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    hi all, just having a drama with server after installing HC, server runs fine but crashes randomly not often or everyday, this never use to happen, anyone have a clue what could be causing this, hc used to be on the same system im hosting my server so removed it to a different pc, but problem still persists,this is what i get everytime in rpt 23:50:00 : RCon admin #2: (Global) AUTO SERVER RESTART IN 10 MINUTES! 23:54:29 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 23:54:33 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 23:54:37 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 23:54:41 : Lost Connection! 23:54:41 : Closing socket & exiting! any help will really be appreciated kayzee
  2. trying to create a mission with the captive scipt, but for some reason, ai dont despawn after mission timeout, marker deletes tho, anything wrong this ? thanks in advance. //Captive.sqf // Horbin // 7/9/15 // Be cautious when editing data. // NOTE: For all Offset values, if three dimensions are used, the point will be treated as an absolute point on the game map. // Ex: [15,20] is an offset 15m east, 20m north of the encounter center // Ex: [12100,11000,0] is a specific point on the map. // absolute 3d locations can be subsituted for any offset within this file! [[ //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //-----Mission Area Setup----- "Captive", // Mission Title NOSPACES! 200 , // encounter radius "LAND",// Options "LAND","WATER","NONE". Setting this will force a scan of 'encounter Radius' meters around the center of the mission to ensure the same type of water/land is present. // This setting should hopefully reduce the chance of the mission being randomly placed too near water for example. // this paramater is optional, but if a value is present it MUST be one of the three above values. // This option is only used if a mission location is not set via the Theme's 'Locations' section, or the mission loc is not specified elsewhere in the ThemeData.sqf. [0,0,0], "NONE", "NONE" ],[ //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //-----Notification Configuration----- //--Map Marker Config. "Captive", // Name, set to "" for nothing "mil_dot", // icon type: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cfgMarkers for other options. // mil_triangle, mil_objective, mil_box, group1, loc_Power, etc. "", // "RECTANGLE". do not use "ICON", two markers are used in making each mission indicator. "ColorRED",// https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerColor "FDiagonal",// Cross, Vertical, Horizontal, etc https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerBrush 200 // size of the marker. ],[[ // NOTIFICATION Messages and Map display Control. true, // Notify players via Radio Message 2, // radio channel. "ALL" = no radio required. 0, //range from encounter center AI radio's can be heard (0=unlimited.) true, // Notify players via global message - hint screen on right of game display - true, // Show encounter area on the map 30, // Win delay: Time in seconds after a WIN before mission cleanup is performed 10 // Lose delay: Time in seconds after a lose before mission cleanup is performed //NOTE: the above delay must finish before the mission is considered 'complete' by the mission manager control loop. // These two delays will also affect how much time will elapse from mission completion until living AI cleanup. ],[ // Mission spawn message, DO NOT Remove these! They can be edited down to "" if desired. "BANDIT-HQ", // title line "", "Humans have captured clones for testing. Go free them!" //description/radio message. ],[ // Mission Success Message "Mission Success", // title line "", "Captives have been rescued." ],[ // Mission Failure Message "Mission Failure!", "", "The Humans have escaped with their captives." ]],[ //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //-----Loot Configuration----- // Refer to LootData.sqf for available loot types and contents. // "Random" will select a random configuration, ignoring all 'ScatterXX' options. // "ScatterXX" this loot will not appear in a box, but will be scattered about on the ground around the location/offset // Ex: ["Scatter01",[0,0]] will take the loot contained in the "Scatter01" option and spread it around at offset [0,0] to the mission center. [ ["BOX1",[0,0],["BOX2",[300,300]] //Array of loot now supported using above syntax. // replace "Random" with your desired loot option from LootData.sqf, or leave random for random results! // AND don't forget you can use these loot options to fill vehicles with loot too!(see vehicle section below) ]],[ "BOX2" , // WIN Loot [-5,0] // Offset from mission center x,y, 3 coords [x,y,z] places loot at a specific map location! ],[ "None" , // Lose Loot. [0,0] // Offset from mission center. ]],[ //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //-----Building and stand alone vehicle Configuration----- //BUILDINGS: persist = 0: building deleted at event completion, 1= building remains until server reset. // NOTE: if using 3D coordinates for buildings, if the 1st building uses a location of [0,0] // ALL other buildings will assume their locations are offsets! // building name | offset |rotation|persist flag // ["Land_BagBunker_Tower_F", [0,0], 0, 0], // ["Land_BarrelWater_F", [-7,-7], 0, 0], // ["Land_Wreck_Car2_F", [12,12], 0, 0], // ["Land_Wreck_Offroad2_F", [-10,-10],0, 0], // ["Land_HighVoltageTower_F", [20,-10],0, 0], // ["CamoNet_INDP_big_F", [-20, 10],0, 0], // Vehicle Name | offset | rotation | Fuel, Ammo, DmgEngine, Dmg FuelTank, DmgHull // ["I_UGV_01_rcws_F",[0,100], 0, [.5, 1, .5, .5, .5]], // ["Land_Wreck_Car2_F",[0,50],0, [.5, 1, .5, .5,.5], "Fire"] // vehicles: 1 for fuel and ammo is full 100%, DmgEngine=1 is 100% damaged // test_EmptyObjectForFireBig = "Fire" // test_EmptyObjectForSmoke = "Smoke" // These vehicles are static and remain until server reset. // M3Editor buildings all with 'big_smoke' ["M3Editor", [0,0], "NONE", 0, // paste your array of building objects here [ ["",[8537.94,25056.5,0],[0,0,1],true] ] ] ],[ //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //-----Group Configuration----- see Convoy section for AI in vehicles! // Expanded group example: // 1 sniper, 2 rifleman, 2 hunters wil spawn east of encounter center and perform a box shaped patrol. [[ "RESISTANCE", // side: RESISTANCE, WEST, EAST, CIV "COMBAT", // behaviour: SAFE, AWARE, COMBAT, STEALTH "RED", //combatmode: BLUE, WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW, RED "COLUMN" //formation: STAG COLUMN, WEDGE, ECH LEFT, ECH RIGHT, VEE, LINE, COLUMN ],[[2,"Sniper"],[4,"Rifleman"]],[ "BoxPatrol",[0,0], [0,0],[25] ]], // 4 AI will spawn into the specified building. [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[2,"Sniper"],[6,"Rifleman"]],[ "TowerGuard",[0,0], [0,0],[150,"ANY"] ]], // if "ANY" is changed to a specific building type, ex: "Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F", they will all spawn into this building type. [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[5,"Rifleman"]],["BoxPatrol",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[2,"Rifleman"]],["BoxPatrol",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[4,"Rifleman"]],["Explore",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[3,"Rifleman"]],["BoxPatrol",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[5,"Rifleman"]],["Explore",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[2,"Rifleman"]],["Explore",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[3,"Rifleman"]],["BoxPatrol",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[3,"Rifleman"]],["Buildings",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]], // This grp of 3 prisoners should follow the group leader of grp '0' (BoxPatrol group above)! [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[3,"Rifleman"]],["BoxPatrol",[6,6],[0,0],[100]]] //[["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","LINE"],[[1,"UGV"]],["BoxPatrol",[50,50],[50,50],[100]]] // these 5 will patrol in and out of the buildings withn 100m of encounter center. ], // NOTE: if no buildings are located within 'radius' both 'Buildings' will locate nearest buildings to the encounter and move there! // NOTE: See AI_LOGIC.txt for detailed and most current descriptions of AI logic. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //-----LAND Vehicle Configuration----- [ [ // Convoy #2 [ // Vehicle Offset Crew (only 1 type!) Cargo // ["I_UGV_01_rcws_F",[100,100],[0,""],"none"], // ["I_UAV_02_F",[125,100],[0,""],"none"], ["I_UGV_01_F",[175,100],[0,""],"none"] ], [ // Drivers # and type | Patrol | spawn | dest | 'Patrol' options [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","COLUMN"], [ [1, "Driver"] ], ["BoxPatrol",[100,100],[0,0],[100] ]] ], // Troops : These are distributed across all vehicles in this convoy. [ ] ] , [ // Convoy #4 [ ["B_Truck_01_transport_EPOCH",[50,0],[0,""],"None",[["engine",.9],["fuel",.9],["hull",1],["RGlass",1],["Glass1",1]]], // sets damage to specific parts. ["B_Truck_01_transport_EPOCH",[60,0],[0,""],"None",[.5]] // overall damage 50% ], [ // [["RESISTANCE","COMBAT","RED","COLUMN"], [ [4, "Driver"] ], ["BoxPatrol",[100,100],[0,0],[200] ]] ], [ ] ] ], [ [ //Define all the triggers this mission will be using // Trigger names must be unique within each mission. // NOTE: "FuMS_KillMe" is a reserved trigger word. Do not use!!! // NOTE: "OK" is a reserved trigger. Do not define it here. // "OK" can be used in the actions section to force an action to occur at mission start! // ["PROX",["ProxPlayer",[0,0],80,1] ], ["LUCNT",["LowUnitCount","GUER",2,0,[0,0]] ], // ["HUCNT",["HighUnitCount","GUER",6,0,[0,0]] ], // ["Detect",["Detected","ALL","ALL"] ], // ["BodyCount",["BodyCount",9] ] ["Timer",["TIMER", 1800] ] // offset radius time(s) Name // ["Zuppa", ["ZuppaCapture",[ [ [-100,-100], 50, 90, "Point 1" ], // [ [100,100], 50, 90, "Point 2" ] ]] ], // ["VehDmg1", ["DmgVehicles", "1",0.8] ], // ["BldgDmg1",["DmgBuildings","2,3,7",1.0] ] ], [ // Define what actions should occur when above trigger logics evaluate to true // Note: a comma between two logics is interpreted as "AND" [["WIN"],["LUCNT" ]], // [["CHILD",["Help_Helo",[0,0],1,120]],["LUCNT" ]], // when all ai dead, call for help, max 3 times, min interval 120secs between calls for help. [["LOSE"],["TIMER"] ], [["END"],["LUCNT" ]] ] ] ]; //******************************************************************************* //******* Do not change this! ********************************** //*******************************************************************************
  3. If you also like to help me with my arma 3 epoch australia server i am more then happy!

    The server won't start and am hosting on verthosting.

    Am willing to pay.



  4. PM and ill be more than happy to help...
  5. kayzee


    I figured this after ur I posted and bit more into detail thanks a lot tho for the reply
  6. kayzee


    [[x,y,z],0,1000,10,0,25,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; could anyone explain what the 10,0,25,0 means or represents in this.. Any help will b much appreciated
  7. kayzee

    HELP :(

    there are one or two things im wanting to do aswell cos atm its got a delay a day of about 2 seconds before it tps u to spawn which is normal but it could be a lot better, will post a topic on the forums and see if anyone comes up with an idea
  8. kayzee

    HELP :(

    FIXED thanks anyway
  9. kayzee

    HELP :(

    Hi, I really hope someone here can figure this out. I am trying to make a spawn selection display that has a few buttons and want to know if there is any way to remove the enter and escape keyboard keys being handled by the display. At the moment the dialog pops up and closes immediately as ESC or ENTER key is pressed, i want to disable this as it exists the selection, ill be really gratefull if anyone could be of help.
  10. kayzee

    HELP :(

    Hi, I really hope someone here can figure this out. I am trying to make a spawn selection display that has a few buttons and want to know if there is any way to remove the enter and escape keyboard keys being handled by the display. At the moment the dialog pops up and closes immediately as ESC or ENTER key is pressed, i want to disable this as it exists the selection, ill be really gratefull if anyone could be of help.
  11. think some guys need to read or learn to read, which part of his post did he say it was his scrpt even if its his or not, who gives a f**k, hes onlt trying to help, its about time people start appreciating others
  12. kayzee


    thanks soo much,finally got it working, i simply shanged EPOCH_server_createTeleport.sqf to the old one and its working as i wanted, was a bit of drama, cos i got rid of the clone box and created a new respawn west, once again thanks for assistance
  13. kayzee


    thanks a lot Richie, but how do i get these offsets? these r the chords im using which used to work but not anymore then had to change _aa=_debug modelToWorld(_x select 1); CHANGE TO: //_aa=_debug modelToWorld(_x select 1); _aa=_x select 1; which worked but now none seems to work and im not sure how to get offsets for these chords these positions, {23591,17980,0.000421} {23588,17990,0.000424} {23622,17990,0.000423} {23606,18000,0.000421} {23605,17968,0.000421} {23618,17998,0.000423} {23616,17978,0.000423}
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