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Server Shows up as Offline and 9999 ping in Dayz Launcher


First off I'm sure this question would be more appropriate on the DayZ Launcher Forums, but their email servers are screwed and i cant login, so im hoping someone here might be able to help me.

I used this youtube video to set up my bare bones epoch server.

Everything went well, and the server runs with no errors in the .RPT file. I can join it through the LAN server browser within Arma 2 OA just fine. What I am trying to do now is make my server joinable in public server lists like dayz launcher.

I have port forwarded the arma ports and steam client ports as well.

1775322977_supportpics.PNG.5053979c0bac2c55981dc754a3604797.PNG ss.PNG.d818226f8418bdcce99a2053c3c312c1.PNG

I have also allowed arma 2, arma 2 OA, arma2oaserver, and steam client through my firewall. 

My server does show up on dayz launcher but as "Offline" with 0/0 players and 9999 ping. ( I dont know if I can only see it because its on my own network maybe? ) *Linksys Router*

but that is my issue.

This server is running on my dedi box at home with high speed download and upload (should be plenty) .

I also made my dedi box's ip static. ( i did this after i created the server so maybe thats a no no?)

Like I said I can join in just fine but only through the LAN browser in game. 

I used a port checker to ensure my ports were in fact open, and used the dayz launcher server checker to ensure it can be found, and it did find it and said it would be added to the server list within 30 minutes. ( it did! but it shows up as offline! and unjoinable)

*I have no idea if this means anything but i used mySQL with HeidiSQL when setting up my server* (I also ensure that the mysql service is running when i start my server up).

At this point I have no idea what to do, so any thoughts would mean the world to me, thanks!

Server IP = (steam query = 2303)


P.S. Here is my "11_chenarus.cfg" and "basic.cfg" (again, im not sure if these are helpful but ill include them anyway)





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its been a while since I did anything A2, but in your 11_chernarus.cfg

Steamport = 2304 - when it should be 2302? < this port should also match your start.bat config. Steamport should always be lower than SteamQueryPort, if my memory is right.

I would also, because you are troubleshooting, start with a blank basic.cfg and let Arma auto fill it. Then when/if needed you can tweak it for your player numbers/ connection. This will rule out any nonsense from the basic.cfg being the cause of this problem.

If neither of the above makes any difference, I am willing to bet it is something to do with your home router setup or even your ISP may be purposefully blocking some traffic needed, some ISP's do not allow certain kinds of traffic like a game server.

Good Luck!

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Okay, thank you for the info! 

I recently decided to delete my server and create another one from scratch in a few days since mine was just bare bones. 

But as you said it should only be a matter of time. How long would you say it should take? My server was running for 14 hours straight while showing up in dayz launcher, but it never changed from "offline" , 0/0 players and 9999 ping, after 14 hours. I assumed something wasnt right and that it wasnt just a waiting game at that point, but i cant be sure.

I guess my final question to you guys is how did your server look when it was first added to the dayz launcher server list?

Did it show up instantly with a reasonable ping? And actually show what map you were using instead of "offline". 




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