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  1. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Makes sense now. So would applying the damagehandler within the init.sqf (if that's what you meant) be any less strain on the server than the way I'm doing it now? For now I've gone back to the mission-side script - I just have a call at the bottom of init.sqf that points to this script in the "custom" folder in my mission root. Here it is: and it seems to be working fine but yes I'd like to do whatever will be the least amount of strain on the server if possible. Thanks for posting ebay.
  2. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    I was hung at "waiting for server to start authentication" for quite a while (maybe 60s) and then it finally kicked through and started the hive/sql part of the logon process. This could be due to my "adaptation" of the skalisty AI mod loading as well though, I may have more to update etc, I'll take a close look at the RPT and update as soon as I have more info. UPDATE: I was wrong, Invincible houses isn't working using the server monitor way of doing it, do I still need the other script running mission side? I'd removed it to try this method. Here's the edited server monitor:
  3. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Ok will try this today - you guys are incredible by the way lol - This would make the server load all buildings/houses as invincible during boot/loading and then be done with it right? - I like! I will try this out today. I'm also attempting to update the skins/items in the "skalisty island AI" (This one) mod today and test-loading that in about an hour so I'll try this out at the same time and report back, thanks again you guys I'm really glad I asked if this was possible, you guys knocked it out of the park.
  4. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    So basically fit this: _x addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {false}]; Somewhere into this?
  5. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Ok both scripts worked 110% - I figured as much but I wanted to make sure Juan's was working as well since the other had already been proven working. It's pretty cool, can't even blow up a shed now which is what I wanted, now the jet guys can go nuts and not ruin loot areas below until a reboot. I also want to test something this weekend, it looks like I could take Juan's script and make multiple god mode structure spots pretty much anywhere, so I want to see if I can god mode all the structures at all the trader areas for a test. You guys should post these in the mods section for sure, there's bound to be others with mili servers that want to protect loot buildings - anways thanks again guys you freakin' rock!
  6. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Ok I was kind of thinking that's what I was seeing but couldn't be 100% w/o asking. I'm still learning all this (almost one year since I started messing with dayz servers now) some code I can look at and pretty clearly see what it does, other code not so much. Thanks for clearing that up for me, I'll give it a spin tonight and test it out, thanks to both of you for the assistance I really appreciate it.
  7. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    I fell asleep before getting to test the initial code - I'll look into this today and I have all weekend to test. Salival I'm looking at that code you provided and having trouble seeing where to edit the radius, do I replace some of that with coordinates and a radius value or is it already set to affect the whole map? I'm not sure what the select 1)*2 does..
  8. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Ok I will try the center code first, thanks again!
  9. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Yes you made it clear thanks I appreciate that :D I set it like this: _target = [6326,7808,0]; //use a center coord _nodamage_ratio=25000; Which will hopefully make all houses on the map indestructible. I'm testing tonight at downtime, about 3.5 hours from now. I'll report back and let you know how it went, thanks a ton man I appreciate it.
  10. Indestructible buildings for militarized servers?

    Sorry I thought I had turned on notifications - would this could affect all in-game buildings and nothing else? Say if I set the coordinates to stary sobor and made the damage radius/ratio 20km (hope I'm reading the code correctly) that would only affect buildings in that radius and no other objects right?
  11. Has anyone ever seen a script for, or know how to go about making all in-game structures indestructible? Problem I'm having is players get too rowdy in jets sometimes and will wreck a loot area and it's wrecked until next restart. I want them to have their fun but not ruin other's fun (too much) - Any ideas?
  12. So sorry man I got it working last night and fell asleep before updating my post. I'm going to compare yours to the one I have working and double check it but everything seems to be working normally now, thanks again for all you do for us a2 epoch/overpoch addicts. Keeping great mods alive.
  13. Hey Salival I'm having a little trouble - I think it's with the fn_selfActions - when I put cursor on a trader I don't get "trader menu" and none of the key change menu is working when I have keys and a keykit and cursor on vehicle - I Installed this and the multi-key vehicle locator at the same time, locator is working normally. I'm running your version of zsc and it really didn't look tricky to merge, but apparently I've messed it up somewhere. Would you mind taking a look? Oh and no errors in server or client rpt that I've seen yet, strangely.
  14. Repair works just fine for me on a fresh 1061 build also running coins, deploy anything, wai, dzms, updated logistics, and infistar 1437.
  15. I saw came out so I made a from-scratch overpoch server on Friday night and put my bloodsucker-taviana server out to pasture... This Mod seems to be working normally, your updated keychanger and coins working great too. GG.