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  1. Tech_Support

    sql server set up **fixed**

    Edit your "root" user account in mysql and set a password. Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO
  2. Tech_Support

    sql server set up **fixed**

    The error is clear inside HiveExt.ini Database settings [Database] ;Hostname or IP of the server to connect to ;If you leave this line commented or blank, HiveExt will connect to the OFFICIAL Hive, which requires registration ;See support.dayzmod.com for more information on what OFFICIAL Hive means, what are the rules, etc. ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the rest of the settings in this section have no effect Host = localhost ;Currently, only MySQL is supported Type = MySQL ;Port to connect to. The default is the default listening port of a server of the selected Type ;Instead of specifying Port, you can specify Socket and set Value to the socket name Port = 3306 ;Database name to connect to. Database = dayz_epoch ;Username to connect with Username = dayz ;Password to authenticate with (default is blank) Password = ChangeMe
  3. Tech_Support

    Server not starting with Epoch files loaded.

    The command line should be like this [email protected]; [email protected];
  4. Tech_Support

    Server not starting with Epoch files loaded.

    From A3launcher Tips For Server Owners Server side mods containing the word "server" will be ignored by the launcher. The -mod param is formatted correctly. (Eg. "-mod=C:\mods\@mod1;C:\mods\@mod2;C:\mods\@mod3;"). Ensure the correct ports are open in your firewall. Using too many server side mods can stop the launcher from detecting mod. This is a limitation with the SteamAPI implementation in ARMA. Mod missing? Please goto Discord
  5. Tech_Support

    Server not starting with Epoch files loaded.

    Use A3launcher to join your server it will launch the client with the same mods the server is running or will tell you they are missing and download them otherwise you need to enable the mods before you browse and join the server using the arma server browser
  6. Tech_Support

    how to create a new selling character???

    Adding new trader using Default files Unpack pbo with pboManager free to download Inside your Server pbo then Traders Folder Edit with notepad++ (makes editing easy) free to download Edit the file with the same name as the map your running like chernarus11.sqf [ ["Profiteer4",[11449.5,11341,0],34.5259], ["RU_Villager3",[7996.1,2899.08,0.669153],86.8589], ["Worker3",[4041.62,11668.9,0],24.9128], ["CIV_EuroMan01_EP1",[4064.07,11680.1,0],231.007], ["RU_WorkWoman5",[4071.99,11676.7,0],206.817], ["TK_GUE_Soldier_5_EP1",[4054.22,11664.7,0],62.9967], ["CIV_EuroMan02_EP1",[4058.05,11678.7,0],89.8909], ["Dr_Hladik_EP1",[6314.1,7791.53,0],217.326], ["RU_Functionary1",[12946.3,12766.6,0],194.242], ["Woodlander1",[11471.2,11361.2,3.05176e-005],250.154], ["RU_WorkWoman1",[11463.9,11351.7,0],261.277], ["Rocker4",[11465.5,11354.5,0],310.039], ["RU_Citizen3",[11462.3,11366,0],125.74], ["Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1",[11472,11370.6,0],208.205], ["TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1",[6321,7794.45,-0.276764],359.642], ["RU_Citizen4",[13530.9,6356.74,0],102.758], ["RU_Citizen1",[4360.62,2260.98,0],196.699], ["Pilot_EP1",[6317.05,7797.92,-0.276825],104.175], ["Rita_Ensler_EP1",[6310.78,7794.51,0],245.567], ["Worker2",[12061.6,12636.3,0.0569916],19.9271], ["GUE_Soldier_MG",[1623.17,7797.79,0],274.599], ["RU_Profiteer4",[6300.31,7800.59,0],310.641], ["Woodlander3",[6317.99,7789.33,0],229.209], ["HouseWife1",[13468.4,5439.58,2.55675],268.259], ["Doctor",[4059.44,11660.4,0],24.2669], ["GUE_Woodlander2",[6321.04,7781.03,0],9.66389] ] call server_spawnTraders; Those are what trader Skin and what World Space Location to put Trader on map. (you can use Arma2 map editor to place a trader and get WSL) Then you need to do edits in your sql database Single Coin Addon uses CfgTraders read from Mission pbo cant really help any more unless we know what kind of traders your running.
  7. Tech_Support

    Looking for a new helper

    Hey, i can help out if your still looking for someone
  8. Tech_Support

    Code to block players on PVE servers from shooting each other

    what if you run a script on each client would something like this work? if ((isPlayer _player) && ((_player cursorTarget == _player)) then { player allowDamage false; }else{ player allowDamage true; };
  9. Tech_Support

    Hemp harvest

    Im lazy lol guess this line needs to be edited also _hempqty = {_x == "ItemKiloHemp"} count magazines player; so it should check the players backpack instead ?
  10. Tech_Support

    Modded Vehicles in A2Epoch

    Setup a working Epoch server run it, test it. most mods all you have to do is drop the @MODNAME in the server root dir (same dir as @DayZ_Epoch) most mods also come with a bikey you will need to copy the new mods key to the Keys folder in the server root dir (where the Epoch bikey is) after this is done you need to edit the command line to include the mod you just added What mods you run on the server make sure you have enabled them on your client before connecting to the server ( dayzlauncher does this for you when you try to join ) Then you need to add the new vehicles from the mod so find the class names for all the new vehicles find the trader file that has the vehicles and add the new class names or add them to your database if you use database traders.
  11. Tech_Support

    Hemp harvest

    try this small edit private ["_bp","_hempqty","_hasMachete","_findHemp","_countHemp","_playerNear"]; if (dayz_actioninprogress) exitWith {}; dayz_actioninprogress = true; _hempqty = {_x == "ItemKiloHemp"} count magazines player; _hasMachete = "ItemMachete" in items player; _findHemp = nearestObjects [player,["fiberplant"],5]; _countHemp = count _findHemp; _playerNear = {isPlayer _x} count (player nearEntities ["CAManBase", 10]) > 1; player removeAction s_player_Getweed; s_player_Getweed = -1; if (_playerNear) exitWith { cutText ["Cannot do this while another player is nearby!","PLAIN"]; }; if (vehicle player != player) exitWith { cutText ["You cannot do this while in a vehicle!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (_hempqty > 9) exitWith { cutText ["WARNING: You have a max amount of weed in your inventory!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (!_hasMachete) exitWith { cutText ["You need a Machete to do this!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; dayz_actioninprogress = false; }; if (_countHemp > 0) then { r_interrupt = false; player playActionNow "PutDown"; deleteVehicle (_findHemp select 0); _bp = unitBackpack player; _bp addMagazineCargoGlobal ["ItemKiloHemp",1]; cutText ["You collected some precious weed!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; //[format["%1 Gathered WEED.",name player]] call my_scripts_logger; uiSleep 3; if (round(random(100)) == 1) then { [player,1] call GiveXP; }; } else { cutText ["There is no more Hemp! :'(", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; dayz_actioninprogress = false;
  12. Tech_Support

    Server starting 2 ports

    It sounds like BEC or something is running the start command twice or the first server running is not closing before the start command runs making a second server window with a different port appear I use a batch file server monitor script to launch the server and BEC to run the shutdown command then the monitor script restarts the server While i was testing, this is when i noticed if i had the server running already and i relaunched the server by double clicking the bat file it would load a second server window with the next available port im guessing cos the set port is taken by the first server running
  13. Tech_Support

    Help with the transfer of Epoch servers to another computer

    Easy way setup fresh a2 epoch server/s on your new box (download updated arma2 & OA files) install same mods to your new server/s that were on your old server When you setup your database/s export your old database/s or just the tables either import your old database or create a new database and import the tables dont forget to setup the events and turn them on Once you have this done next part is easy copy over your server.pbo and mission.pbo/folder If you were running single gold coin you might need to copy over the .dll files and hive.ext Best way to setup multiple servers on one machine is for each server to have its own folder so yes each server will take up about 19gb of space
  14. Tech_Support

    Hive taking over a minute to load/waiting for auth..

    On a windows 2012 r2 server I use WAMP 64-bit very easy to setup and use I have had no issues running wamp server with arma2 servers (even 1 database for multiple a2 servers) Quote: WAMP is an acronym that means: Windows, Apache, Mysql, Php. XAMPP is NOT cross-platform. There is XAMPP for Windows, XAMPP for Linux, for Mac and for Solaris, but each pack contains different pieces of software, runs differently with different performance, etc. (cross-platform means that you take the exact same piece of software and it runs the same way on different platforms ... like Azureus used to be: a jar that you could use the same way) XAMPP for Windows is bloated, big time. You have mail server, FTP server, accelerator, web-dav, ssl out of the box, etc. Do you really need them all? It's not exactly an entry-level package, but in general it makes installation of everything much easier. Beyond that, any customization requires the same effort as for any other pre-made stack. But if you install on your own box, you probably don't need FTP server, do you? WAMP is lighter (mostly the basics). Everything that's AMP is there, beyond that you have a couple of tools ,phpMyAdmin, sqlite, xdebug. You need SSL? You have to configure it. You want access to mail server? Must install it yourself. FTP? Ditto. WAMP (like the name says) runs only on Windows (either 64/32-bit). For a local machine on Windows, WAMP is the way to go. Light, smooth and post-install config takes a click. XAMPP for Windows isn't much of a competitor due to issues on 64-bit installation (naturally: more bloatware to install, you need to manage each piece of extra software between 32/64-bit)