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  1. Anyone managed to add coins to DZAI using @salival's ZSC for Epoch files?
  2. Ok, great, thanks @salival- any info you can share is very welcome. I'm thinking the process is: Grab a copy of the files from the github, here : https://github.com/EpochSC/SingleCurrencyBanking (In server files, we just need the "bankzones" stuff?) Make sure that my current compiles.sqf and fn_selfActions.sqf have the new additions for giving gold to other players, checking bodies for gold, banking etc. Add an item to be used for banking in my variables.sqf (Laptop etc.) Make sure my description.ext has the required extra code for the extra hud stuff and defines. Update my mission.sqm to have safezones (if needed). Add Z_SingleCurrency = true; CurrencyName = "Coins"; and Z_MoneyVariable = "cashMoney"; to my init.sqf near the top where the other variables are defined. I've rushed this because I'm just about to go to work. Thanks again for sharing info.
  3. Thanks for the info @salival, can I ask, what did you do in terms of the player_wearClothes.sqf ? The single currency one is pretty different to the 106 file. Do they need to be merged or can the 106 file be replaced with the github SC one? Thanks again.
  4. I'm going to have a look at getting Single Currency Banking on 1.0.6, but I'm looking at the server files on github ( https://github.com/EpochSC/SingleCurrencyBanking/tree/master/999_Hive_Version/Version 1.1/PBOs/dayz_server ) and it seems like it's all of the files but with stuff added for handling the banks. Merging/checking every single file would take too long. I can't copy + paste then replace the old files because they're files and too different to 1.0.6. (Merging the mission files is do-able.) Anyone got any ideas/hints? (Sidenote: where I see "headShots" in the code, I need to replace that with "Coins", right? The new database layout has the extra column named "Coins", so we no longer need to read from the headShots value?) Thanks.
  5. You've made done the following changes: Altered the ui_selectSlot.sqf? Made sure your compiles.sqf is loaded and loading the correct ui_selectSlot file? You've added #include "custom\extra_rc.hpp" to your description.ext? Paste your extra_rc.hpp into somewhere like PasteBin or using the Code tags, please.
  6. If you look in somewhere like: you can see: lootGroup = Church; I was just wondering if it's possible to alter this so that buildings pull loot from multiple tables? I've tried: lootGroup[] = {Church,Military,Supermarket}; But this stopped any loot from spawning in churches. (Maybe quotation marks are needed around names?) Anyone have any ideas? If not, what's the best way to alter the loot tables so that more guns and building supplies spawn? (Do the numbers/chance percentages still have to total 100?) Thanks.
  7. How would we go about forcing a save/database write (update?) after a trade (with NPC) is completed? I've had reports of players buying vehicles, logging out then logging back it and still having the cash that was supposed to be consumed by the trade. Maybe a forced save wouldn't be CPU efficient if used on all traders, maybe just use it on weapons & vehicles traders. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
  8. Anyone got fixes for the green balls for the dome being strangely close together and the object counter reading 1 / 1e+007? No errors in the .rpt at all. Here's a screenshot of what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/NyLBJ7V.jpg Thanks.
  9. Thank you. That's removed the error in the .rpt. But does Plot for Life not need those lines we removed?
  10. Yeah sure. Thanks for taking the time to help. This part: _worldspace set [0, (_worldspace select 0) call KK_fnc_floatToString]; _worldspace set [1, (_worldspace select 1) call KK_fnc_positionToString]; is from Plot for Life, if I remember rightly. Maybe I should move the: line up above the Plot for Life lines? Write info to database before Plot for Life can convert it? (I think that's what it's doing?)
  11. When placing objects. Currently installed mods: Gold coins + Banking Plot for Life Snap building + vectors Door Management Slow Zombies Master key Weed fields WAI Services Points Custom loadouts Safezones I can provide files if you want them.
  12. As requested. (And I've removed my SteamID.) And, looking at the database, it doesn't appear that the metal floors and plot pole I built have been saved.
  13. Just installed this and am getting the following RPT error: 12:54:24 Error in expression < private "_arr"; if (abs (_this - _this % 1) == 0) exitWith { str _this }; _arr > 12:54:24 Error position: <% 1) == 0) exitWith { str _this }; _arr > 12:54:24 Error %: Type String, expected Number 12:54:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf, line 978 12:54:24 Error in expression < private "_arr"; if (abs (_this - _this % 1) == 0) exitWith { str _this }; _arr > 12:54:24 Error position: <% 1) == 0) exitWith { str _this }; _arr > 12:54:24 Error Generic error in expression 12:54:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf, line 978 My server_updateObject.sqf was originally this (for Plot for Life): _worldspace = [(getDir _object) call KK_fnc_floatToString, _position call KK_fnc_positionToString]; it's now this: _worldspace = [getDir _object, _position] call AN_fnc_formatWorldspace; Line 978 in server_functions.sqf is this: KK_fnc_floatToString = { private "_arr"; if (abs (_this - _this % 1) == 0) exitWith { str _this }; _arr = toArray str abs (_this % 1); _arr set [0, 32]; toString (toArray str ( abs (_this - _this % 1) * _this / abs _this ) + _arr - [32]) }; Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Can anyone share the files again please? Looks like the mega download link is dead.
  15. Has anyone got this working along side DZGM / DayZ Group Management? After adding Plot Management we'd suddenly lost the "Invite" button. Any ideas? Here's the GitHub link for DZGM should anyone wish to check out the code. As far as I can, the invite button is in groupManagement.hpp on line 87. https://github.com/ebaydayz/DZGM QUICK EDIT: My description.ext looks like this: http://pastebin.com/TNhLh9Sx I'm currently digging through the defines.hpp of DZGM and PlotManagement to see what's the same/different. A quick search of GitHub code reveals plenty of people running the 2 mods alongside. https://github.com/search?q=plotManagement+DZGM&type=Code&utf8=✓ I'm wondering if my description.ext needs things moving from those defines.hpp to it.
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