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SmartGit (& GitLab) strongly recommended!


If you are a scripter and not using this, you're missing a lot. Grab a free copy now!

The good thing about it is you don't even need to know git terminology/system, it's designed in a way that makes it super easy to jumpstart git http://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/


Just to be clear I don't work for the company behind this software, am not affiliated, and will not benefit in any way from increased user base.

I am just an extremely happy user!


While you can use it locally with zero issues, I also recommend a free GitLab.com account which is superior to GitHub.com as GitLab will allow you free private repositories [i.e.: space to put your stuff in] while GitHub will give you free space only if you allow to make it world-readable [i.e.: anyone on the Internet].


Any questions? shoot.


SmartGit is a graphical user interface for Git




GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features. GitLab is similar to GitHub, but GitLab has an open source version, unlike GitHub. Also provides free private repos.


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Personally I use Source Tree which is also free and powerful.  May not be quite as simple to get in to but does not require much work to get up to speed.  It is also free.


It is much better than the standard Git Desktop app :) .


Will take a look at GitLab, thanks.

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Interesting blog post here about different Git flavors and one companies actual experiences.  The post is a couple of years old now though.  I like the idea of protected branches very much but not of having to manage reqular Git updates.

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Interesting blog post here about different Git flavors and one companies actual experiences.  The post is a couple of years old now though.  I like the idea of protected branches very much but not of having to manage reqular Git updates.

Thanks for the share.


Please note that GitLab is two things at once:

  1. It is a 'software' (or solution with the trendy word) which you install on your server.
  2. It is a free Internet hosting service (oh wait, marketing will be upset let me rephrase 'they are a "cloud provider").

I am using them at the moment as 'cloud provider' they are hosting my repos which I can with a single click turn public to share my code. Of course I can simply clone the code and create a public version of the same code if I want to.




The following section in the article:

I’d recommend Gitlab to anyone looking to self-host their Git management platform while requiring many of GitHub’s features, as long as the resource is available to support and manage it. It’s really suited for a group of 2-10 developers. It doesn’t support ‘public’ repositories so it’s also aimed at companies wanting to manage their proprietary code.


is (obviously) talking about GitLab-the-software.

What I was focusing in1st post is GitLab-the-cloud-provider which is more suitable/easy-to-use a typical SQF scripter, I think.


Good to read about gitorious however.

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Sure, understood.


Does the Cloud version have free branch permissioning (ie. giving access for different branches to different people within the same Git) ?.

I haven't used it personally but documentation seem solid.

What I do not know is:

  • how much of this below apply only to "GitLab Enterprise Edition - the software"


  • how much of it apply to both the above AND "GitLab - Free Cloud Hosting Solution".

I don't even know if there is a difference as so far I only needed 'personal private space' and it does what I need.



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TO throw extra information in the topic:


@Work ( webdevelopment in team):


  • Own gitlab server + web UI
  • phpStorm integrated git system as 'client' & git commands in cmd if you really need something special.
    • phpStorm has a nice switching between branche, merge system, etc.

@Home - Public: 


  • Github ( Because of the amazing git issue system with easy merge requests linking to issues).
  • Github client / phpStorm ( depends if i program arma or websites). 


@Home - Private


  • Bitbucket, because free private repo's. ( I don't have an own server @ home atm for gitlab)
  • Github Client ( yes other git's can work with this to). Or phpStorm.

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Just to give some advice, if you can't set up an own gitlab.


  • Github for public projects
  • Bitbucket for private projects ( because github doesn't provide free private repositories)
  • Gitlab for private projects ( because github doesn't provide free private repositories)


EDIT: Just noticed gitlab also does own hosting now, so you can try that instead of bitbucket. It's was you prefer ( i work with all 3)^^

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Yet another thing greatly simplifies life




Git-Flow is a high-level command set wrapping low-level Git commands to support a successful branching model. For the user it significantly reduces the necessary workflow steps and hence reduces the risk of incorrect command usage by less-experienced users.



Using SmartGit to follow the GitFlow branching and workflow model


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Thats really interesting article. Im just starting my IT career and I want to know everything! The job of a main computer programmer has consistently been damaged by debate because of the equivocal idea of their obligations. It shouldn't come as an unexpected when a representative of a specific organization gives clear gazes once requested to characterize who a central programming designer or programming chief specialist is.Engineering can be inexactly characterized as the imaginative utilization of numerical strategies, science, and experimental proof when planning a construction or framework. All in all, its the taking care of an issue utilizing imaginative arrangements utilizing fundamental things.Development, then again, is the precise use of various SW designer's coding advances to not really settled items in the product climate. Corresponding to programming advancement, it's the mix and utilization of various procedures to achieve a particular objective where you need to work with an expert computer programmer principal.The primary obligations of an essential IT draftsman incorporate checking the intersystem cooperation, their design, and innovations utilized for the assistance. They likewise report, break down, and anticipate an everyday premise. The title head draftsman engineer has for since quite a while ago had a foreboding shadow looming over the head as numerous planners are astounding white paper authors contrasted with regards to planning software.Senior versus chief specialist then again centers around execution and bug fixing on either another framework or in a generally existing one. They can attempt these mind boggling errands as they generally have over 5 years of experience.One intriguing thing about senior specialists is the way that they arrive at title swelling once they hit more than 7 years of involvement. Now, they obtain the chief specialist title.Without this title swelling, they resemble chiefs given their effect, independence, pay, and their announcing structure.A head versus lead programmer ought to have the option to distinguish openings for business and administration upgrades. While at it, they ought to have the option to break down, distinguish, focus on, and execute efficiencies, which assists the organization with inferring the most noteworthy conceivable worth from the administrations. This might be as robotization of cycles, overseeing changes, or in any event, distinguishing other money saving advantages of new approaches, read more here https://mobilunity.com/blog/principal-software-engineer-vs-architect/.A head designer and head IT draftsman ought to likewise have the option to recognize the best new methodologies for the association and assume the liability of preparing new each new SW designer on the best way to execute it.In the interim, head programmer versus specialized lead ought to have the right stuff to investigate every one of the flimsy parts of the accessible administrations and further developing them. They ought to likewise have the option to control and deal with the assistance parts like equipment, programming, and organization resources.Although the primary programming draftsman versus chief designer doesn't do a lot of code composing, they ought to have useful information in programming to assist them with directing the security norms, plan determinations, actually taking a look at consistence, and keeping up with specialized liability in all the improvement stages and to be in a job of arrangement planner versus programming modeler if needed.A senior head computer programmer additionally assists lay with bringing down the plan particular of administration to meet the business needs. 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  • Similar Content

    • By Sp4rkY
      Title:                 SPK_ESVP
      Author:            Sp4rkY (Github)
      Description:   Extended Safezones with Vehicle Protection for Arma 3 Epoch
      Version:           0.9
      Required:        Arma 3 1.66+ / Epoch 0.4+
      Credits:            IT07 (Thx for many brain) (Github)
                                |V.I.P.| CH!LL3R (Thx for thoughts & testing!)

      >>> >> > CLICK ME < << <<<
      Edit by EpochMod - 2019-11-08:
      There came some issues up with the Arma 1.96 update.
      Unfortunately @Sp4rkY currently seems to be not active here, so we have added a pull request for his GitHub files.
      So if you want to use this addon, check / add this changes:

      * Fully customizable
      * Works with all maps
      * Works for players and vehicles
      * No more `"ProtectionZone_Invisible_F"` is needed (usually found in map config in a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo)
      * Fired bullets will automatically be deleted in safezones
      * (optional) Teleport players out of safezones after restart
      * (optional) Teleport players away from the parking place (if used) after restart
      * Protection from idiots trying to drive over other players (including traders)
      * Check vehicle ownership of bought vehicles
      * (optional) Teleport vehicles out of safezones at server restart to:
          - (optional) a given distance from the respective safezone
          - (optional) a static parking place (you can use your own map addition and define as many parking lots you want)
      * (optional) Restricted vehicle´s access in safezones (only the owner(s) can enter the vehicle)
      * (optional) Restricted vehicle´s gear-access in safezones (only the owner(s) can access the vehicle´s inventory)
      * (optional) Protection for lifted vehicle´s
          - If using this feature, there will be also a check for the owner, so stealing is not possible
      * (optional) Unlock teleported vehicles
      * 2 ways of info messages (depends on if vehicle protection is used or not)
      * (optional) Vehicle Access Menu:
          - "Refresh" button to update the player-list while menu is open
          - "Registered" listing to see which players are added to your vehicle
          - "Clear" button to remove the added players
      * (optional) restrict access to driver seat for primary vehicle owner
      * slingload check for bought vehicles (you can not steal cars or ships)
      * (optional) info messages for prohibited lifting
      * (optional) Prevent spawning of antagonists (UAV, Sappers, Snakes, Cultists) in safezones
      * (optional) Allow/disallow to chop/sledge/chainsaw anything in safezones
      * (optional) Feature to set map markers directly from this script (no need to define them anywhere else)
      * If using the "vehicle teleporting WITHOUT Parking Place" - function:
          - the vehicles get teleported to a random position within the given radius out of the safezones
      * If using the "vehicle teleporting WITH Parking Place" - function, it will works like this:
          - server restarts, vehicles in safezones will be teleported to a parking place
          - vehicles which are present at the parking place are getting teleported to a random location on the map, new vehicles (in safezones) are ported to the parking place
      * If the respective safezone contains water, ships are treated like this:
          - if ships are located at water surface, they gets teleported close to the safezone´s shore at given radius
          - if ships are located at terrain surface because of lifting or simliar, they gets ported random at the maps shore
      * If not using "vehicle teleporting" - function, remaining vehicles in safezones are indestructible after restart
      * Debug option for better determine errors (client & server)
      Enjoy this stuff and have fun!
    • By Tech_Support
      Script from
      I just made it 1 .bat file easy to use all you need to do is edit the Config settings section and the command line.
      Make a new .bat file on your desktop of your windows vps or dedi
      Paste this in it
      If you run multiple servers create a file for each server on your desktop all you have to do is change the command lines and the config settings to suit each server on each file.
      This script will re-run everything from this label :arma2oaserver every time the server cmd box is closed so yes if bec shuts down the server after x amount of hrs the script will backup your sql will re-start Bec & the Server
      If your server cmd box closes for some unknown reason this will terminate connection with Bec and so Bec shuts down but dont worry the script will backup your database then restart bec and your server (dont believe me try it run this script then close your server cmd box while this script is running and watch the magic lol) 
    • By uniflare
      Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skbtforarma/
      [RELEASE] Arma 2/3 Server Keepalive Batch Tool 1.2.2
      I wrote this for our old A2 Epoch server in hopes of making a very simple and light-weight easy to use keepalive/restarter, it was very useful, thought I'd share with the public. This tool has developed on these forums considerably and now has many many more features that make administering and controlling your server much easier.

      Keepalive Status Window

      Keepalive GUI

      Keepalive GUI Configuration Properties

      Feature Archive:
      ADDED IN 1.2.2: Higher core support for setting affinities (up to 100 cores O.O)
      ADDED IN 1.2.2: New status icons in config window for batch/server status
      ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added a new control bar in config window, to control keepalive/server
      ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added an exit batch check and new file to set this flag externally to close the keepalive.
      Auto start Database/Arma server and BEC if any one of them fails Logs events in real-time with a console display Easy configuration for any arma server (arma/arma 2/arma 3) Ability to Auto restart using BEC Scheduler (check readme for details) Ability to manually restart from an external program (eg, Web Service on same machine) Keepalive for the Keepalive (if batch crashes or something, it will keep running regardless) Auto log file rotation *added in 0.8.0 Auto Database Backup *added in 0.8.0 Ability to use 7zip to archive logs and/or database file *added in 0.8.0 Keep Arma Server Monitor active (Optional) (addon for arma 2/3) *added in 0.8.0 Keep Teamspeak Server Active (Optional) *added in 0.8.0 Database Interval, Minutes between DB Backups *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep ASM server monitor alive. *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep Teamspeak server alive. *added in 0.9.0 Log backup and db backup locations configurable *added in 0.9.0 Lets arma close nicely using #shutdown on automatic restarts (BEC Scheduler required) *added in 0.9.0 Manual Action Timeout configurable. (How long will it take you to upload new pbos?) *added in 0.9.0 Configuration settings for ASM logging capabilities. Check batch settings. *fixed in 0.9.1 Ability to configure another process to keep alive (such as a HC client or another server using a renamed exe file). *NEW IN 0.9.2 Project on Sourceforge and GitHub. *NEW IN 0.9.4 Crash Detection! Will force close any crashed processes! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Affinity and Priority settings! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Sleek GUI for managing and installing SKBT for multiple server on the same machine/network!*ADDED IN 1.0.0 Keepalive instance shortcuts to start menu and desktop. ADDED IN 1.0.1 Usage of parenthesis and spaces in path names fully! ADDED IN 1.0.3 Allow bec_flag_dsc parameter, (fix BEC auto closing due to no update signal). ADDED IN 1.0.3 Ability to change log detail level. Added in 1.1.0 Can forcefully delay between ONLY restart events 3 batch files in custom folder to aid in hooking code before certain events, more info inside those files (Check readme or more info) Tooltips to all configuration options Custom process tab! Keep any process you wish alive with your server (up to 100 extra processes!). ADDED IN 1.2.0 Heartbeat for external programs to know if the Keepalive is active. ADDED IN 1.2.0
      NOTE*: Please use the sourceforge/Github repositories to download.
      DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - GUI Installer
      DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - No Gui (Manual Install)
      Mirrors on SourceForge / GitHub
      Development Snapshots available as standard.

      For older releases please use the github/sourceforce release lists.

      *Latest Release:
      Please be advised the download links in this post are not the latest. SKBT was updated after the latest official release but do not fear! You do not need to build it!
      To download the latest binary of SKBT click here (sourceforge/skbtforarma/Master/Bin/Release/skbtInstaller_win32.exe)
      Check the commit logs on SF/GH for updates and changes.

      Updated to (Only on repo)
    • By SapioiT
      Hard DayZ Mod Pack idea...
      Twitter Facebook Reddit

      Due to the experience I gathered in-game, I feel like the current servers are not fun anymore. You get everything on a plate, as well as everyone else, and just run in guns, crash cars and worry not. For this sole reason, I came up with a server idea which might appeal the more hardcore players. From the perspective of the servers currently in-game, these server properties may be straight up crazy. But I will include ways of monetisation. This may not feel the right choice, but again, this may be straight up crazy and might appeal the more hardcore players.
      A quick note before starting: This would work both as a Epoch as well as a Overpoch, but I do think adding some vehicles is a must, in order to attract new players and, most importantly, to make the engagements more entertaining. I have made (am making, if you're writing this before I finished editing this) a list with mods for epoch and a list with mods for the game which I think working together would be able to revive the comatose state of the dayz mod servers which made most hardcore players move over to standalone.

      Here is the list of features I think would provide the most engaging experience for experienced players.
      Scarce resources. Basicly, you're going to mainly find food for a good while. Make the meele count. Make the non-meele weapons so scarce, that you will need to wander for hours between the airfields in order to find a non-pistol non-meele weapon. Much more for a scoped one, if you're not very lucky. Make the ammo not as scarce as the weapons, but still you'd only get maybe 2 or 3 mags for the weapon, in a few hours of choppering between the airfields (since moving for large distances forces the loot to despawn). Allow every single weapon and vehicle in-game. But make the overpowered ones (like the tanks) highly unaccesible (you'd need to pay the price of 100 non-armed tanks for a armed tank, than worry about the ammo which, you guessed, is nearly impossible to find, so you'd need to buy them). Plot poles. Not required to build, but required to protect one's house. And make them smaller. Something like 10 meters radius would be good. That is more than enough for a house with two garages and a helipad. Make the cinder verry expensive. So expensive that one player would more likely set 100 or so wooden walls overlaping eachother, rather than using cinder. Or, if they play in a 5+ players group, maybe than have enough for a 1 by 2 wall of cinder (to get a MTVR inside and move it upstairs) and have the rest of the base just hanging in the air... and whole coridors with wooden doors from meter to meter, to ensure the security of the base. Price Ratios. This is a big one. I think each trader city should have slight variations in the price, with some items being slightly more overpriced than the others, depending on the facilities present near the trader city. For example, near the arfields, the weapons would be cheaper, and in the city, they would be verry expensive, due to the risk involved in getting them there. A difference so big that some players would intentionaly go to the airfield trader, buy lots of weapons or ammo and sell them in the city, for a tiny profit. But in bulk, you may get enough profit from a Ural filled with mags and pistols to get a fire weapon. Scoped less than Acog. Or get a pistol by filling jerry cans or fuel barrels (fuel barrels for 5 times the profit from jerry cans, but over ten times more expensive), by de-foresting a whole 1 cube km of forest, a Ural full of medical loot, or 50 urals worth of food. The food is the least scarce resource, followed by the bandages, so that's to be expected. Allow the players to salvage everything from a vehicle, but the fueltank, engine, gas-tank and scrap-metal should only be salvageable from an unlocked vehicle. Maybe allow the old-motorbike to be crafted with some wood planks and scrap metal (+toolbox for tools), and a motorcicle with 2 wheels, engine, either fueltank, two jerry cans or one fuel barrel and one scrap metal, for the old motorbike, as the only craftable motorbike (the others from the trader or spawned). Badass zombies. With 10 hits to the body and one hit to the head, you'd be in some serious problems if you don't learn to meele headshot them. I think that if you're going to have a base done in less than an hour, it shall be a unprotected, maybe shack or storage box, hidden somewhere few can see it (in the middle of a forest, or in a building, under or after some obstacles, and NOT a safe out in the open, where anyone can see it but noone can break it open. Or, if you had the luck to find yourself a lockbox or a combination lock, you shall be able to check one code every 5 seconds, making the combination lock breakable in 1000 tries or 5000 seconds or 83 minutes and 20 seconds, and a lockbox breakable in 3000 tries or 15000 seconds or 250 minutes. THAT if no zombie or player gets to you...

      Also, as the first map, I suggest PMC (so big you rarely get to find someone else) or Panthera (you can choose anythin else, realy; maybe something not so well known...), due to the presence of the most terrain types and the fact that even if it is so small, you have to walk/drive A LOT to get from one point to another, mostly if not using the roads.

      A list of maps I'd like to see this modpack implemented on.
      PMC 51km Desert (Endless civilisation... what else could you possibly want? Probably more islands...) Panthera (If you don't want to modify a map only for using it in this mod; However, having a new map will give this mod(pack) that feeling of freshness vanilla and standalone once had.) ADO Tropica Sangin Province Hellmand Oring Miroslavl F.A.T.A. - Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán
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