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  1. Couldn't you just run 3.0 and use the Multi-Character DLL? Since 3.0 doesn't require a DLL, it seems like the most logical way of doing it with both of them working side by side.
  2. Thats the completed script? Working awesomely, just need to edit it to allow the removal of engines and other parts! But locked vehicles can be salvaged, but although, if you are stupid enough not to lock up your vehicle while AFK or Offline then thats your problem :P Cheers for the help and let me know if you figure out how to change it so that you can salvage everything. ;) Should be this correct? if( _part == "PartGlass" || _part == "PartWheel" || _part == "PartFueltank" || _part == "PartEngine" || _part == "PartVRotor") then { Got all of it working perfectly! Thanks for your help dude! :D
  3. Build vector is broken on my server, everytime a user upgrades or the server restarts the object that is placed will move like 90 degrees or so. But this a top priority fix right? I've noticed other people have had the same error? Anyways, if anyone do have this problem or has fixed it, please inform me.
  4. Tried it and failed, Removal of both: if( _part == "PartGlass" || _part == "PartWheel" ) then { and: if (_damage <= 0.95 and _damage >= 0) then { Breaks the script entirely... No more ideas :P
  5. Looking to see How I can get this working with another ui_selectslot, since this script is the only one in a million with a different selectslot script. I either use this or use my other 20+ script that use my other ui_select slots. Anyone got a fix for this?
  6. Oh just a question, Does this: if( _part == "PartGlass" || _part == "PartWheel" ) then { only allow removal of Glass and wheels? If so, Should I just delete that too to make the vehicle completely salvageable?
  7. No idea on what any of this is :P Someone just needs to make a working script, I'd be content with that :P
  8. Having alot of problems with this script. Everytime I spawn any of the object / vehicles I get this error in the RPT log: I can successfully spawn each and every vehicle... With no requirements on the materials needed. I have all of the preset ones within the files that are provided but it wont require them once I have clicked the button in the server. Vehicles cannot be repacked with a toolbox using the scroll menu of which I thought it was because of not having a toolbox on my person, but once I obtained one, still no pack. I'd love for someone to actually compile all of the fixes that are present to the main script and post it because I've spent hours trying to get this to work and I keep resulting in nothing... Cheers in advance if anyone knows any fixes!
  9. Hey people, Got a "Fix" for the vehicle salvage but I am looking to edit it so every part of the vehicle can be removed no matter the condition. Heres what I've got so far: salvage_vehicle.sqf Any suggestions?
  10. Cheers, I shall have to give that a go. I noticed you posted the fix for the salvage vehicle for epoch right? Well I've added that to my server and my trying to get a working salvage vehicle script to work and I was thinking of applying your fix then changing the values within your fix to make a salvage vehicle, but it didn't exactly go as planned. Got any ideas on that?
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