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[Release] Custom WAI Mission - Bunny Ranch!

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anybody know why my boxes spawn with 50 m240 ammo and 50 of some other ammo. No gems or anything like it says in files. Nowhere in files does it metion 50 of any ammo to be spawned. ?

Make sure you added the "bunny_Safe" sqf into the right spot.

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hey is there a way to make this work with the new wai update. I added it and changed the position of the crate file and changed the call to it to try and make it compatible with the new update but theres a lot of undefined variables that pop up in the rpt. the mission still starts and seems to work and all its just the errors that pop up in the rpt. Im sure I could maybe figure it out but if anyone knows what to do off the bat it would save me a lot of time cus im not very good with scripting. Well ill take a look at it later and see what I can find out thanks

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We are having an issue where the owner is killing all of his girls before we get to the mission, and the loot crate is empty.


Also, when viewing the owner's corpse, a trader menu opens and the corpse wants to sell us ammo. I am attributing that to the skin the owner has, since trader skin must be unique on map? Correct me if that is wrong.

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this is already in wai

yea I think WAI incorporated the mod, but how the heck do you get it working? I think its commented out in a lot of places and the file structures have changed a lot since the OP instructions were written.

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yea I think WAI incorporated the mod, but how the heck do you get it working? I think its commented out in a lot of places and the file structures have changed a lot since the OP instructions were written.



ya like 3 or 4 locations

move the bunnyranch sql from special to hero/bandit, then add it into the mission list in config.

I have it working on my server?

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It works on mine, but the crate is still empty and sometimes the girls are dead when I arrive, or tp to it. Any ideas?


I have it in bandit folder  and added it to the config. Again, it all works, but nothing in crates and girls die. 

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I was interested to see this so I uncommented the references to special mission, made the girls bandits too, so the dirtyowner wouldnt kill them. Made the contents of bunny_safe a line in   ..\WAI\conif.sqf

crate_items_dirtyowner  = ..contents changed as too high for killing one ai


at end of bunny_ranch.sqf after ..winorfall  added last lines from presidents mission,  if( complete...   changed president to dirtyowner




(from my new time to server side things I also rename last RPT file so have a small current one, not megs of text of old).


And, so I have an increased population on server with hookers :)


... - Dvorak's law

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On 7/5/2014 at 9:26 PM, Ventana said:


Where are the spawn locations located... in what file? 


Doesn't this line pick a random safe position?

_position = [getMarkerPos "center",0,5500,10,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos;

Nobody responded to this question and I have the same question, so I'm resposting  it.

How to change the locations of the buildings?  Where does one get those position numbers from?
I realize that they pertain to relative distance from center of the mission and distance above/below ground, but where to get these figures from?
Also, how do the buildings orientate relative to each other without X and Y coords?

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