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    Does anyone else get a pause/fps drop from this script with 1061a? My dayz servers have always had this little tic where about every 15 secs there's like a very slight pause of the game for miliseconds, and I've always chalked that up to "dayz" - well after moving my servers from vm to hardware and starting testing that pause, with no changes to the game/mods became much more pronounced, so I set out to find out what it was. I started with base epoch and added overblob and about 75% of my mods (I assumed the culprit would be a hard to install mod, not a drop-the-folder-in, add-a-call, kind of mod) and I eventually got around to adding the basic stuff I add to any server tow/lift/refuel/rearm/repair etc just to see and the pauses returned. I removed logistic, the pauses stop and I gain 18-20 client fps. - I've made no changes to the folder contents other than editing the list of "cantow"/"canlift" stuff - it throws no errors, never has, everything works. I've removed it from a few different builds and my mirrors of the production servers and every-single-time the pauses stop when this mod is commented out. It's got to be running some kind of loop over and over, and it was never updated because it still appeared to work normally.. here's my list of addons: wai, lots of static mini-missions, standard dzms, teleportals, deploy anything/bike/clickactions, god mode safezones, god mode plot vehicles, custom hud, gem crafting, various epoch events, service points (refuel/repair/rearm), of course Logistic - and Salival's: keymaking/masterkey, ZSC, safezone relocate, take ai wallet, take ai clothes, virtual garage and probably some other salvial goodies. All this stuff gets along but has the pauses, if I remove Logistic I gain 18-20 fps and no pauses. Anyone had this issue? the pauses are every 14-15 secs on vm every 17-18 secs on hardware (my experience anyway) you can set your watch by it. *EDIT* - Switched to BTC Logistic for lifting and mf-tow for towing, added all my vehicles (took forever), updated variables for 1061a and now have tow/lift with 20 more client fps and zero pauses!
  2. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    I gots backups, I'll let you know if anyone's lada disappears.
  3. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Does anything need to be done with the db or just drop in the edits and go? Thanks!
  4. mlrs targeting system not working

    ^ Echo what hooty said, overpoch server here too and targeting works the same way it does in OA for everything (well except the scud I'm yet to get that figured out). I think hitting the tab key switches to targeting if I remember right, try that if you haven't already gotten it working.
  5. Let's see your basic.cfg!

    Thanks for even more high-pop input guys, this is excellent. @dmitry, I host my own stuff from my work and my servers are pretty well tweaked (my production stuff is STILL on hyperV vm's, waiting on block of IP's from comcrap-"fiber" so I can move them over to my dedicated hardware that's sitting and waiting) and seem to do ok so I'm not really looking to fix or improve anything via the basic, The basic.cfg is just something that there's been scattered "hard data" about and lots of threads mentioning high pop sever settings but no one with a popular server ever actually posted up. So this is all good stuff to have for reference. As long as a2 epoch can be run there will be admins running it and players playing on it so there will always be new admins seeking this kind of info. Thanks again for posting up.
  6. Let's see your basic.cfg!

    Lots of variation between what works for one server and another - this is great though, two basic.cfg's from high pop servers - finally a thread with hard data for posterity ha. And yes trust me I'll be giving both of these a spin on the test server this weekend and comparing to my current performance, should be some nerdy fun. Thanks for the post BigEgg!
  7. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    All good with me man, no rush. I've installed the chopper mod on the test server and going through the files now updating the variables, I'll let you know what I get! If it works you're gonna have to do a re-release everyone will want this fa-sho.
  8. Let's see your basic.cfg!

    Thanks for posting up, it appears no matter what you set the maxbandwith to, after the first session the server sets it to 2147483647, interesting. I would assume it's probably the bandwidth and maxmsgsend that make the biggest difference. Two questions though so hopefully you'll see this 1. Dedicated hardware or VM? and 2. Epoch or Overpoch/Overpochins?
  9. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Did you just casually fix evac chopper?! Holy crap dude. - To the test server!
  10. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    You've seen my mission man :D it's chock full o mods and it's only gotten worse since then. (I kid, I actually cleaned it up and removed about 800kb of crap) Yeah the proc on that particular server has a single e5430 @ 2.66 which is kinda low clock speed per core. The other server has dual e5-2660's but they're only 2.2ghz - Anyways I think what I'm going to do is setup my recently retired daily driver core i7 2600k pc in turbo mode which should be 4ghz and see how it does as a "server" and test it out next week. The pc I'm building this weekend to replace that has an i7 7700k 4.2/4.6 turbo, that should arrive on Friday so you can bet I'll copy a server onto the new pc this weekend just to see how well it runs with the 4.6ghz clock speed, plus another reason I ordered the 7700k is it's one of the best single thread performers available right now :D - You know what I'm cooking up... LOTS of testing ahead before moving the production stuff to real hardware..
  11. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    Really low - I didn't think to check at the time, so what would bring up server fps? More clock speed per core? I've never seen server fps above 50, kinda weird
  12. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    Still haven't forced any thread or cpucount settings, and it's still doing pretty good at spreading out the load, this was with 17 players on at the time, no idea what it would be like with 50 on though. pic attached
  13. Don't be shy now. There's a good amount of OLD info out there about the obscure file that is "basic.cfg" - I've been tweaking mine lately, wondering if it's really making any difference, my basic.cfg is a mix of what comes with epoch, what I've found in old-ass bohemia wiki pages, and what i've found that worked well for others, in threads from 2014. So I'd like to get a look at what other admins have in their basic.cfg. It would be nice to have some updated info on it (I know the game hasn't changed but bandwidth and hardware have) available for anyone searching from here forward. If you're not comfortable sharing your basic.cfg that's fine. - What I'd really like to see is the basic.cfg from someone with a high pop server - armaholics, yrun, moto, looking at you guys :D - as my servers are low to medium pop at best on most days. I'd like to see from someone who always has 45-65 players on during peak times if someone's willing to chime in. Anyways I'll post mine first, don't laugh now - it seems to do just fine but I'm always looking to improve my settings wherever possible... Who's game?
  14. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    So far on hardware I haven't forced the cpu or thread setting and it seems to spread the work across all assigned cores fairly nicely. I assign two cores to the OS and then three for mysql and three for the server process. I'm going to be doing some tweaking but so far so good just letting it "do it's thing" lol. And yeah one server instance won't make it break a sweat, I just decided to run single instances on these for giggles because I had the spare hardware on hand. - After testing last night I'm PROB going to retire the t300 and use my recently retired core i7 daily driver because it has 6gbps I/O instead of 3gbps, and has an SSD instead of sas 15k drives. Those two details WILL make a difference in overall performance for sure.
  15. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    Yeah that's where I'm at with the VM's - never going back - I wondered if these servers would do good or not (even the proliant gen8 is already 3 years old) since they were a few years old but they seem to do just fine, and I've heard many a story of folks running servers on corei5 just fine so I really shouldn't have been so surprised I guess. I've gone ahead and opened up the slower server as a public test server for the next few days, we'll see how it does with a bunch of players on it, plus I loaded a copy of the live db so all the "hotel sized" bases are there to give us a good stress test. We'll see if any players notice it, I won't be dropping $20 for any dzlauncher server ads :D