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[REQUEST] premade P4L and coin script OverPoch Panthera


hello ive tryed to get the Zupa coin script and P4L to woring on my server but i cant get it working i whould love to get an premade script pack with atleast the coin script and P4L whould be relly awesome cause i cant get it working... so if some one could share their server script pack with atleast those to scripts in whould be the best. sorry for bad engish :3 

and if some one got an big server script pack with those in please share it.

oh and btw if some one reading this and might can hellp me with one more thing you know the menu thingy you get from pressing esc ingame were can i change the text at the very top at?


running on OverPoch Panthera and iam hosting at GTXgaming dayz all-in-one


Best reguards ZowZ DTH 

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You probably won't find a "premade" setup bud, what i suggest is you edit the post to say help needed to install, if you like i'm willing to setup a mission file based on vanilla files if you can send them to me in an untouched form, from there you can install your own customizations :)


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    • By A Man
      Hey folks,
      this is a release of my Panthera South West Island, that was a huge Military Trader on my last Epoch Panthera Server. It is only the island with loot spawning buildings and without the traders. The island was created by Artjom and me and we both agreed to release it for the community.
      You can use it for Epoch or
      Download here:
      How to add custom Map Content Server Side Epoch
      create a folder in your server.pbo called mapaddons or something like that and put the map addon file in there
      add the following line to the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo
      E.g. for South West Island:
      execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\south-west-island.sqf";
      Save, pack and upload your server.pbo.

    • By A Man
      Hey folks,
      I came across and saw that no Vatra Bridge for Panthera is longer online. So I've upload mine. All credits to killzonekid for his basic and great code.
      Installation Client Side:
      Put the bridge file into your missionfile. For a better overview, create a folder called mapaddons or something like that and put the file in there.
      Open your init.sqf located in your missionfile. Search for call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf";
      Put that line under the code from above:
      call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mapaddons\bridgeVatra.sqf"; Save, pack and upload your Missionfile.
      I tested everything under Epoch 1.0.6. but it should work under Epoch as well. You can logout on the bridge for restart and spawn on the bridge after login on restart. It is 100% bicycle and to 95% ATV save. The bridge piers dont touch the ground because they are to short but I like the bridge model.

    • By A Man
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      allow me to indroduce our Over9000 Epoch Panthera Server.
      Our Server is online since March this year and it runs pretty good. We have a lot additional scripts. Since Panthera Servers are very rare you should try out our Server. We have no Pay2Win features. Every donation goes into the root server for a longer lifetime but we have no intentions to shut down our servers in the next year.
      Database: 05.10.2018
      Server IP:
      TS IP:
      Disocrd: discord.gg/jWnFqSb
      Server Facts:
      Epoch Included Scripts:
      Plot4Life - ON Plot Management - ON Group Management - ON Snap Building - ON Vector Building - ON Gems as Currency - OFF Death Messages - OFF 2 Primary Weapons ON Additional Scripts:
      Fully working XP- and Perk-System with over 120 Perks Noob Protection for Bases for 7 days after joing the server Day and Night circle Vote for PVE Mode Spawn in Bed Coins System with upgradeable Banks Virtual Garage and raidable Virtual Garage Bank Robbery Gambling Oil Rig Coral Reef - Farm Sapphires Planting and growing Weed and Fertilizer over time Harvest and craft Tobacco to make cigaretts Ship Cemetery - Find sunken and long missing treasures Craft in Shed - Craft your items directly in sheds Talk to Trader Guards - Get useful information and sometimes some gifts Heli Guard on disconnect Vehicle Key Changer - Claim Mission Vehicles or change the key of other vehicles Upgrading Plot Pole for more Building Items Combine Gold at Vault Vehicle Key Changer - Claim Mission Vehicles or change the key of other vehicles Advanced Crafting - Craft Flags, Signs, Interior Decoration, Furniture, Defenses Advanced Salvage Vehicles - You can scrap all vehicles Upgrading Plot Pole for more Building Items and more vehicles in the Virtual Garage O9AI Many new selfmade missions 6 different AI factions with different skins, weapons, items and RP for heroes and bandits Complete randomized loot, read the exact mission description, it offers information about the loot in the crates Every AI unit has the chance to spawn with a special item like Car Bomb, Gem, Briefcase, Satchel Carge and more The player who cleans an AI mission by running not by a vehicle to the crate will gain a +150 RP bonus The player who cleans an AI mission by foot will gain +150 RP and 5000 Coins as start reward, after 10 cleared AI Missions, the player gets an increased reward, after 20 another increasing of the reward Air Drops CCTV Cameras Bury Bodies Tear Gas Grenades Phosphorous Grenades - the player will burn to death while crying Custom Spawn Scripts Many different Spawn Gear variants up to 1000k RP Deploy PBX, Bike and Little Bird Mining Stones and craft Cinder Blocks Vault Management Show Vault or Lockbox Code Bike Handbrake Crashed Loot - when a vehicle explodes the loaded gear will laying around the vehicle Hotwire Lockboxes(30% Chance) Blow up Vaults with C4 Charges(30% Chance) Indestructible Bases, only Doors and Gates can be destroyed by using a Satchel Charge(Wood: 70% Chance, Cinder: 50% Chance) Get a Beer Elevator Locate Vehicle Lift and Tow Heroes getting RP from bandit kills Fishing Sapphires and Vaults Safe Zones Service Points for repair and refuel Take Clothes Take a Dump Warm Clothing Weed Farming Punch Somebody with t Smoke Waterpipe and Weed Custom Loot - with AS-50, Anzio and much more Many new loot positions for buildings Custom Zombie Loot - Zombies can have C4 Charges, Sachel Carges, Gold and Gems Custom Traders All Trader Cities are custom and rebuild New Trader City Arnoldstein New Black Market AI Convoys Vault reset event after 14 days Lockbox reset event after 12 days Loot Mission Crates without AIs Vehicles with extra guns: Green AN-2 with Twin M134 Cessna mit Twin M60 KA-60 with M2 BRDM-2 only with PKT Tower Gun
    • By 2DayZ2Retirement
      G'day, Survivors.
      I am having an issue on my server where vehicles which spawn randomly around the map repair themselves upon server restart.
      I use this config in my init.sqf which successfully spawns the vehicles in damaged and with low fuel...
      DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 75;
      DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100;
      DynamicVehicleFuelLow = 0;
      DynamicVehicleFuelHigh = 25;
      ...However upon each server restart the vehicles repair themselves (the fuel remains low however) and for the life of me I can't figure out why this is happening. 
      DayZ Version -DayZ Epoch
      Scripts Used -DZAI | -DZMS | -Right Click Actions (Suicide, Smoke Drugs, GPS Scan)
      AntiHack - InfiSTAR
      Server Host - GTXGaming
      My HiveEXT.log and arma2oaserver.RPT logs are not showing anything out of the ordinary.
      I'm not sure if it matter, but all Planes/Helicopters and Boats have been removed from the server via the dynamic_vehicle.sqf.
      In addition, all of the traders and trader cities being removed by removing the call for the CfgServerTrader.hpp in the description.ext.
      If there is any other info I can show to assist in fixing this problem please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By rocalpha
      Bonjour, j’écris aujourd’hui parce que j’aimerais savoir si vous ne pourrez pas m'aider. Je loue un serveur via gportal et j’aimerais pouvoir être mon serveur en PvE, mais aussi créer des éléments de base pour la connexion et des choses simples comme . J'ai un autre problème lorsque j'achète une voiture chère à pied cela me met une flèche rouge puis rien non aucun véhicule il apparait qu'après un redémarrage du serveur
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