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  1. RedLink

    *WAI* Static mission

    looks nice. but where is marker "Bandit HighLoot Hard"?? manualy make in mission.sqm ??
  2. надо смотреть что за скрипты там установлены. Лучше самому сборку собирать.
  3. Все дело в том, что последняя версия 1,0,6,2. То что вы скачали, скорее всего просто модифицированная версия, т.е. чья-то сборка.
  4. RedLink

    Виртуальный гараж DZ Ep

    что тебе там непонятно?
  5. RedLink

    infistar base copy

    this is a bug in infistar admin panel. not fixed ((
  6. RedLink

    Infistar scroll wheel issue

    try this
  7. RedLink

    Infistar scroll wheel issue

    what version infistar? and what option you enabled?
  8. RedLink

    overpoch wai config

  9. RedLink

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    read this - Added localization strings to oiad community stringtable https://github.com/oiad/communityLocalizations/
  10. RedLink

    infistar kick help please

    show logs
  11. RedLink

    Invisible admin for bots

    this right code for last infi 1450 invisibleBoth = { if !(captive player) then { player setCaptive 1; _sl = format["%1 invisible both ON", name player]; PVAH_WriteLogReq = [player,toArray _sl]; publicVariableServer "PVAH_WriteLogReq"; } else { player setCaptive 0; _sl = format["%1 invisible both OFF", name player]; PVAH_WriteLogReq = [player,toArray _sl]; publicVariableServer "PVAH_WriteLogReq"; }; };
  12. RedLink

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    any idea how?
  13. RedLink

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Localized WAI 2.2.5 in arhive mission files (hero/bandit) for WAI and stringtable.xml https://yadi.sk/d/F0ZRMIdk3Wgnis
  14. RedLink

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Added pull request for change stringtable.xml - added russian translation IWAC
  15. RedLink

    ZSC Singlecurrency and Infistar

    if you and other players dont kick, just ignore this.