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  1. where you get server files? this is Epoch ? and show your scripts.txt also put your server_log.txt too
  2. you need comment first 2 lines in publicvariableval.txt
  3. put your setvariableval.txt from BE filters folder
  4. Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead 1.64 Update https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/33930/announcements/detail/1604898551795429818
  5. see this https://github.com/oiad/modPack/tree/master/dayz_server/traders
  6. обычная опечатка. а вертолет видимо крякнул.
  7. If you use Infistar, install safe zones from infistar. If not, use seaarch on forum other safezones. And u can use script - delete ai near safe zones.
  8. try use my keys and put your epoch1062 keys too. all keys must be on server side. https://yadi.sk/d/WuLusX32XtGYX
  9. RedLink

    error in waitUntil

    Show your full code
  10. all releases here https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/releases
  11. try use default settings in config.sqf in missions
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