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Found 26 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to indroduce our Over9000 Epoch Panthera Server. Our Server is online since March this year and it runs pretty good. We have a lot additional scripts. Since Panthera Servers are very rare you should try out our Server. We have no Pay2Win features. Every donation goes into the root server for a longer lifetime but we have no intentions to shut down our servers in the next year. Database: 05.10.2018 Server IP: TS IP: Disocrd: discord.gg/jWnFqSb https://over9000.enjin.com/ https://www.facebook.com/dayzover9000/ Server Facts: Epoch Included Scripts: Plot4Life - ON Plot Management - ON Group Management - ON Snap Building - ON Vector Building - ON Gems as Currency - OFF Death Messages - OFF 2 Primary Weapons ON Additional Scripts: Fully working XP- and Perk-System with over 120 Perks Noob Protection for Bases for 7 days after joing the server Day and Night circle Vote for PVE Mode Spawn in Bed Coins System with upgradeable Banks Virtual Garage and raidable Virtual Garage Bank Robbery Gambling Oil Rig Coral Reef - Farm Sapphires Planting and growing Weed and Fertilizer over time Harvest and craft Tobacco to make cigaretts Ship Cemetery - Find sunken and long missing treasures Craft in Shed - Craft your items directly in sheds Talk to Trader Guards - Get useful information and sometimes some gifts Heli Guard on disconnect Vehicle Key Changer - Claim Mission Vehicles or change the key of other vehicles Upgrading Plot Pole for more Building Items Combine Gold at Vault Vehicle Key Changer - Claim Mission Vehicles or change the key of other vehicles Advanced Crafting - Craft Flags, Signs, Interior Decoration, Furniture, Defenses Advanced Salvage Vehicles - You can scrap all vehicles Upgrading Plot Pole for more Building Items and more vehicles in the Virtual Garage O9AI Many new selfmade missions 6 different AI factions with different skins, weapons, items and RP for heroes and bandits Complete randomized loot, read the exact mission description, it offers information about the loot in the crates Every AI unit has the chance to spawn with a special item like Car Bomb, Gem, Briefcase, Satchel Carge and more The player who cleans an AI mission by running not by a vehicle to the crate will gain a +150 RP bonus The player who cleans an AI mission by foot will gain +150 RP and 5000 Coins as start reward, after 10 cleared AI Missions, the player gets an increased reward, after 20 another increasing of the reward Air Drops CCTV Cameras Bury Bodies Tear Gas Grenades Phosphorous Grenades - the player will burn to death while crying Custom Spawn Scripts Many different Spawn Gear variants up to 1000k RP Deploy PBX, Bike and Little Bird Mining Stones and craft Cinder Blocks Vault Management Show Vault or Lockbox Code Bike Handbrake Crashed Loot - when a vehicle explodes the loaded gear will laying around the vehicle Hotwire Lockboxes(30% Chance) Blow up Vaults with C4 Charges(30% Chance) Indestructible Bases, only Doors and Gates can be destroyed by using a Satchel Charge(Wood: 70% Chance, Cinder: 50% Chance) Get a Beer Elevator Locate Vehicle Lift and Tow Heroes getting RP from bandit kills Fishing Sapphires and Vaults Safe Zones Service Points for repair and refuel Take Clothes Take a Dump Warm Clothing Weed Farming Punch Somebody with t Smoke Waterpipe and Weed Custom Loot - with AS-50, Anzio and much more Many new loot positions for buildings Custom Zombie Loot - Zombies can have C4 Charges, Sachel Carges, Gold and Gems Custom Traders All Trader Cities are custom and rebuild New Trader City Arnoldstein New Black Market AI Convoys Vault reset event after 14 days Lockbox reset event after 12 days Loot Mission Crates without AIs Vehicles with extra guns: Green AN-2 with Twin M134 Cessna mit Twin M60 KA-60 with M2 BRDM-2 only with PKT Tower Gun
  2. Can anyone familiar with DZAI help me with a way to time my custom crates to respawn with DZAI custom static AI. I have the randomized crate spawn at server startup, and essentially will be looted once the base has been cleared from all AI. Currently it will "refill" the crate based on a sleep timer. I would like to have the crate refill once the next round of AI spawns based on these values set: DZAI_respawnTimeMin = 300; DZAI_respawnTimeMax = 600; Any help will be appreciated. This is my current loot crate configuration. Thanks for @DAmNRelentless who guided me in creating this script.
  3. Hey folks, this is a release of my Panthera South West Island, that was a huge Military Trader on my last Epoch Panthera Server. It is only the island with loot spawning buildings and without the traders. The island was created by Artjom and me and we both agreed to release it for the community. You can use it for Epoch or Download here: https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Panthera/south-west-island.sqf How to add custom Map Content Server Side Epoch create a folder in your server.pbo called mapaddons or something like that and put the map addon file in there add the following line to the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo E.g. for South West Island: execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\south-west-island.sqf"; Save, pack and upload your server.pbo.
  4. Hey folks, I came across and saw that no Vatra Bridge for Panthera is longer online. So I've upload mine. All credits to killzonekid for his basic and great code. Installation Client Side: Put the bridge file into your missionfile. For a better overview, create a folder called mapaddons or something like that and put the file in there. Open your init.sqf located in your missionfile. Search for call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders.sqf"; Put that line under the code from above: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mapaddons\bridgeVatra.sqf"; Save, pack and upload your Missionfile. I tested everything under Epoch 1.0.6. but it should work under Epoch as well. You can logout on the bridge for restart and spawn on the bridge after login on restart. It is 100% bicycle and to 95% ATV save. The bridge piers dont touch the ground because they are to short but I like the bridge model. https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Panthera/bridgeVatra.sqf
  5. Is there a way, to adjust where vehicles spawn? They are spawning fine on the server, but they are all clumped up in 3 different spots on the map, and thats it. More than half the map won't spawn a vehicle. Just those three areas, lol. Is the position determined serverside? Does one of the 100 items in the mission sqm determine it? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Should add I am building a Panthera Epoch server. Again, thanks in advance.
  6. hello ive tryed to get the Zupa coin script and P4L to woring on my server but i cant get it working i whould love to get an premade script pack with atleast the coin script and P4L whould be relly awesome cause i cant get it working... so if some one could share their server script pack with atleast those to scripts in whould be the best. sorry for bad engish :3 and if some one got an big server script pack with those in please share it. oh and btw if some one reading this and might can hellp me with one more thing you know the menu thingy you get from pressing esc ingame were can i change the text at the very top at? running on OverPoch Panthera and iam hosting at GTXgaming dayz all-in-one Best reguards ZowZ DTH
  7. Hey community, i finally installed an dayz epoch server on my linux wheezy / S!D Server. With cherna and Napf it´s working without any problem But i want to play on Panthera. If i try to change the missions, there is no panthera. If i put it directly in the config, it change automaticly to cherna. Server version is + 1.63.126652 Someone can help me, and tell me step by step what i have to do, to play panthera on my server?
  8. I've just installed the newest Panthera (armaholic) and have been trying to get it to work with the Epoch Mod. I've previously ran Lingor with Epoch with no issues and set up was a snap. Currently the console will just sit at Read from Directory and not progress any further. I've also notice that it usually will not list a port in the console's title bar (or sometimes it'll list a 'random' one). I'll post full copies of my RPT and such when I get home from work but I just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this before and could shoot me some quick tips :) 1) Do I just use the default Panthera (from armaholic) and the Epoch server client files to run this correct? I saw an Epoch Panthera file on DayZ Commander and didn't know if I should use that or not. 2) Is there anything different in the install for Panthera compared to the install for Lingor? (aside from the differing folder/bat from the config-examples folder) Thanks in advance. I'll post my RPTs asap!
  9. I'm not sure how well tested this is, but on my Panthera servers, some items cannot be sold to traders. For example: Planica traders - vehicle trader: Tried to sell an HMMWV type of unarmed military HMV, but the trader consistently states there is no vehicle of that type within 20 meters. Awol's Airfiled - aircraft trader: Tried to sell MV-22 Osprey, but receive the message there is no vehicle of that type within 20 meters. Map: Players have reported more than what is stated here, but that is the gist of the issue. I have tried, all resulting in no effect: Reapplying database schema over top as 'insert ignore' only to SQL tables: server_traders, trader_items, trader_tids, and traders_data Different mission pbo types Rebuilding mission pbo from scratch Double checked .\mission\server_traders.sqf completely matches default Panthera .\mission\server_traders.sqf at https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server%20Files/MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch_16.Panthera2/server_traders.sqf Adding in all vehicle classnames (similar to an Overpoch set up) to the server side vehicles array at: .\dayz_server\missions\[ALL_directories_including_panthera2]\dynamic_vehical.sqf NOTE: Some items sell to the trader fine... Example: Planica traders - vehicle trader: Bought and sold back a Vodnik Any further suggestions? Thanks, Aaron
  10. Hey guys, i just launched an panthera 2.9 overpoch server with: * selfbb * tow/lifting * custom buildings * ai & missions * safezones * short day night cycles If you want to join us and have a look on it :) we are lookin for new players! server data is in signature!
  11. Hello, I run a DayZ Epoch Panthera server and I need someone to help script or teach me how to... As you already know I am willing to pay for this service. I host from SurvivalServers.com Scripts I would like to add. Helicopter Roping Walking Dead Zombies Self Bloodbag Deployable Bike God Mode Traders Towing/Heli Lift Custom Loading Screen Refuel Custom Buildings Drink Water from Sources Flip Vehicle Ground fog Custom Loot Tables Aircraft Carrier DayZ Epoch Mission *As you can tell I know up-to-nothing when it comes to scripts. I do need a teacher and a scripter for my server. -Contact me by emailing me at [email protected]
  12. I have just set up a new server, I am running the Epoch mod on the map Panthera and everything works fine. However, I don't know which pbo to edit as my server has a lot of different gamemodes installed. I need to add some simple scripts like WAI, Halo spawn, Trader City SafeZones etc.. My server host is Nintrado. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
  13. Is there any way that I can add safe zones to the panthera traders? All the scripts that I have found are just for Chernarus. I found this script: Click Me
  14. So I've been playing epoch for just about a month now, just sticking to good ol' chernarus, but the chernarus map has become way too familiar to me over the past couple years. I want to find another map that I can focus on, grab some friends and start a (vaguely) solid base. So out of Namalsk, Panthera, Napf, and Tavania which one would you recomend and why?
  15. Hey we are running a quite successfull Dayz Epoch Chernarus server and decided to do a Panthera server too.. Problem is that Dayz.st does not support the new update yet so we have to keep it for the time being. Now in Dayz Commander when a player tries to install it actually installs the files for and so they cannot join the server at all... Please Devs fix that problem!!!!! (i think you might have sent them the wrong download links or so....) Anybody knows where to download Panthera files manually that would be much appreciated ;) Thx for any help in advance!
  16. {UPDATE} Problem half solved by deleting everything inside the addons folder but the dayz_server.pbo and after recreating a brand new one. Goodday community, I usually try to deal with server issues myself as I believe that's the best way to learn stuff, but I brought myself to the edge of hysteria trying to install addons that use modifications inside dayz_server.pbo Anything I add to my mpmission folder is correctly added and loaded by client and server but when I try to install stuff that requires to modify files inside dayz_server.pbo, nothing happens inside the server. Taking DZAI as instance: it has two ways to be installed, one with a simple alteration of the server_monitor.sqf file along copying DZAI folder inside the root of the .pbo, and another one by editing the mission.pbo file (that I understand being discontinued as it is just a bunch of folders inside something like "DayZ_Epoch_16.Panthera2") along with the same DZAI folder copy and some line adding inside the mission init.sqf. The former installation returns no success as nothing happens and my .RPT shows no informations about DZAI (even if extreme debugging were set to true). The latter gives a nice working addon, with helis chopping around and headshots taken pout of nowhere. But my noobishness is another issue... And the .RPT talks nicely about DZAI. I would like to use Wicked AI missions but that only has dayz_server.pbo installation and that doesn't seem to work. Just another few lines to let people understand my problem: My dayz_server.pbo works well and it is packed well as the server returns no errors but when (for instance) call a script inside it (like adding [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; in my mission init.sqf) the server returns that file doesn't exist... and that's not true at all of course. What's wrong with it (or me)? Do I need to paste some more info I can't think about it atm? Thanks in advance for any kind of help I might get :)
  17. This easy-to-install addition will add a small military base at Ukanc on the panthera map (tested on 1.8). I run it on Epoch Panthera @ But this should also work on normal panthera. All barracks on the map are at the coastlines. I wanted to create a base were you could go for Mil+Medical loot on the mainland. This Britisch Outpost hidden in the mountains gives you that opportunity. The 2 barracks spawn military loot by default. And the 2 MASH tents will spawn the medical loot. Zombies will be here to! With some extra decoration this became a decent lootplace to consider. First screenshot (More screenshot at the bottom of the post): https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6zmgndhlyens5s/Ukanc_mil_base.sqf or Ukanc_mil_base.zip Install guide Unpack your dayz_missions.pbo ( DayZ_Epoch_16.Panthera2.pbo for Epoch Panthera). Create a map Extra in the unpacked folder. (CAPITALS MATTER!) Download the SQF file given above the guide. And put that file in the Extra folder. Now open init.sqf and put the following line @ the bottom execVM "Extra\Ukanc_mil_base.sqf"; 5. Now save everything and REPACK your PBO. 6. Upload the pbo back to your server and restart it ofcourse. This should give you the base on your Panthera Map. If you have troubles, i'll try to asnwer as quick as possible or i will assist you on Teamspeak. More Screenshots
  18. Are you done with walking everywhere? Do you not want to run 7 kilometers and get KOS at the trader zone? Then you should join our Epoch Panthera Server. We have Admins with lots of experience dealing with players. We are willing and able to fix anything that is going wrong. Also, we have a TESTING server that we use to fully implement any addon that you specify into the game without restarting the main server. This exists so there aren't constant restarts every 30 minutes. IP: TS: gpudayz.teamspeak.net Current Features: Safe Zone Traders Self Bloodbag 300+ Vehicles Admin Events Custom Antihax Safe Base Buildiong Donator Loadouts Tame able Dogs PVP and Clans Restart WARNINGS!! Testing Server 3 Hour RESTARTS Coming Soon: Ai Missions Custom Events You CHOOSE what to Add! Server Details: 50 Slot Server Epoch 1.03.1 Panthera 2.9 AntiHack
  19. Dunno if its just me, but Ive noticed on panthera the vehicles feel like they are made of paper, hit a bush and it caused the car to explode, a few bullets can totally ruin any vehicle. Just feels like they take a hell of a lot more damage than on chernarus..
  20. Hi All, I have recently started up an Epoch Server Panthera with a couple of mates. It is running quite smoothly, but we are having a bit of trouble customizing it with Scripts. We will be happy to pay someone install these scripts for us and possibly explain the process as well. We are using Vilayer. We are looking to have added: - Debug Monitor (standard) - Auto refuel at any fuel tanks -Admin tools -Deleting garbage/barricades from the roads (clear roads) -Self bloodbag -Epoch heli crashes -Animated helicrash -Heli lift -Vehicle tow -Vehicle flip -Custom loadout -Dayz Dual admin debug monitor -AI missions -Take Cloths - Custom Day/Night cycle Im not sure if all of these are compatable with our Mod. Please PM me if you are able to help and i will forward our TS channel. Thanks, -maxichunder
  21. So im gettin this error in every epoch panthera server. I got the launch parameters and everything please help me. my friend can play in those server am i the only one? Email: [email protected]
  22. So Im trying to run panthera, copied the latest keys across from, downloaded and updated everything as usual. Getting the error ibr_plants.pbo ibr_rn.pbo panthera2.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by this server. Dont know why im still getting this, copied the keys correctly into a Keys folder which is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Should be right? I temporarily disabled signature file check and only let people I know join to test it out, I then discovered there was another problem.. We are getting frequent red desync's, around every 5 mins we get a red chain lasting maybe 20 seconds - this is only with <10 players, dont know if it has an effect on playing but I would really like to know if anyone has a solution for this, I can provide anymore information thats needed, thanks.
  23. Hey, Im new to hosting dayz servers but i normally host minecraft and other games. Could I get some assistance while setting up my epoch server? How to set up an epoch server? and also add panthera ? if i could get assistance i will give you either my skype or teamspeak (Teamspeak - bluecompany.ts3dns.com) Thanks Statty
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