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  1. i was made aware that the reason this didn't work was specifically due to GTX game server hosting having out of date files.... I have since figured out "with help" what the issue was.
  2. In my server you sometimes have to look at the dead body a few times before the option is available....
  3. If you zoom in on the body then look away do you get the option in blue...? Sometimes it works a bit janky....
  4. well then..... your prob right, i thought thats where i put it. ill have to close this topic then sorry
  5. im going to go ahead and guess there is no possible way to have god mode bases without any type of base maintenance at all..? i just want NOTHING to ever despawn.. even if that means i have to roam the server and manually delete the blown up cars
  6. just rolled back to a previous database backup and went to maintain my base... it stated that there are 0 objects to maintain, no maintenance requred.. now tomorrow my base will be gone again
  7. also removed the database cleanup events.... still bases are requiring maintenance...?
  8. i cannot seem to get god mode bases to work... in my hive.ini i have the following: CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1 in my mission init.sqf i have the following: DZE_GodModeBase = true; but for some reason my bases all disappear randomly.....? any ideas
  9. sounds right.. do you know anything about "pipes" cant seem to find them anywhere on the server and they cannot be crafted..... i know this is a bit off topic
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