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  1. Repair works just fine for me on a fresh 1061 build also running coins, deploy anything, wai, dzms, updated logistics, and infistar 1437.
  2. I saw came out so I made a from-scratch overpoch server on Friday night and put my bloodsucker-taviana server out to pasture... This Mod seems to be working normally, your updated keychanger and coins working great too. GG.
  3. You are correct and 2.0 - I meant to update this sooner. I thought the keys that came with 1.0.6 would do it and it was something else but after trying a few different keys I found the one that worked. I uploaded it for posterity, here's the link.. DayZTaviana.bikey
  4. Hey guys I started on an overpoch 1.0.6 taviana server last night and I'm having trouble with addons. I've never done a taviana server before so it might just be that I don't know the correct install process - I DID check my missions.sqm when I added the overwatch addons, and removed, chernarus addon, and I downloaded the taviana mod from dayz launcher, added to server, renamed folder to @Tavi_DayZ_Epoch to match my .bat launch file (tried @Taviana too) (do I need to swap out any bisign files?! like with Overpoch?) and added the taviana keys from the external folder - it boots and loads normally but once a player connects we get this error even before database connection starts - RPT says: 16:21:11 Missing addons detected: 16:21:11 kh_dayztaviana 16:21:11 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.kh_dayztaviana But I have that in my mission.sqm and I see the addon pbo in the @Taviana mod folder. Pretty sure the error is referencing my client and not the server.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Before this I"ve only done chernarus/overpoch and epoch so this is new territory. Hell, if anyone knows of a GOOD taviana setup guide point me at it, everything I've found so far is hideously outdated. Thanks! Here's a pic from my co-worker trying to log in from his client, he gets that huge error but only the kh_dayztaviana addon is mentioned as missing in the RPT. I'm stumped, or tired, maybe both.. Screenshot from client side -> http://i66.tinypic.com/25i9d14.jpg
  5. Here's hoping Zupa updates SC 3.0 storage...
  6. I'll do some add/remove mods and testing this sunday and report back if I can figure out what the deal is, or if I can get server or client rpt to spit something out. I think it has something to do with plot pumps, stations never failed for me on any vehicle. Just at my plot a few times. Anyways I'll report back..thanks man.
  7. Yeah I disabled repair too but that's just a workaround. Any ideas Salival? Did anything even have to be converted in regards to the repair function to update the mod for 1.0.6?
  8. I'm guessing you've setup a 1.0.6 server and are trying to install essv2. There's essv3 now, you can find it here -> https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43012-release-essv3-enhanced-spawn-selection/ - And if you're not running a 1.0.6 server, it's past time to update - No point staying on an old build, the only advantage has is outdated dupe-able coin support. It also sounds like you're running an outdated version of infistar, if you must use it, update to the latest version so you get 1.0.6 support.
  9. Same issue here - I didn't notice myself, but it looks like repair is intermittent. Worked just fine for me yesterday on my mi17, but a friend reported he was not able to repair so I watched logs and he tried his armored suv, little bird and his humvee and no repair and unfortunately nothing in the RPT or hive logs. Not sure if it matters but it was at a pump at their base, not at a gas station, same for my pump.
  10. TESTED AND WORKING! Installed by directions and edited script to use silver bar for changes, 10oz gold for claims, and require a keymaker's kit - I logged in and tested a claim and a keychange - worked like a charm, bars were taken. Logged out, restarted server, logged in, lock/unlock functions work perfectly with the new keys, no explosions or any other bugs so far. Good work!
  11. Sweet, will try this out on my lunch break and report back. Thanks for updating this!
  12. Seems legit - I'm happy to test anything you're willing to edit, and thanks for working on this by the way. Here we are just under 30 days from release and 90% of the working 1.0.5 mods have been adapted for 1.0.6 - good stuff!
  13. This works but I have a bug - I Installed the mod to my test box - Overpoch 1.0.6b with WAI, service points, deploy anything, logistic tow/lift installed - no infistar etc - and I got a failure to change key, refunding bar, contact admin etc message when trying to change key for a vehicle and when trying to claim a map-spawned vehicle. this was in the server-side RPT, some of this might be unrelated but it was all within a second or so: I rebooted the server to clear the logs and when I logged back in it HAD in fact changed to the other key I had specified, and claimed the heli - BUT - the heli I claimed created a duplicate of itself in place which exploded. Any ideas?
  14. No I never did get it working - will have to wait for an update to this mod.