EACH of their 3 bases? I would be VERY open to increasing the jammer build limit and range considerably, IF they would limit the jammer to 1 jammer per group and include under the jammer build limit all other buildables that consume world limit slots (ie shelves, tipis, lockboxes).
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