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  1. incorrectly topic title... Put your map addons in a server side pbo
  2. in line 666(+-) pls add : ,"Laserdesignator","Laserdesignator_02","Laserdesignator_03" in the new update... case ((_x select 0) in assignedItems player):{ if((_x select 0) in ["Binocular","Rangefinder","Laserdesignator","Laserdesignator_02","Laserdesignator_03")then{
  3. regardless of the fact that there to specify operations will only be conducted with maximum 25k. like windraw deposit etc
  4. not tested yet... but i think yes... its wierd.
  5. same issue.. all veh without ammo. even with clear settings.sqf and restricted And. if buy veh and seet into them all ammo empty. if buy veh and doesnt seet into them and restart server all ammo full
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