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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I am looking for scripts, addons to WAI autoclaim missions this script works about who shoot first to the mission autoclaim it, and in map put the name who shoot first example [no claim] [Hero] [Disabled AH1Z] [Extreme] changed to [Khalcifer] [Hero] [Disabled AH1Z] [Extreme]
  2. Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skbtforarma/ [RELEASE] Arma 2/3 Server Keepalive Batch Tool 1.2.2 I wrote this for our old A2 Epoch server in hopes of making a very simple and light-weight easy to use keepalive/restarter, it was very useful, thought I'd share with the public. This tool has developed on these forums considerably and now has many many more features that make administering and controlling your server much easier. Keepalive Status Window Keepalive GUI Keepalive GUI Configuration Properties Feature Archive: -Gui- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Higher core support for setting affinities (up to 100 cores O.O) ADDED IN 1.2.2: New status icons in config window for batch/server status ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added a new control bar in config window, to control keepalive/server -Core- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added an exit batch check and new file to set this flag externally to close the keepalive. Auto start Database/Arma server and BEC if any one of them fails Logs events in real-time with a console display Easy configuration for any arma server (arma/arma 2/arma 3) Ability to Auto restart using BEC Scheduler (check readme for details) Ability to manually restart from an external program (eg, Web Service on same machine) Keepalive for the Keepalive (if batch crashes or something, it will keep running regardless) Auto log file rotation *added in 0.8.0 Auto Database Backup *added in 0.8.0 Ability to use 7zip to archive logs and/or database file *added in 0.8.0 Keep Arma Server Monitor active (Optional) (addon for arma 2/3) *added in 0.8.0 Keep Teamspeak Server Active (Optional) *added in 0.8.0 Database Interval, Minutes between DB Backups *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep ASM server monitor alive. *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep Teamspeak server alive. *added in 0.9.0 Log backup and db backup locations configurable *added in 0.9.0 Lets arma close nicely using #shutdown on automatic restarts (BEC Scheduler required) *added in 0.9.0 Manual Action Timeout configurable. (How long will it take you to upload new pbos?) *added in 0.9.0 Configuration settings for ASM logging capabilities. Check batch settings. *fixed in 0.9.1 Ability to configure another process to keep alive (such as a HC client or another server using a renamed exe file). *NEW IN 0.9.2 Project on Sourceforge and GitHub. *NEW IN 0.9.4 Crash Detection! Will force close any crashed processes! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Affinity and Priority settings! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Sleek GUI for managing and installing SKBT for multiple server on the same machine/network!*ADDED IN 1.0.0 Keepalive instance shortcuts to start menu and desktop. ADDED IN 1.0.1 Usage of parenthesis and spaces in path names fully! ADDED IN 1.0.3 Allow bec_flag_dsc parameter, (fix BEC auto closing due to no update signal). ADDED IN 1.0.3 Ability to change log detail level. Added in 1.1.0 Can forcefully delay between ONLY restart events 3 batch files in custom folder to aid in hooking code before certain events, more info inside those files (Check readme or more info) Tooltips to all configuration options Custom process tab! Keep any process you wish alive with your server (up to 100 extra processes!). ADDED IN 1.2.0 Heartbeat for external programs to know if the Keepalive is active. ADDED IN 1.2.0 Downloads: NOTE*: Please use the sourceforge/Github repositories to download. [LATEST RELEASE] DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - GUI Installer tinyupload.com DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - No Gui (Manual Install) tinyupload.com Mirrors on SourceForge / GitHub Development Snapshots available as standard. [OLDER RELEASES] For older releases please use the github/sourceforce release lists. *Latest Release: Please be advised the download links in this post are not the latest. SKBT was updated after the latest official release but do not fear! You do not need to build it! To download the latest binary of SKBT click here (sourceforge/skbtforarma/Master/Bin/Release/skbtInstaller_win32.exe) Check the commit logs on SF/GH for updates and changes. edit- Updated to (Only on repo)
  3. cmEARPLUGS SCRIPT ver 2.0 B) WHAT IT DOES: Earplugs script for Arma 3 Epoch (EPAH safe) - This script allows you to put in "earplugs". - Config.sqf will let you configure almost every possible aspect of the script. - You can now insert and remove the earplugs by pressing a key of your choice. - Current available keys are : F4, F5, INSERT, NUMPADMULTIPLY, NUMPADDIVIDE - You can toggle the hotkey in case you use EPAH and wont be ablt to use hotkeys. - Auto-insert and remove earplugs when getting in and out of vehicles. - Inserting earplugs reduces volume down to about 25 percent. - Removing earplugs restores volume to 100 percent. -Thanks to mgm on epochmod.com for helping with keypress config technique. Here is a link to the github files. https://github.com/computermancer/cmEarplugs B) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Copy the cmEarplugs folder to your mission folder (altis.Epoch) 2. If you have init.sqf, copy the code in this init.sqf to yours. 2a. If you do not have an init.sqf, copy this one over to your mission folder. 3. Copy onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf to your mission folder. 4. Config your personal settings in the config.sqf file in the cmEarplgus folder. 5. Edit your battleye filters. Edit the following in your battleye filters. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// scripts.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (BIS_fnc_) First Line: !"bis_fnc_initVehicle" !"BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" !"BIS_fnc_arsenal_type" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) : !"EP_LOOP" (displayAddEventHandler ) Line 53 (54 on notepad++) !"cmKeyPress" ( exec ) Line 22 (23 on notepad++) : !"clock.sqf" ( removeAllActions ) Line 31 (32 on notepad++) : !"onplayerkilled.sqf" (displayRemoveEventHandler) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" (removeAllEventHandlers) Line 59 (60 on notepad++) : !"cmKeyPress" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PublicVariable.txt (at the end of the line add the following) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// First Line: !"cmEarplugs_hotkeyDIKCodeNumber" First Line: !"PLAYER_REJECT_NotReady1" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// B) WHAT TO KNOW: If you use Epoch Anti Hack, the script will work except for the keypress option. EPAH seems to disable keydown eventhandlers. But auto insert and menu inside vehicle work fine. If you disable EPAH, you can use the keypress toggle as well.
  4. hello, I wonder where I can find something TUTORIAL to install AUTO RESET, I've tried a few and I'm not getting. i try this, but I put my public ip and he's the error that it can not connect -- I'm new to mount dayz epoch servers. my server is full dedicate, xeon in amazon, 200mb down, 180upload i need help for this help!
  5. Anyone have something for this? Trying to get 15-30 minutes backups My Backup.bat - http://pastebin.com/KWCn4aPH
  6. speaR

    Epoch Autorestarts ?

    Good evening guys, i've got some problems with my server.. i want to get auto restarts.. At the moment i run it local, but i want to put it on a root server.. So how can i get auto restarts :D ? I don't have a BEC folder in my server files.. so idk.. What can i do ? How to get it working ?
  7. RedSwag

    Server Restart Help

    I have been trying to get my restarts working on my dedicated server. I can't get BEC to work. It says it can't connect to the server. I have tried everything, I was talking to Axle on the teamspeak and we basically crossed out all the possibilities.
  8. gng45mil

    Auto Refuel Help!

    I have looked everywhere for a auto refuel that works on epoch lingor but i can only find ones for cchernarus only. Does anyone know how to edit these to make it work on lingor/know a auto refuel for lingor? Any help is appreciated.
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