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  1. [uPDATE]: Added spoilers to all vehicles. Changed vehicle display names to match skins. Updated skin names.
  2. have you changed the name of your server to show the version? That is how Commander knows the version...
  3. Added an additional video to help players troubleshoot any errors after updating, feel free to use both videos
  4. Well mine does not show as well yet, but tell your players untill it shows to just click it anyway it will work, a few friends server show now on commander so im guess it just a waiting game
  5. I'll try to dumb it down i guess. Servers running 125548 will show on dayz commander, however if you look in the install/update, players can only update to 112555 as commander has not added the latest patch. if you look in the changelog for DZC you will also see that this update is Initial support for Steam based servers only. ​hope this alleviates any left over confusion .
  6. Well no, they updated semi, you can view steam patched server, but commander still shows the latest as 112555
  7. As any Server Owner knows, players can be clueless, here is a short video tutorial you can show them to install the Arma2 patch 125548 via steam untill commander gets his shit in order VIDEO Tutorial -------------------- Troubleshooting VIDEO
  8. um, idk if i follow what your asking here, what mod? are you asking how to install infistar? it might help you better understand to know that overpoch is just EPOCH that uses addons from overwatch. so anything you want to edit/add really will be in epoch
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