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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Community i need help . Sorry for my bad english. Im from germany and i need help. I Have Advanced trading and Single currency 3.0 (without global banking) from zupa, and when i sell or buy in the normal trading menu , the trader dont use coins from me. With advanced trading menu the trader use coins for the item. Pls help me. Thx
  2. I installed the Zupa Coin with banking (999). There is a display in the upper right of the screen. it shows things like how much coin you have in the bank, kills, fps, uptime and more. Is there a way I can move that to the bottom of the screen? The server admin display covers it up and you have to delete to see Zupas display.
  3. Server Info: Z3N Gaming's New Overpoch Server Server IP/Port: Teamspeak: ts21.gameservers.com:9316 Website: z3ngaming.zendesk.com 1 free builders box per survivor! Scripts: High Loot Spawns Custom Traders with military vehicles Refuel/Rearm/Repair Slow Zombies Bike/Dirt Bike/Mozzie spawn Group System Plot/Door Management Plot for Life Mission System AI City Single Currency - Coins Advanced Trading Indestructible Cinder/Metal Locked Vehicles within plot pole indestructible Safe zones @ trader cities, wholesalers and hero trader Custom Map additions with multiple military barrack outposts around the map Server Rules: Respect admins at all times No leaving vehicles in trader zones past restarts No removing wheels from vehicles in traders No ramming in trader zones No shooting into safe zones No camping safe zones (this means at safe zones or withing 150m's of one to kill a player) No building within 500m of trader zones (200m of gas stations) No building within 1000m of high loot value buildings (IE: Barracks, airfields) No glitching No hacking No kamikazing bases
  4. Deadly Ghillie Guys All rights reserved This is it! The day has finally come, where we can proudly present our own server! We have all sweated blood and shed tears for this project. Cant wait to see you online, - Marindoom IP Adress: Or search for: DGG in your launcher browser Our server features: Snap Building Spawn Selection Indestructible Bases AI Missions Group Management Advanced Trading Banking 300% More Zombies Gem/Weed Farming Self Bloodbag Lift/Tow No Carry Limit Safe Zones at traders Plotpole for life (Lasts through death) Heli Crashes Plot management (Build with you friends on one single plotpole WOOT) Autorefuel/Repair Service points Roaming AI No Building Limits 50Meter Plots Extra Buildings and areas! Automatic Restart and timers View Distance Extra Camps in the wilderness
  5. Hi So I've been trying to install Zupas single coin currency with global banking into my server all day today and yesterday and I haven't been able to get it working what so ever. Firstly I had conflicting scripts with DZGM but I think I might of possible resolved that issue by moving the definitions in description.ext higher than the HUD I have installed. Now, I can load into my server lobby, I receive the mission file but get stuck at "Waiting for character data from server". With a never ending timer. My .RPT file has now shown no errors from what I can see so I have no idea where to look that may be causing problems. I need this script installed so I can further progress on to installing other scripts that are needed. I just haven't been able to get anywhere. If anyone could lend a helping hand, I'd sure appreciate it a lot! Whether that's identifying my problem somewhere or if I just install my backups and install a fresh. Skype: Polly900 Regards :) :D
  6. Hello I own a Dayz Epoch Taviana Server and i cant seem to find out how to install coin currency on it. So i am here to offer someone 20$ Or less to do install it (Will Pay after we see it works) If interested contact Gadget Or Rekpoint In this teamspeak for more info dal-voice1.fragnet.net:10062 Poke us! Thanks
  7. hello ive tryed to get the Zupa coin script and P4L to woring on my server but i cant get it working i whould love to get an premade script pack with atleast the coin script and P4L whould be relly awesome cause i cant get it working... so if some one could share their server script pack with atleast those to scripts in whould be the best. sorry for bad engish :3 and if some one got an big server script pack with those in please share it. oh and btw if some one reading this and might can hellp me with one more thing you know the menu thingy you get from pressing esc ingame were can i change the text at the very top at? running on OverPoch Panthera and iam hosting at GTXgaming dayz all-in-one Best reguards ZowZ DTH
  8. Hello i installed single-currency-30-storage-default-hive-no-global-banking script looks like it worked good job Zupa but when ever a player joins the server there radio active .... is there a fix for this
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