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  1. fishmooney

    Space Bar

    i know it's funny but watch at 100 series (only titles (plot is crap =)) just screenshot and expanse
  2. fishmooney

    Space Bar

    i think dynamenu must be as previus UI elements : gray flat (like icons of krypto / energy ) ; pls make sure wat ppa correctly interpolate ; ease out / ease in must be faster; icon size - smaller +- 50%% from original (if u cant aim - dont play arma :)
  3. fishmooney

    Space Bar

    btw all , to my mind dyna menu looks very ugly . good idea will be add on/off option for this feature.
  4. agree. but updates coming not so fast so it solution for me.
  5. mm mb use a EPOCH_server_deadPlayer.sqf>>? ['deathlog', format['%1 (%2) Killed By %3 (%4) with weapon %5 from %6m at %7', _playerName, _plyrUID, name _killer, getPlayerUID _killer, currentWeapon _killer, _playerObj distance _killer, _pos]] call EPOCH_fnc_server_hiveLog; ^^it's goodlooking for me )) btw also present EPOCH_sendPublicVariableClient.....
  6. how to disable uav spawn on 0.3.1 ( i use EPOCH_spawnLimits = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]; ) but cant uav and etc still spawn. (exept white shark=)
  7. i also use hlc and custom pricing but all ok . try to attach it on begining of description.ext
  8. fishmooney

    p2p trade req

    i think all know about this problem, but any1 know how to complectly disable CTRT+T or T ????
  9. thanks alot )) small chk revievefinde.sqf -- i luv headless coz he real hero)))) nvm but i dont know wat happens on future but better define hc chk, btw players standing on debug_c recive free rep???
  10. Dirty,sorry for offtopic (i cant write pm to u ) wanna ask about ur's hero/bandits : u will share it or it for own use only? btw if u want, i can help with design and ui.
  11. aw, also chk ur wet (from rain=) it will be realy funny with wet suite or another gear for diving=) (i just also make some system before but i dont have skills in sqf scripting (also in english, so sometimes its' google power=) btw small suggstn: how about integration on custom debug - some eventhandlers some vars = extra fps for serv=)
  12. good script but! : if(_immune < -50)then { EPOCH_playerTemp = EPOCH_playerTemp + 0.5; Epoch_playerToxicity=Epoch_playerToxicity+1; EPOCH_playerStamina=EPOCH_playerStamina-5; /*<<if player resp few min ago and drink wiskey - he recive epoch Autoban */ systemchat("IMMUNE DEFICIENCY! SEE A MEDIC OR YOU WILL DIE"); sleep 15; if(_immune < -50)then{call dpReal_Health;}; }; if(_bloodP > 110) then /*btw better use oxygen for dote damage (u recive effects+ propper damage tick */ { systemchat("YOU ARE FUCKED UP! HEAL OR YOU WILL DIE SOON"); EPOCH_playerStamina = EPOCH_playerStamina -50; /* some situation i just use =0 and define fatigue for +-.40 */ EPOCH_playerTemp = EPOCH_playerTemp + 0.5; _damage = _pdamage + 0.002; player setDamage _damage; sleep 15; if(_bloodP > 110) then {call dpReal_Health;}; }; };
  13. chk loots.h and classes on description.ext>>wrecks[] Wrecks[] = { "wall_tin_4_2.p3d", "mil_wiredfence_f.p3d", "cages_f.p3d", "wreck_car_f.p3d", "pipes_small_f.p3d", "pipe_fence_4m_f.p3d", "spp_tower_f.p3d", "wreck_ural_f.p3d", "wreck_car3_f.p3d", "ironpipes_f.p3d", "pipes_large_f.p3d", "coil_f.p3d", "cinderblocks_f.p3d",<<<<<
  14. lazyppls)) just set a whitelistedVehiclePos for all vehicles (it's works 4 me) @epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps\ursmap.h >>>> class whitelistedVehiclePos it look's hard but it very easy with proper redis client.
  15. open mission.sqm find "respawn_west". spawn room(debug_c) generates on this marker
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