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  1. [RELEASE] Epoch/Overpoch Origins 1.8 http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/38555-release-epochoverpoch-origins-18/
  2. [RELEASE] Epoch/Overpoch Origins 1.8 http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/38555-release-epochoverpoch-origins-18/
  3. add buttom init.sqf: { hideobject _x; _x hideObject true; _x enableSimulation false; }count(nearestObjects [getMarkerPos "center", ["Land_tav_HouseBlock_D1_ex2"],18000]);now i try unlock vehicles. they jast change name of animation. last: all new: _object animate ["tropa",1]; to Raft: _object animate ["OriModOhrana",1];
  4. Who has bikey for Origins 1.8? http://originsmod.info/download.html
  5. Anti-Relog for safe you vehicle, if vehicle hight damaget: after: waitUntil {uiSleep 1.5;_crewOk = _crew;_crew = crew _veh;count _crew == 0}; add this: _abort=false; if((fuel _veh)<0.01)then{_abort=true;}; { if (([_veh,_x] call object_getHit)>0.7)then{ if(["Engine",_x,false] call fnc_inString)exitWith{_abort=true;}; if(["VRotor",_x,false] call fnc_inString)exitWith{_abort= true;}; if(["HRotor",_x,false] call fnc_inString)exitWith{_abort=true;}; if(["HitHull",_x,false] call fnc_inString)exitWith{_abort=true;}; }; }forEach(_veh call vehicle_getHitpoints); if(_abort)exitWith{ _veh setVariable ["donn_protect",false,true]; diag_log(format["DDOS_HELI_GUARD: Vehicle: %1. BAD STATE, DESTROYED.",_veh]); }; Auto lock and save vehicle To auto-lock vehicle: before: _vPosNew = [_vPosNew select 0,_vPosNew select 1,0.5]; add this: if((parseNumber(_veh getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]))!=0)then{[_veh,true] call vehicle_lockUnlock;}; To auto-save vehicle: after: _veh setFuel _fuel; add this: PVDZE_veh_Update = [_veh, "all"]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_veh_Update";
  6. I mean, not all players know about this bug, and how potect self. Bugusers use it. i know, small base, double wall, and other... any idea how to fix this by scripting?
  7. not good fix... for this base 100-200 tank trap * 10-20 bases... how about fps?
  8. hummer dive in a wall, mtvr pushing in back need fix it.
  9. If you use endMission "SOME", players can duping on your server!
  10. its because player hav`t good connect wich server side or server some laggy...
  11. All thx for help!I edited first message. this switchMove 'AmovPercMstpSlowWrflDnon'; //better
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