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  1. you only needed to do 2 main things Edit what FG_Trap said in the main config, mission template= (This is What Loads The Mission.pbo/map) remove @Lingor; from start up param -mod= (This is What Loads The MODs!) copy over custom files from old .pbo to new .pbo, compare mission.sqm files from both old + new pbo's Merge what you need Edit your trader files and remove Lingor items edit custom scripts remove Lingor items update script/s dir paths if needed check your server side edits if any that about covers it.
  2. WAI main config settings player_bandit = -5000; // this is the amount you declare someone to be a bandit on your server, bandit AI will not attack you if ai_friendly_behaviour is true player_hero = 5000; // this is the amount you declare someone to be a hero on your server, hero AI will not attack you if ai_friendly_behaviour is true ai_share_info = true; // AI share info on player position ai_share_distance = 300; // distance from killed AI for AI to share your rough position ai_kills_gain = true; // add kill to bandit/human kill score ai_humanity_gain = true; // gain humanity for killing AI ai_add_humanity = 50; // amount of humanity gained for killing a bandit AI ai_remove_humanity = 50; // amount of humanity lost for killing a hero AI ai_special_humanity = 150; // amount of humanity gain or loss for killing a special AI dependant on player alignment EDIT each mission file.... inside each mission file change the word "Hero" to "Bandit" or the other way around you can turn the hero missions into bandit missions or the other way having the desired affect of loss or gain of humanity on kill. sounds like this might be your issue check the mission file make sure it is set to "Bandit" so the player gains humanity on kill.
  3. The reason you think A2 version was better is cos of dayz mod together= A2 dayz epoch, zombies survival base building No dayz mod for A3
  4. Edit your "root" user account in mysql and set a password. Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO
  5. The error is clear inside HiveExt.ini Database settings [Database] ;Hostname or IP of the server to connect to ;If you leave this line commented or blank, HiveExt will connect to the OFFICIAL Hive, which requires registration ;See support.dayzmod.com for more information on what OFFICIAL Hive means, what are the rules, etc. ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the rest of the settings in this section have no effect Host = localhost ;Currently, only MySQL is supported Type = MySQL ;Port to connect to. The default is the default listening port of a server of the selected Type ;Instead of specifying Port, you can specify Socket and set Value to the socket name Port = 3306 ;Database name to connect to. Database = dayz_epoch ;Username to connect with Username = dayz ;Password to authenticate with (default is blank) Password = ChangeMe
  6. From A3launcher Tips For Server Owners Server side mods containing the word "server" will be ignored by the launcher. The -mod param is formatted correctly. (Eg. "-mod=C:\mods\@mod1;C:\mods\@mod2;C:\mods\@mod3;"). Ensure the correct ports are open in your firewall. Using too many server side mods can stop the launcher from detecting mod. This is a limitation with the SteamAPI implementation in ARMA. Mod missing? Please goto Discord
  7. Use A3launcher to join your server it will launch the client with the same mods the server is running or will tell you they are missing and download them otherwise you need to enable the mods before you browse and join the server using the arma server browser
  8. Adding new trader using Default files Unpack pbo with pboManager free to download Inside your Server pbo then Traders Folder Edit with notepad++ (makes editing easy) free to download Edit the file with the same name as the map your running like chernarus11.sqf [ ["Profiteer4",[11449.5,11341,0],34.5259], ["RU_Villager3",[7996.1,2899.08,0.669153],86.8589], ["Worker3",[4041.62,11668.9,0],24.9128], ["CIV_EuroMan01_EP1",[4064.07,11680.1,0],231.007], ["RU_WorkWoman5",[4071.99,11676.7,0],206.817], ["TK_GUE_Soldier_5_EP1",[4054.22,11664.7,0],62.9967], ["CIV_EuroMan02_EP1",[4058.05,11678.7,0],89.8909], ["Dr_Hladik_EP1",[6314.1,7791.53,0],217.326], ["RU_Functionary1",[12946.3,12766.6,0],194.242], ["Woodlander1",[11471.2,11361.2,3.05176e-005],250.154], ["RU_WorkWoman1",[11463.9,11351.7,0],261.277], ["Rocker4",[11465.5,11354.5,0],310.039], ["RU_Citizen3",[11462.3,11366,0],125.74], ["Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1",[11472,11370.6,0],208.205], ["TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1",[6321,7794.45,-0.276764],359.642], ["RU_Citizen4",[13530.9,6356.74,0],102.758], ["RU_Citizen1",[4360.62,2260.98,0],196.699], ["Pilot_EP1",[6317.05,7797.92,-0.276825],104.175], ["Rita_Ensler_EP1",[6310.78,7794.51,0],245.567], ["Worker2",[12061.6,12636.3,0.0569916],19.9271], ["GUE_Soldier_MG",[1623.17,7797.79,0],274.599], ["RU_Profiteer4",[6300.31,7800.59,0],310.641], ["Woodlander3",[6317.99,7789.33,0],229.209], ["HouseWife1",[13468.4,5439.58,2.55675],268.259], ["Doctor",[4059.44,11660.4,0],24.2669], ["GUE_Woodlander2",[6321.04,7781.03,0],9.66389] ] call server_spawnTraders; Those are what trader Skin and what World Space Location to put Trader on map. (you can use Arma2 map editor to place a trader and get WSL) Then you need to do edits in your sql database Single Coin Addon uses CfgTraders read from Mission pbo cant really help any more unless we know what kind of traders your running.
  9. Hey, i can help out if your still looking for someone
  10. what if you run a script on each client would something like this work? if ((isPlayer _player) && ((_player cursorTarget == _player)) then { player allowDamage false; }else{ player allowDamage true; };
  11. Im lazy lol guess this line needs to be edited also _hempqty = {_x == "ItemKiloHemp"} count magazines player; so it should check the players backpack instead ?
  12. Setup a working Epoch server run it, test it. most mods all you have to do is drop the @MODNAME in the server root dir (same dir as @DayZ_Epoch) most mods also come with a bikey you will need to copy the new mods key to the Keys folder in the server root dir (where the Epoch bikey is) after this is done you need to edit the command line to include the mod you just added What mods you run on the server make sure you have enabled them on your client before connecting to the server ( dayzlauncher does this for you when you try to join ) Then you need to add the new vehicles from the mod so find the class names for all the new vehicles find the trader file that has the vehicles and add the new class names or add them to your database if you use database traders.
  13. try this small edit private ["_bp","_hempqty","_hasMachete","_findHemp","_countHemp","_playerNear"]; if (dayz_actioninprogress) exitWith {}; dayz_actioninprogress = true; _hempqty = {_x == "ItemKiloHemp"} count magazines player; _hasMachete = "ItemMachete" in items player; _findHemp = nearestObjects [player,["fiberplant"],5]; _countHemp = count _findHemp; _playerNear = {isPlayer _x} count (player nearEntities ["CAManBase", 10]) > 1; player removeAction s_player_Getweed; s_player_Getweed = -1; if (_playerNear) exitWith { cutText ["Cannot do this while another player is nearby!","PLAIN"]; }; if (vehicle player != player) exitWith { cutText ["You cannot do this while in a vehicle!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (_hempqty > 9) exitWith { cutText ["WARNING: You have a max amount of weed in your inventory!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (!_hasMachete) exitWith { cutText ["You need a Machete to do this!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (_countHemp > 0) then { r_interrupt = false; player playActionNow "PutDown"; deleteVehicle (_findHemp select 0); _bp = unitBackpack player; _bp addMagazineCargoGlobal ["ItemKiloHemp",1]; cutText ["You collected some precious weed!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; //[format["%1 Gathered WEED.",name player]] call my_scripts_logger; uiSleep 3; if (round(random(100)) == 1) then { [player,1] call GiveXP; }; } else { cutText ["There is no more Hemp! :'(", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; dayz_actioninprogress = false;
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