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  1. Yes I have seen this as well, players select random and get premium gear, I use the donor option for admins.
  2. Not on Australia right now but here are the traders info
  3. I can share the ones I already have in my .h file if you want them
  4. Just some advice go static traders some spawn inside buildings you cannot enter or areas players cannot reach would be very frustrating for them to go all that way and cannot sell?
  5. Correct this is why I always check and remove myself from run.sqf before implementing any script so I know it works like its suppose to. Just saying maybe check infistar, if it works as admin then its anti hack stopping it for players.
  6. In spawn_settings.sqf look for //Spawn area radius, setting this low might make bis_fnc_findsafepos fail and place the player in the middle of the map _area = 1500; this is a radius of the coords you select so it would up to a 1500m radius. Use a smaller number and see if that does the trick.
  7. I was just thinking maybe it's menu in infistar.
  8. Error 2 is usually a bad @epoch client folder on the server download a new one and delete the old one then paste in the new one
  9. I had no troubles installing it with r3f and I have a bunch of scripts running, my advice is go through infistar again. I was able to attach and detach along with the parachute option.
  10. Well this was implemented months ago so browse to your epochconfig.hpp located in your @epochhive folder find this vehicleLockTime = 57600; <------- This is in seconds
  11. FYI when I ran this mission system it showed damage but also tanked the fps/cps from the server when it went off.
  12. 1Man

    Scripting For Noobs

    I agree to a point you should have a basic knowledge running a server, I didn't know shit a year ago but took my time learning how they work, what variables are called and how to incorporate scripts into mission files. I still consider myself a beginner even though I can do 99% of it right the 1st time. Now with that said servers that I have played on I do look into their mission files and contact the owners to make them aware of some issues and run more efficient so my game play is smoother and I'm not downloading scripts that aren't being called in. Yes there are some populated servers that have files inside the mission file that are never used.
  13. If you were revived it would kick you to the lobby after your second death, I have played male and female and have never been kicked off a server just to the lobby if I was revived. Normal counter of 15 mins for a chance to be revived is still an option if it's your 1st death, if revived and you die again then it's 15 secs.
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