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In debug on my server, ServerUpTime is not showing at all. Would like to know what is the reason for that.

Here is my playerhud.sqf


// player setVariable["AsReMixhud", true];//Variable Show/Hide HUD Support for control player hud

AsReMixhud_Control = true; // player getVariable["AsReMixhud",true];

while {true} do
    1000 cutRsc ["AsReMixhud","PLAIN"];
    _wpui = uiNameSpace getVariable "AsReMixhud";
    _vitals = _wpui displayCtrl 4900;
	_thePlayer = player;
	AsReMixhud_zombieKills 	= _thePlayer getVariable["zombieKills",0];
	AsReMixhud_headshots 		= _thePlayer getVariable["headShots",0];
	AsReMixhud_killsH 		= _thePlayer getVariable["humanKills",0];
    Zupa_bank 		=  _thePlayer getVariable["bank",0];
	AsReMixhud_killsB 		= _thePlayer getVariable["banditKills",0];
	AsReMixhud_humanity 		= _thePlayer getVariable["humanity",0];
	AsReMixhud_zombies 		= "";
	AsReMixhud_zombiesAlive   = "";
	AsReMixhud_blood			=  _thePlayer getVariable["USEC_BloodQty",12000];
	AsReMixhud_pid			= "";
	AsReMixhud_puid			= "";
    AsReMixhud_hmnicon 		= "";
	AsReMixhud_fps 			= (round diag_fps);
	AsReMixhud_svrname		= "Amnesia";
	_stime = 0;
	if(serverTime > 36000)then{_stime = time;}else{_stime = serverTime;};
	_hours = (_stime/60/60);
	_hours = toArray (str _hours);
	_hours resize 1;
	_hours = toString _hours;
	_hours = compile _hours;
	_hours = call  _hours;
	_minutes = floor(_stime/60);
	_minutes2 = ((_minutes - (_hours*60)) min 60) max 0;if (_minutes2 < 10) then {_minutes2 = format ['0%1',_minutes2];};

	//if(AsReMixhud_humanity >= 5000) then { AsReMixhud_hmnicon = "<img size='0.8' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_hmhero.paa'/>"; };
	//if((AsReMixhud_humanity >= 200) && (AsReMixhud_humanity <= 4999)) then { AsReMixhud_hmnicon = "<img size='0.8' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_hmcivil.paa'/>"; };
//	if(AsReMixhud_humanity <= 199) then { AsReMixhud_hmnicon = "<img size='0.8' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_hmbandit.paa'/>"; };
	_vitals ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format ["
		<t size='0.8' align='right'>Zupa - AsRemix</t><br/>
		<t size='0.9'> %1 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_health.paa'/>  <br/>
		<t size='0.9'> %2 %5 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_humanity.paa'/>  <br/> 
		<t size='0.9'> %3 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\dollars.paa'/>   <br/>
		<t size='0.9'> %14 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\equip_safe_CA.paa'/>   <br/>
		<t size='0.9'> %10 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_killh.paa'/>  <br/> 
		<t size='0.9'> %9 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_killb.paa'/>  <br/>
		<t size='0.9'> %4 </t><img size='0.8' align='right' image='addons\playerhud\icons\As_zkill.paa'/>  <br/>
		<t size='0.8' align='right'>%13 FPS</t><br/>	
		<t size='0.8' align='right'>%11h %12min UPTIME</t><br/>",
	AsReMixhud_blood,   //1
	name player,//6
	_vitals ctrlCommit 0;
    sleep 2;


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