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  1. Ok, changed all files like you said. funny thing. Missions dont get claimed after completed, they are still on map and mines dont disappear. Even waited for several hours to get them to disappear, nothing happends. Any suggestions ?
  2. We are running But some other admin removed this hero missions. And im not able to find these hero and bandit settings in the pbo. Should i copy that file and replace it? EDIT: He can't remember where he removed it from
  3. But its not there, and this has been removed, cant see the bandits missions either ? Could it hide inside phpmyadmin or something ? Or do you have another suggestion on where to look ?
  4. I dont have this in my config.sqf http://pastebin.com/AMBwejFn
  5. Hey, first post here. How on earth do I disable hero missions ? Or any missions for that matter, i looked in the servers.pbo but, I'm not able to find anything.
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