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Found 14 results

  1. I have an overpoch Sauerland server. The vehicle traders are not spawning when you buy. The SOB takes your money and gives you a key, but no vehicle. The arrow comes up for about 12 seconds. After the restart, they are there, all on top of each other. NO, I do not have infistar installed. It brakes the server. No admin tools at all. Here are my server and client RPTs. Can someone please take a look for me? Client Server All other traders work.
  2. chi

    Spawn coins on Zombies

    Can someone tell me if im doing something wrong here? Im trying to spawn a random amount of coins on Zombies when they die. This is my zombie_generate.sqf and im calling it from my custom compiles. Sorry, but im on my phone and cant find a spoiler box button. #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\loot\Loot.hpp" private ["_bypass","_position","_unitTypes","_radius","_method","_agent","_maxlocalspawned","_doLoiter","_wildspawns","_maxControlledZombies", "_cantSee","_isOk","_zPos","__FILE__","_fov","_safeDistance","_farDistance","_xasl","_eye","_ed","_deg","_skipFOV","_wildSpawns","_tooClose", "_type","_loot","_array","_rnd","_lootType","_index","_weights","_loot_count","_favStance","_lootGroup"]; _position = _this select 0; _doLoiter = _this select 1; // wonder around _unitTypes = _this select 2; // class of wanted models //_wildspawns = _this select 3; _bypass = _this select 3; _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies); //Lets check if we need to divide the amount of zeds if (r_player_divideinvehicle > 0) then { _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies / r_player_divideinvehicle); }; _maxControlledZombies = round(dayz_maxLocalZombies); _cantSee = { private "_isOk"; _isOk = true; _zPos = +(_this select 0); if (count _zPos < 3) exitWith { diag_log format["%1::_cantSee illegal pos %2", __FILE__, _zPos]; false }; _zPos = ATLtoASL _zPos; _fov = _this select 1; // players half field of view _safeDistance = _this select 2; // minimum distance. closer is wrong _farDistance = _this select 3; // distance further we won't check _zPos set [2, (_zPos select 2) + 1.7]; { _xasl = getPosASL _x; if (_xasl distance _zPos < _farDistance) then { if (_xasl distance _zPos < _safeDistance) then { _isOk = false; } else { _eye = eyePos _x; // ASL _ed = eyeDirection _x; _ed = (_ed select 0) atan2 (_ed select 1); _deg = [_xasl, _zPos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _deg = (_deg - _ed + 720) % 360; if (_deg > 180) then { _deg = _deg - 360; }; if ((abs(_deg) < _fov) && {( // in right angle sector? (!(terrainIntersectASL [_zPos, _eye]) // no terrain between? && {(!(lineIntersects [_zPos, _eye]))}) // and no object between? )}) then { _isOk = false; }; }; }; if (!_isOk) exitWith {false}; uiSleep 0.001; } forEach playableUnits; _isOk }; _skipFOV = false; if ((_maxlocalspawned < _maxControlledZombies) && (dayz_CurrentNearByZombies < dayz_maxNearByZombies) && (dayz_currentGlobalZombies < dayz_maxGlobalZeds)) then { if (_bypass) then { _skipFOV = true; _position = [_position,3,20,1] call fn_selectRandomLocation; }; if (surfaceIsWater _position) exitWith { diag_log "Location is in Water Abort"; }; if ((_skipFOV) or {([_position, 15, 10, 70] call _cantSee)}) then { _tooClose = {isPlayer _x} count (_position nearEntities ["CAManBase",30]) > 0; if (_tooClose) exitwith { diag_log "Zombie_Generate: was too close to player."; }; if (count _unitTypes == 0) then { _unitTypes = getArray (missionConfigFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Buildings" >> "Default" >> "zombieClass"); }; // lets create an agent _type = _unitTypes call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _radius = 5; //_method = if (_doLoiter) then {"CAN_COLLIDE"} else {"NONE"}; _agent = createAgent [_type, _position, [], _radius, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; uiSleep 0.03; //add to global counter dayz_spawnZombies = dayz_spawnZombies + 1; dayz_CurrentNearByZombies = dayz_CurrentNearByZombies + 1; dayz_currentGlobalZombies = dayz_currentGlobalZombies + 1; //Add some loot if (0.3 > random 1) then { _lootGroup = configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "zombieLoot"; if (isText _lootGroup) then { //_lootGroup = dayz_lootGroups find getText (_lootGroup); _lootGroup = Loot_GetGroup(getText _lootGroup); //[_agent, _lootGroup, 1] call loot_insert; Loot_Insert(_agent, _lootGroup, 1); }; }; _agent setVariable["agentObject",_agent]; if (!isNull _agent) then { _agent setDir random 360; uiSleep 0.03; _position = getPosATL _agent; _favStance = ( switch ceil(random(3^0.5)^2) do { //case 3: {"DOWN"}; // prone case 2: {"middle"}; // Kneel "middle" default {"Up"}; // stand-up } ); _agent setUnitPos _favStance; _agent setVariable ["stance", _favStance]; _agent setVariable ["BaseLocation", _position]; _agent setVariable ["doLoiter", _doLoiter]; // true: Z will be wandering, false: stay still _coinsRandom = random 1; if (_coinsRandom <= 0.5) then { _cash = round(random 20) * 5; // number between 0 and 200 Add Coins to Zombie _agent setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true]; // Add Coins to Zombie }; }; }; };
  3. I am currently willing to pay someone if they would be able to set my up a good militarized namalsk overpoch server config and give me a brief run down on how to edit things of my liking e.g. adding extra addons like a coin and bank system and so on.
  4. Hi! Hero can not give money to a bandit And bandit not give money hero (Permssion?) On the other hand it is true ZSC version (fresh)
  5. Hello guys, because I was couple times asked for updated and unified dev function for single currency (originally posted in ZSC thread), I've decided release it here so you can have all info in one place. So here it is with specific example (with detailed comments) you can try for fun... === First thing first - let's start with giving credits for these great guys: DayZ Epoch developers, collaborators and contributors (thank you guys for your excellent work!) (visit them on github) @Zupa : original SC concept creator and author of Universal Dev functions for 1.0.5 version. (see original thread) @salival : for adapting @Zupa's concept to 1.0.6+ version and great community support. (see original thread) All great guys from Epoch comunity participating on SC and banking concept (see original thread) === This function was reworked and updated for Epoch === Changelog: [2017-05-08], v1.0 | Initial release, published at Epoch forum [2017-05-28], v1.1 | Added: debug (parameters check, exec time to analyze code performace in game) [2017-05-31], v1.2 | Improved: removed unnecessary checks during player sync === Read "Goodbye". Wish you the best guys! === How it looks like: Check source code (Github) === FEATURES: Function is able to manage money processing with single line code (see bellow) and can be easily integrated into your code You can use debug option to check your fnc parameters + exec time (code performance) showed on screen (global chat): just uncoment line: '#define: __ DEBUG__' is src code; It's pretty fast but remember: use it only if you're developing some addon or you know exactly what to do. Otherwise, you can stil use common methods used by addons authors - mostly it's even faster their way, because of scoped approach; It's a function - you can easily maintain your "money" code... === How to install: It's actually very easy: practical example is the best way to explain, what needs to be done - see repo structure and files. Source files are available at Github repo (specific usage example included!). You can download them from here. === How to use it: = General usage: // [_player,_amount,_action,_target] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // '_player' : object : player, _killer...etc // '_amount' : number : 1000 // '_action' : string : 'add' / 'remove' // '_target' : string : 'cache' / 'bank' // ========================================================== // @example 01: Remove 5.000 Coins from player's wallet: [player,5000,'remove','cache'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 02: Add 1.000 Coins to player's wallet: [player,1000,'add','cache'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 03: Remove 7.000 Coins from player's bank account: [player,7000,'remove','bank'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; // @example 04: Add 15.000 Coins to player's bank account: [player,15000,'add','bank'] call fnc_SC_uniCoins; === ...easy enough, isn't it? === = Specific usage (with detailed description): // === Scenario: // Award player for killing local zombies. // If player kills zombie, he will receive random amount of money from 0 to 250 Coins for kill. // Let's make it interesting - player receive money only in case he used the gun defined by you: // === What to do: // Save file "local_eventKill.sqf" to your custom compiles folder, load it in your custom compiles file // outside (!isDedicated) and (isServer) - we need this file for both client and server. // (it's in 'dayz_code' folder: you can download file from: // https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_code/compile/local_eventKill.sqf) // Open your custom variables file (or add bellow code to your init.sqf file) and add: playerZedKillAward = true; // ... so you can quickly turn ON/OFF your script // Now, let's create some code in 'local_eventKill.sqf' file: if (local _zed) then { private["_killer","_fnc_uniCoinsTest","_allowedWps"]; // code // ...find last line of code: _killer setVariable["humanity",_humanity,true]; // Bellow we define local function "_fnc_killZedsAward" so we can call it easily: // === _fnc_killZedsAward = { private ["_action","_target","_money","_curWep"]; _action = _this select 0; // @info: we take parameter from call in main code bellow this fnc and assign value to local var _target = _this select 1; // @info: we take parameter from call in main code bellow this fnc and assign value to local var _money = (round(random 5) * 50); // @info: now from 0 to 250 Coins, define to your liking _curWep = getText (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> currentWeapon _killer >> 'displayName'); // @info: What's the name of player current weapon? We need this for info in hint or dayz_rollingMessages call { // Player has 20% chance to get 0 coins from random (if you will use round(random 5) - meaning staying with 5, scale from 0 to 4) // So let's check it first and prevent display msg on screen in such a case if (_money == 0) exitWith { //@info: You can pick 'dayz_rollingMessages' and comment 'hintSilent' if your hint layer is occupied by your debug monitor ["Sorry, our bank is low on money!"] call dayz_rollingMessages; hintSilent "Sorry, our bank is low on money!"; }; // If random money are above zero, let's call dev fnc_SC_uniCoins. // First parameter '_killer' is defined by original code; _money param was defined above, // _action and _target parameters we defined in main code bellow... if ([_killer,_money,_action,_target] call fnc_SC_uniCoins) exitWith { //@info: You can pick 'dayz_rollingMessages' and comment 'hintSilent' if your hint layer is occupied by your debug monitor hintSilent format ["Zed kill award!\nweapon: [%1]\nReceived: [%2 %3]",_curWep,_money,CurrencyName]; [format["Zed kill award! Weapon: [%1] Received: [%2 %3]",_curWep,_money,CurrencyName]] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; // Do not put any default code for call here - if you do, you will trigger code action in cases, // like zombie is killed close to you by some accident (from experience) }; }; // Now let's create main procedure: if (playerZedKillAward) then { // @info: define your custom array of weapons here: _allowedWps = [ 'M110_NVG_EP1', 'M9_SD_DZ','DMR_DZ', 'M9_DZ' ]; if ((currentWeapon _killer) in _allowedWps) exitWith { // @info: if player used allowed weapon, tell '_fnc_killZedsAward', what to do with money. // You can be creative here :)) ["add","cache"] call _fnc_killZedsAward; }; }; }; // === Done! === ...that's all, you can use it wherever money are... Have Fun!! Cheers... ===
  6. shote

    I need help please

    Hello, first of all sorry about my english. Im new at server scripting, but i would like get some help about what is happening at my server. I log in to my server, i put 5.000 coins at my safe in my own base, took one random vehicle, go to random spot and i parking it at forest (resart will come in 1 hour). When i log out, and log in back after restart, then my vehicle is at my base back, My money its gone from safe. I lose items inside vehicles, safes etc. Every restart. Well what i can do to fix it? I read posts at forum can be cache player or something. But i dont know its like data base its not sync with server, or i dont know. I dont have enought knows for explain better. So, i will apreciate all help and all comments. And if i have to post a log of some files just say me and i will do fast than i can. Thanks for beeing here epochmod.com
  7. Hey there guys. My players are having an issue with money storage (I'm using Zupa's 3.0 Currency [no banking]) in vehicles, safes and lockboxes but I have absolutely no trouble with it (in terms of the gold saving on logoff and such). Everything works fine for me so this is getting me to wonder if the issue is with infiSTAR. The only problem here is that I've disabled pretty much all of infiSTAR's checks that would even be remotely relevant to this issue. I've also heard issues of players vehicles just straight up exploding (which may be attributed to roaming/static AI) and their bikes, mozzies or motorcycles disappearing when they're on them. I think the issue here is that these vehicles, when spawned, don't have IDs and they're either being cleaned up by the server antihack or by infiSTAR. How can I go about fixing this, does anyone have any input? Thanks a lot guys. Also a bit off topic, but how would I go about purging all spawned vehicles on the server so my database only loads 100? I've got something like 300 on the server right now and that's an extra 200 objects I really don't want in the database but I'm absolutely retarded when it comes to SQL. I'm also having trouble trying to find the vehicle spawn array that the server reads when it spawns new vehicles. I use Vilayer.
  8. Hi guys, In Arma2Epoch I was using Zupa's Single Currency system and the developer functions allowed me to add/remove money: How can I do the same in Arma3Epoch? Simply put, from inside a server-side SQF script, I would like to do things like: add n krypto to playerBankAccount remove n krypto from playerBankAccount add n krypto to playerCash remove n krypto from playerCash Thanks!
  9. Hello, How can I add money to wallet of AI. I use: and DZMS DZAI. regards, domino
  10. Hello everyone. I am fairly new in scripting arma 2. I know the basics, and can manage to fallow instructions for simple scripts such as a deploy bike, self bb, ect. I am trying to install Zupas single currency (which I'm assuming this website is the main site to get it from: http://devzupa.be/#/dayz/sc999). Now my question is, I'm trying to install this for my Overpoch Taviana Origins server and just wanting to know if it will be any different in installing on this map versus Chernarus? I see in the instructions and the download it has a file for chernarus but that's not that map I'm wanting to work on. All help is always appreciated!
  11. So i was just wondering how much someone would charge to do a few scripts for me Basically i just want someone to put in a couple scripts then i can do the rest when i have some free time . All i want is Single currency, most updated version Overpoch traders, and custom Trader areas. Thats it really. Possible more, depending on whos interested Thanks for your time Trevdorr
  12. Seraphiim

    Gold coins?

    I notice alot of people have this gold coin currency on their servers but yet there isn't any scripting help for it. I have searched far and wide for it. I would appreciate the help being I am slightly new to scripting in DayZ, but I wont ask too many questions as for I am fully capable of install and my own troubleshooting. The script I believe would help many of us.
  13. Hi, I need someone to install scripts for me. Not make scripts just install some pre made scripts. It would be about 20-30 scripts in total along with adding custom weapons and vehicles to the trader shops. Pay is $30.00 through paypal once it is verified all scrips are installed and working. Contact me on skype: xtxsxtxs
  14. Hello, My Name is Sergei, iv Recently made A Dayz.St Server and I'm Having Trouble With the Server.PBO and Mission.PBO, I am looking For Some One To Help Me Complete Them, i Will Pay Any One Who helps, They Will Need To Be Able to, - Script - Custom Script, Only Simple Stuff If you think You Can Help Me Please Reply To This Post With Am Email, Or Some Thing I Can Contact You Easily With, This Is First Come First Serve, So Basicly First Person Who Can Help Me Has The Job, Only If They Can Do What I need. - Sergei, Owner Of UnDeadHeros
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