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  1. true its still playable as I have it now, just wanted to explore mainly, so probably good idea. ill just venture the lands and wait for the official release to work n fix my problems. Hope release fixes weird lootspawner problem
  2. also seems all the cars spawn in one area like in tavi. Did you have to edit the spawn vehicle file for this aswell to not spawn by cities? or is something messed up with mine.
  3. ya I know what im doing with new maps n stuff iv been scripting arma for years. So it seems it has to do with my lootspawner I use. Not sure why its causing me problems. it has arma 3 buildings and arma 2 buildings in it but that shouldn't be the problem since I am using aiatp. It doesn't say anything in the rpt about it either but as soon as I remove it im all good. idk
  4. any idea why mine isn't working, I just tried n got taviana working, chernarus working and Bornholm working just fine but Australia just crashes server?
  5. so anyone have any idea why I cant get this server to run? The server crashes after about a min or so of starting it up. im launching with @epoch;@epochive;@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@Australia is there anything else I need? I tried putting Australia before allinarmaterrainpack and still same thing. my mission.sqm is pretty much the same as someone posted above except for Australia in place of esseker? in a3_epoch_server_settings I added a call for Australia and in config\maps I made a Australia.h file using a chernarus one as a guideline. I changed chernarus to Australia in file but left the spawns n stuff the same as chernarus since I cant get into server to find and make new spawns would that be the reason. well if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. ok cool thanks I think ill just stop working on mine till then
  7. does anyone have the a3_epoch_server_settings you need for this map. It would be awesome if someone could share their work for this map. Thanks if not ill do me best to set one up and ill share it on here later when I get it up n running
  8. ok thanks jus one more question. How do you do all that and or can you do it for me. haha JK thanks for the help. I wasn't sure that we could edit any of those files so I never tried. Ill give it a shot
  9. k well thanks for your help and now that you said you could see remotely I left my search up for like 5 min and it finally popup of after all that time. So thanks for helping me figure it out.
  10. sorry should have mentioned it requires mas18, aiatp, taviana thanks for trying though now I know someone else can see it atleast
  11. Hey im wondering if I can get anyone to try joining my server to see if its public and showing on list. When I search for it in the in game browser I get nothing but through remote connection I can find it and get in. I also tried finding my server on A3Launcher and it does not show up but theres a button at the bottom that says server not showing up? check server. So I clicked and entered the ip and port and then it says yay server added to list, but when I go back and search its still not on list. So if anyone is willing to try finding it and joining and then letting me know if they can or not that would be awesome. The ip is and the name is MEN OF EPOCH. Thanks
  12. ya same here not sure how to fix the vehicles. the vehiclefix.pbo link is dead it seems and im not sure what else to do other than place them myself
  13. Love this script man. Thanks for your work. I just replaced like 3 of my own ai scripts with this. Works great
  14. Nice Thanks for letting me know about this. Had know idea we could edit this stuff now. A lot better than the menu that pops up that I made.
  15. WHAT THIS DOES This script adds a scroll wheel option for a crafting menu. It allows you to use items to craft other items. If you have the right items and or tools in your inventory it will then start an animation and take the items out of your inventory and delete them, then spawn a crate next to you with the item you selected to craft in it. If you dont have the right items it will give you message saying what you need to craft it. I got the idea from Crafting Script) and thought I could change this up and craft all kinds of useful items. Right now you can craft a Ghillie suit, Lockbox, Bipod and range finders. Feel free to add or change any of the items. One example of a crafting recipe is the ghillie suit. You need to have a pelt,(for the Suit) a green paint can and a brown paint can,(for the camo colors) and need a Hatchet(for tool to cut up pelt for suit). It will then remove all items except the Hatchet and bam, you got a ghillie. If you guys have any ideas on what else to add in to menu and/or recipes for items, please share and I can do my best to add them in. Any help or ideas will be much appreciated and am always looking for suggestions on how to write my scripts better. DOWNLOAD HERE: https://github.com/drsubo/Crafting_Menu/tree/master There is a readme.txt included that explains how to install. If need any further help, feel free to ask.
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