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  1. Hi Pleas make an pull on github if you fix something or add new things
  2. AWESOME hope its jungle and forrest
  3. @cryncrwler please use github I will merge you request Fiy I don't develop on this any more, have moved on to king of the hill
  4. i have used gitlab on my own for, and it rocks,
  5. Ude a joystick it much better then mouse
  6. more http://www.global-gamer.com/home/wbb/index.php/Thread/2337-Marksmen-DLC-Klassennamen/?postID=16830
  7. Yeah King of the Hill rocks
  8. I've have not tested static spawn. If any one can get it working I will merge the pull :)
  9. i like that an addon won the full customisation
  10. On page one i've moved on to koth, epoch is just not the same anymore
  11. Its alpha so its possible it's not implemented yet ;)
  12. Player is both west an east, think male is west, females east ai is resistance
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