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  1. Scorpi

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    BaseAttack.sqf compatible with Epoch? https://github.com/IT07/a3_vemf_reloaded/blob/master/a3_vemf_reloaded/missions/BaseAttack.sqf
  2. Scorpi

    gameType not correct

    Hello, gameType "Survival" is not correct! according arma ----> gameType = Survive;
  3. Scorpi

    Helicopter Parachute Supply Drop

    Helicopter-Supply-Drop-1.0d problem found... (old) SDROP_Functions.sqf (hotfix) SDROP_Functions.sqf test it
  4. Scorpi

    Helicopter Parachute Supply Drop

    Epoch 0.3.8 Bots don't shoot. Can someone help? my settings: _grp = createGroup RESISTANCE; _grp setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _grp setCombatMode "RED";
  5. Scorpi

    RPT log

    Where does the error? RPT log 16:35:44 Error in expression <forceSize interpolate [150,150.1,-1,1]> 16:35:44 Error position: <forceSize interpolate [150,150.1,-1,1]> 16:35:44 Error Undefined variable in expression: forcesize
  6. Scorpi

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    VEMF is not modified ! I'm using no mods or scripts useCryptoReward = -1; // no problem useCryptoReward = 1;// problem
  7. Scorpi

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Hi IT07, can you fix? I'm using 0.3.8 RPT log thanks
  8. Scorpi

    sledge and hatchet (

    No sledge and hatchet animation (
  9. Scorpi

    Epoch and Armaupdate 1.54

    Sorry, I've just seen :)
  10. Scorpi

    Test Post