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  1. All works. Today I reinstalled everything. even steam and I cleaned my regestry files with ccleaner. I also tested 3 different servers today. I was in stary. DayZ Heaven Server: Stary -> 3300 MB and crash Moto or other Overpoch Servers -> Arround 800MB in stary no crash String is exact what you have written down : -mod=overwatch 0.2.5; dayz_epoch; I would not be able to join any server if this isnt correct !
  2. I checked the hardware, replugged it and started memtest 86 @bootstep. 0 Errors found. My rams are completly fine and working as they should work!
  3. I also watched my Memory Ram goes up and up. And at a certain point ( ~ 3100 MB RAM ) the game switches to low res settings and the memory goes slightly empty. Update: I have set a parameter -maxram=2047 at the launch option from arma 2 oa to test
  4. Hello Survivors, I play on a server which has arround 60~80 FPS for me. Ping is 130ms. Hardware is i7-6700k, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM and I tested the game on a HDD and SSD. Both the same failure. Expansions/Mods: Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2 PMC, Arma 2 BAF, Epoch, Overwatch 0.2.5 Deinstalled and downloaded again 3 times. Still the same bug. Nvidia Driver is uptodate! I just have my regular survival, when suddenly this appears: I need some help I have no idea how I can solve the problem! Goodspeed, ~blue~
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