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  1. There's a way to fix that using Hive but it's unfortunately not a 100% working method, sometimes it spawns at random places even tho it's saved to the DB and so on On the othet hand, I'm not even sure if the Hive that's being used can actually support 2 character data tables or if that needs to be done in the server files. I would love to have it working off the same table but not sure if that'll work in any way but then the worldspace isn't working allthough it's set up correctly in theory.
  2. Hello, I got a really quick question and I could use some help. I need to know how it's possible to fix issues with gear not saving properly to the DB when running 2 different maps on the same database and character data table. Switching between servers is also a bit bugged because it won't spawn in the worldspace where one logged off on the given server. Even seperating the 2 servers to different character data tables would be good so if there's a way for that please let me know! Thanks!
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