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  1. Does anyone have a working link/copy of the files still?
  2. Heya, sorry for bumping an old thread, you wouldn't happen to have the full resolution textures still would you?
  3. I get around this by using a pre-start service in FireDaemon to start a "headless client", it joins, starts the mission, then drops out after its booted up, a bit tedious to setup but at least i can save having "Chernarus" in the servername lol
  4. Just to update everyone that I have solved the issue but its VERY unlikely that you will have made the same mistake I have I recently went through all my files optimizing things and adding error handling to things, and completely overlooked a aspect of the AI system when adding error handling, in ai_monitor I had this: When it was supposed to be: Effectively I had basically forced killedat to always return 0 meaning it'd never be nil, thus when it looped over all dead bodies it'd be returning 0 for players bodies, and as per the condition for deleting the body it would return true, and delete the body.
  5. Definitely not related to death messages or the server side/client side files being mixed up etc, thats functioning 100% fine, its after they die, get forced to lobby and then join back in, once they've respawned their body disappears.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread, I'm getting this issue on my Overpoch server too all of a sudden, no clue as to why, all i can tell is its as the player logs back into the server, they'll spawn and as soon as they notify me they've spawned their body disappears
  7. Sorry its such a late reply, to all of those having the issue with objects resetting their orientation can I take a peep at your server + mission files to compare with mine and see what the issue is, I've not done much work involving the build system on my A2 servers for such a long time I barely remember what I have on there lol, feel free to give me a PM and i'll get back to you all ASAP
  8. As the topic title suggests I'm interested in what sort of CPS and FPS (server not client) other server owners get and at what player count, of course this is very dependent on what code is running but just for an average idea, I've been battling some very low performance on my server (its a dedicated machine, the E3-SAT-2 from SoYouStart) we're running one ArmA 2 Overpoch server and 1 ArmA 3 Exile server, 20-35 players at peak and I'm usually seeing 10-20 FPS and around 2-0.5 CPS just before reboot and around 10-20 mins after a reboot with 5 players its at around 20CPS and 35FPS, this is with around 37 static AI and missions using WickedAI, I expect this is probably the cause so I should likely cut down on them or use a headless its only now I'm starting to understand arma a little better that its raised concerns, what would you guys suggest? Thanks in advance ~KamikazeXeX
  9. I believe off the top of my head this is what you need to do, all of this should be in player_upgrade.sqf (untested) I should really push out a version of that script without P4L Find this // Get direction _dir = getDir _obj; Add this below it //Get Vector _vector = [(vectorDir _obj),(vectorUp _obj)]; Find this // Set direction _object setDir _dir; Add this below it // Set vector _object setVectorDirAndUp _vector; Lastly find this PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location],_classname,_obj,player]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_obj_Swap"; And replace with PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location,_vector],_classname,_obj,player]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_obj_Swap";Should be good from there :) any issues give me a PM
  10. You do indeed , I made the very same mistake when this was first released, glad I could help
  11. Sounds like you haven't updated your player_upgrade,sqf i.e its not getting and then re-setting the vector after upgrade
  12. I have replied to your PM hekut, I will happily assist in this project to what extent I can in and among working on my own projects
  13. Whats happened with the project bud? No github commits in 2 months :( I was looking forward to active development
  14. Whilst i love the idea of this unfortunately as Raymix said this is against Bohemia's licence on DayZ meaning it cannot be used publicly in any way shap or form, zombies is completely fine but you cannot, I REPEAT CANNOT use ANY DayZ code what so ever!
  15. cursorTarget spawn { _animations = ["ani_vtoroy","ani_tretiy","ani_chetv","ani_piatiy","ani_shest","ani_sem","ani_vosem"]; { _this animate [_x, 1]; } forEach _animations; }; Guess I forgot to give you this? EDIT: This is for the Origins Lvl 4 Mansion
  16. I'd suggest adding something in there that checks if they're in a trader or not, i.e if!(canbuild) exitwith {}; for vanilla epoch and to stop them just going afk in base add if (speed player > 5) then { check around it all, its a great idea but very flawed in current form.
  17. 1 up! This would make everything a hell of a lot more interesting and change the way mods are worked on or even hook in with each other!
  18. I was totally aware of squint but I've never got on with it, for the simple reason it is outdated and has never really helped me out long term, I was suggested to use it a long time ago but again, it had never really helped much, NP++ was overall easier to use and looks much nicer
  19. Funny you should say that, this thread was actually suggested just now in a skype group "anyone tried this yet" my response was simply "Nope, but i'm trying it, the amount of times I forget a ' or ; xD" Aside from that, awesome! good to hear, it'll save me a lot of time looking things up especially with the F12 lookup function, I do love that, if I knew anything more about C# I'd lend you a hand but I've never been any good with anything aside from ArmA but yes, this is a tool a lot of developers need in their tool kits! So eager to see how it develops on!
  20. Not a problem! Its about time we had a dedicated scripting tool for ArmA related work, NP++ has served me well for the last 2 years! I assume this will also have all the updated script commands for ArmA 3 also?
  21. I'm really liking this man! brilliant idea, this will help so many people learn to code better, keep it up! I can see this being used as my daily tool, only thing I hav a issue with right now is trying to open files directly from explorer doesn't open them, it just opens dash itself not the file other than that no flaws! I can see me donating to this at some point in the future!
  22. Dean, shhh, that was a wierd one, cannot load mission > 0 fucks given xD
  23. 1º Arma 3 Console I've tried everything, but always "Mission Epoch Mod read from bank." Like, do you even ArmA, this is the mission file being initialized and read into the server to actually run the mission (epoch in this case)
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