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  1. I cannot help you if you cannot understand what I am telling you to do. sorry. good luck. ps. If you understand this; Use the GUI, set the BEC location, make sure the BEC exe is called BEC.exe. ps2. Use spoiler tags to hide rediculously long content.
  2. Information details. 1. Where download from? 2. what version skbt say? 3. what type use, gui or non gui. 4. operating system. 5. what is file2.txt? 6. have you modified anything? 7. please zip batchlib folder and all files in %appdata%/../local/skbt and post the zip file here. thanks.
  3. Updated to 1.2.0 Took a while longer than I had hoped due to personal time being short but here we are as requested; NEW IN 1.2.0: A whole new custom process feature. This applies to the GUI and the NON GUI versions. Check Readme/GUI for more details! FIXED IN 1.2.0: Typo preventing WER dialogs from being closed when requested to automatically (true to 1) ADDED IN 1.2.0: Heartbeat for external programs (Like the installer GUI) to know if the keepalive is active (ie. now you cant uninstall while using that config). // Updated to 1.2.1 Noticed a few bugs.. core FIXED IN 1.2.1: Added checks for Redis Server Path/EXE Name and HC Path/EXE Name FIXED IN 1.2.1: Fixed Logging typo at start of keepalive gui FIXED IN 1.2.1: Fixed error when adding a new custom process on a new default config FIXED IN 1.2.1: Now changes shortcuts properly when changing name/config ADDED IN 1.2.1: Added checks to prevent overwriting other configs (same config names) CHANGED IN 1.2.1: Completely disabled path collapsing, all paths in batch are now in full path format // Updated to 1.2.2 Kept going while I had the time.. core ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added checks for Redis Server Path/EXE Name and HC Path/EXE Name gui ADDED IN 1.2.2: Higher core support for setting affinities (up to 100 cores O.O) ADDED IN 1.2.2: New status icons in config window for batch/server status ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added a new control bar in config window, to control keepalive/server Any bugs, problems, issues throw me a pm as usual. Feedback is highly appreciated.
  4. Hey fellas, the expressed interest in this multi HC support is spurring me to finish this next update. The next update will be for the NON GUI version only (Although if you have the know how you can integrate the changes into an existing installation, although it still cannot be edited via the GUI installer. The GUI update will be a while later as it will require a whole new TAB page for dealing with this new feature. The Feature will allow you to add "Custom Processes" complete with specific affinities/priorities and command line parameters. It will keep these custom processes alive just like the normal ones and check whether they crash and restart them if necessary. These processes will NOT automatically restart on the scheduled restarts. They also will NOT stop when using the stop/shutdown feature. This initial update will be released to sourceforge/github within 30 hours from this post. Publicly released shortly after and the Installer GUI update may be a week or two away after that. Having no specific testers I may wait for feedback from the SF/GH repo releases before committing to an official package release. (Code is already, ready to test, expect GH/SF update soon, if you want this sooner PM me and it might happen). Regards EDIT ; GitHub and SF Repos have been updated (SF seems down atm). Click to download Sourcecode and grab the NonGUI folder. Install as per instructions and give some feedback if it is working or not for you. (You can use existing settings file, just add the new section from the new config and update the batch_lib folder, voila!)
  5. Updated to Hotfix 2 Fixes some crashes. FIXED IN Fixed exception when chaning db file location on first install. ADDED IN Patched application crash when number of virtual machine cores are greater than 8. As always any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks! Note: The temporary fix for virtual core count exceeding 8 will be properly address within the week. This will mean changing the way cores are selected in the configuration window. Stay Tuned!
  6. Hi Metalfoundry, Thanks for bringing this to my attention, can you confirm how many physical and virtual cores you have? Im thinking you have maybe more virtual cores than the installer is currently capable of controlling. If this is the case then I can make a quick fix and push tonight to github/sourceforge. Let me know in PM how many virtual cores you have in total. Thanks
  7. Its all about raw core speed rather than how many cores. You could run 4 arma services even 6 pretty easily with 12 physical cores. might even double that, not sure how logical would preform over physical cores though.
  8. Try setting the --dsc flag on the BEC startup command. BEC.exe -f config.cfg --dsc Good luck
  9. Updated to 1.1.0 Managed to get this one out earlier than expected. This resolves the ASM start bug, some GUI bugs, adds new event hooking to run code between restarts, and some other config settings you can see in the README. FIXED IN 1.1.0: Fixed ASM not starting unless keepalive_hc was 1, typo ADDED IN 1.1.0: Added new config variable "skbt_debug". Change log detail level ADDED IN 1.1.0: Added new config "auto_restart_delay". Forcefully delays between ONLY restart events ADDED IN 1.1.0: Added 3 batch files in custom folder to aid in hooking code before certain events, more info inside those files (Check readme or more info) ADDED IN 1.1.0: Added tooltips to all configuration options. FIXED IN 1.1.0: Fixed settings save dialog bugs (Would ask to remove old file even when its the same file) (Fixed cancel) ADDED IN 1.1.0: Added backwards compatibility for batch settings. KNOWN ISSUE IN 1.1.0: Some paths aren't collapsed to shorter variables in the batch settings. Not a priority/problem. Any bugs, problems, issues throw me a pm as usual. Dont forget to tell me if it actually works for you or not, it's the only way I know. Thanks
  10. Yes I have added events to the NON GUI version. the GUI version will be updated within approx 35 hours ish. If you cant wait for the GUI version to be updated you can simply use the NON GUI version for now (Requires manual editing of the config file, check readme for install instructions). The events are batch files that are called before or after something happens. currently there are 3 events you can use. Simply put your call to your custom batch file inside one of those events (BeforeServerStart perhaps) and voila. Again, this is not released officially yet so the only way to get this update right now is through downloading a snapshot (as stated above) and only using the NON Gui code as the rest has not changed yet. Hope this clears things up a bit. Regards
  11. Hi there TheHound! Thanks for the feedback! I have just pushed snapshot to the sourceforge/github repos for the NonGui version with some new configs and new event hook features. Check the repo/skbtforarma/master/NonGui/Readme.txt for more info. (Can download tarball snapshots here). Will be merging new features to GUI application within 48 hours. (If you dont like the sound of the NonGui version for now :P). Regards
  12. It doesnt even feel liek a bug, its like they imlpemented a half-assed optimization feature that literally scrambles the terrain or averages it out. Really BIS.. not impressed.
  13. BEC works fine! search for latest version, block its network and launch with --dsc if it auto closes. As for not being able to join your server, some computers literally cnat handle a dedi and a client on the same machine. Its not reccommended except for dev testing and even then its a bit pointless. Either install your servers on a VPS or Isolation Software or get a server.
  14. Sounds like port forwarding (firewall) issue to me. Are you using a remote VPS/DEDI? or GSP Provided Package? Or home computer? Try to give as much info as possible and maybe a summary of what you have tried and I'm sure you will get a much more specific solution. Good luck
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