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  1. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Top one looks like it deletes objects that are at least 42 days old, but haven't been updated in 24 days - if I'm understanding that correctly... Then the bottom one looks like it applies .1 damage on abandoned/empty objects (stuff with 0 for charID and [][][][][] for inventory) every 3 days? Seems kind of short, it also looks like it applies damage to the base items in that array as well. Also I was thinking more and if you had an event like the kind I'm thinking of, your players would probably be reporting a whole lot more than just their garage containers disappearing, so I'm probably barking up the wrong tree. :\
  2. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    You're sure you don't have an event in the db, a maintenance script that runs, or a setting in your hive.ext that's deleting object_data after 60 days regardless of updated timestamp or damage value?
  3. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    Already doing now lol I saw that - when I use infistar to spawn them they come up as magazines AND items, weird. UPDATE: Yep that was it, I had it in the wrong class, needed to be "trade_items" - oh they're gonna have some fun on the pvp server tonight - Thanks again Juan.
  4. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    I thought I had posted back to this but the satchel charge door script still worked with indestructible buildings, god mode bases turned on, and vault hotwiring running, the only issue I'm having is when I added "itemHotwireKit" to my config traders it shows up as a blank spot in the list and when players buy it they get nothing. Any ideas on what might be going on there? Here's the entry from configtraders: class ItemHotwireKit { type = "trade_weapons"; buy[] = {20000,"worth"}; sell[] = {10000,"worth"}; }; It's like there's a setting blocking it or something
  5. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    PER-FECT! Thanks man can't believe I've never seen that mod before - will test it out tonight.
  6. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    I thought about adding the doors to the "non-god-mode-base" array but on a full mili server it only takes 3 shots from an RPG to drop doors which is way too easy. I'll do some searching for oldmatechoc at lunch and hopefully I can update anything I find, I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks Juan!
  7. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    Well dang that kinda negates the whole script if the safe is locked behind doors. I guess it will still work for random safedroppers at least. Thanks Salival
  8. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    Hey Juan, I added locked base doors to the vaults list/array not sure what to call it, but they don't work, any ideas on how I can get it to work on locked base doors the same way as safes? Here's how I edited the code, just added to it, the safes still work but nothing on the doors _isunlockable = (((typeOf _vault) == "VaultStorageLocked") || ((typeOf _vault) == "LockboxStorageLocked") || ((typeOf _vault) == "CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ") || ((typeOf _vault) == "CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ")); Before using the locked door classnames I tried itemComboLock with no luck Could I add those classnames to this to make it work? --> _vault = _this select 3;
  9. Anyone seen this kick before?

    Turns out that's what gets logged in pubvar when infistar kicks/bans someone - in this case, for having a cheat menu loaded that matches the built in infistar kicks/bans. I forgot to mention it was a logon-kick, so infistar was catching the menu via file scan before my scripts filter could via execution. Not bad. Here's what I found in the kicklog: BadFile: Infinity_Menu\InfinityMenuV1.sqf - #line 1 "Infinity_Menu\InfinityMenuV1.sqf" execvm "\Infinity_Menu\wuat\[email protected]";
  10. Has happened a couple times now, I've seen players get kicked for publicVariable restriction #0 - I check to see what was up (I have all my filters "filtered out" pretty well so when a kick actually happens something fishy is usually up) and find this -> #0 "KICKED" = ["[PlayerNameHere]","[76561XXXXXXXXXXXX]"] Kicked for "KICKED" and I can't figure out where it's coming from, it's nothing they typed in chat, it's not part of an external script or they'd have gotten kicked for execVM or compiles first, has to be coming from one of my mods but why so rare that it happens.. Anyways I also consider It may be the player trying to kick another player etc but think they'd need to access the dsi for that (also a kick) or access my rcon which doesn't even reside on my servers, so anyways I haven't filtered it out since I don't know what the heck it is, and wanted to ask if anyone's seen this before. A string search of the popular cheat sites (good place to get filters btw..) didn't turn up anything so if you know what caused this, please enlighten me, thanks!
  11. Increase number of animals that spawn

    Ok good info there, thanks again!
  12. Increase number of animals that spawn

    Oh dang, well that would do it - geez, thanks Jason - Do you think it's better I place these in my custom variables or configVariables? or init? For now I'll test with variables and see what I get. Thanks again.
  13. Apparently I have a lot of digital hunters on my server and I was asked if I'd increase the animal population a bit. So I went looking for the magic sqf that makes animals spawn and I found this in dayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf: dayz_maxAnimals = 5; dayz_animalDistance = 500; So I copied it and added it to the top of my MISSION\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf and set it to 10 and there was no noticeable change. I then set it to 99 (on the test server) and no change. So I then moved the code to my MISSION\custom\configVariables.sqf and set it to 99, and still nada. Does this need to be in the init.sqf with an "if=isNil" thingy? Have I found the wrong code? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. - Oh and my apologies if this isn't the right section for this.
  14. Heh, it's always the same problem (I had it too) I think the fn_selfActions merge is tricky because this was released a bit after 1061 dropped and everyone had already modded up their servers and edited their custom fn_selfActions, prob best to do this mod first thing when you setup a server. I'm assuming you're renting a server and it was pre-modded to some degree or has one-click installers? An well either way my suggestion would be to remerge and really take your time, and use winmerge if you're not already doing so. I got it on the 2nd try and if I can do it anybody can do it, just a little tricky if you run through it like most mod edits. edit: One other possibility though, if you run infistar I believe it can block the scroll menu if you don't make an edit. If you're using infistar go back to the instructions and review section 8 (ha) as well to make sure you're good there. Beyond that it's prob your fn_selfActions merge.
  15. Update/Useful info: That code worked great on my pvp server but on the pve server it would put money in the bank but nothing in the wallet. It turned out to be because I had set players to never lose wallet coins on death (pve server) in variables-sqf and disabled checkwallet for players in fnselfactions-sqf. Not sure which exactly but they are tied together to prevent duping via player wallet - When I put those two settings back to default players now get bank and wallet coins on first login like they should.