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  1. Who found/have fix at 1.8.2? frized (analogy infistar cheater game frized) the game when created charaster? I a'm only have server key
  2. this work at cherno but don't work in tavi, what i need to change to work?
  3. hi need help to this script at taviana map 1.8 (origins) 70% bots in water, in config i change map tavi to taviana
  4. {_x animate ["ani_door1",1];} forEach (nearestObjects [[0,0,0], ["Land_tav_HouseBlock_D1_ex2"], 50000]);
  5. use hopa & doska anims to vehicles fix and ani_door1 to map fix
  6. who know how to fix taviana (origins) map 1.8 (white artifacts)? Sorry for doble trades i don't know where need to create
  7. who know how to fix taviana (origins) map 1.8 (white artifacts)?
  8. Implemented the interchangeable lens session only , without storing in the data base, can not understand how to keep a bunch of data is going , if I say so selected about 10 or more objects at the same time as me all one-time change classname in the database? P.S. Sorry, write in google translate
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