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  1. It spawns traders that move around the map every restart. eg. Helicopeter trader will be in one place. black market a different spot. weapons and ammo another place. etc etc. they will all move to random positions every restart, each trader has a few object with it, just so it isn't a random guy stood in a field.
  2. Its supposed to be checking for a global variable to be true, before taking off but it does nothing. plane spawns, flies over and lands correctly but just sits on the runway with its engines on and doesn't move on to _wp1.
  3. Another day another question it seems. Over the past few days I've been troubleshooting a script iv cobbled together. The goal is to have a plane land at an airfield. Wait until a condition is met, then take off again. _aircraft landAt 1; sleep 10; waitUntil { fly == "true"}; _wp1 = _aigroup addWaypoint [[5000.0,2.0,200],0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 5; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL" ; _wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; _aircraft flyInHeight 200; This is what I have so far, I've cut out the section where I spawn the aircraft and the AI to fly it as it works fine. After the plane lands it does jack. I'v tried to get the pilot to exit and re-enter the aircraft using ( "doGetOut _pilot;" then after a delay "_pilot moveindriver _aircraft;" ). I've tried turning the engine off and on again. But it ignores anything after "_aircraft landAt 1;" I've found if i kill the driver I still cant move the aircraft without getting out and back in. Just like when the landing autopilot is used. But apart from that I'm at a loss of what to try. Any thoughts guys? Cheers
  4. Not so easy it seems. I've just tried removing the loot spawning block but its still spamming the server rpt with the same message. Iv included my current code below, any further ideas/anything I'v missed? Sorry to be a pain.
  5. Thanks @salival. Thought it would probably be the loot spawning as that was the only thing that didn't seem to work. Should be an easy fix then :D Cheers
  6. I've been trying to get a version of an animated heli crash script working from OP linked. I've run into 2 problems. 1) Killing a hacker. "z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_safetyVehicle.sqf","KILLING A HACKER","Grace Hirasaki"," IN ","AH1Z"] 23:21:43 [ I'm guessing this fix is as simple as adding the vehicles I want to use to "DZE_safeVehicle". Just wondering if there's a more elegant way of doing it as between all the scripts I'm running there's gona be a lot of vehicles to white list. 2) The following in the server RPT. 23:41:32 Error in expression <_minDist) then { if (!((count (_testPos isFlatEmpty [_objDist, 0, _maxGradient, > 23:41:32 Error position: <isFlatEmpty [_objDist, 0, _maxGradient, > 23:41:32 Error Type Number, expected Number 23:41:32 File ca\modules\functions\misc\fn_findSafePos.sqf, line 100 23:41:32 Error in expression <fnc_isPosBlacklisted)) then { if ((_pos distance _testPos) >= _minDist) then { i> 23:41:32 Error position: <distance _testPos) >= _minDist) then { i> 23:41:32 Error Type Number, expected Number 23:41:32 File ca\modules\functions\misc\fn_findSafePos.sqf, line 98 23:41:32 Error in expression < "_newY", "_testPos"]; _newX = _posX + (_maxDist - (random (_maxDist * 2))); _ne> 23:41:32 Error position: <_maxDist - (random (_maxDist * 2))); _ne> 23:41:32 Error Undefined variable in expression: _maxdist 23:41:32 File ca\modules\functions\misc\fn_findSafePos.sqf, line 90 23:41:32 String STR_EVAL_TYPENAN not found 23:41:32 String STR_EVAL_TYPENAN not found If anyone can give any input on the possible cause? I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide. Cheers
  7. I'm tweaking my loot configs and adding a few new loot groups. Just wanting to clarify something before I make a mess of things, see below //Containers {Loot_CONTAINER, 5, DZ_CardboardBox, Consumable, 6, 12}, {Loot_CONTAINER, 3, DZ_MedBox, MedicalHigh, 8, 16}, Am I right in thinking that the first number is the % chance for a container to spawn. I'm unsure what the last 2 numbers are, I'm assuming its min and max quantities for items from the loot group, eg. 6-12 items from the consumable group? Any input appreciated as always. Cheers
  8. Unsure then. All I know is iv just looked over a friends test server as they we're having a very similar issue, found the mistake I mentioned above, corrected it and it fixed their issue.
  9. Just in case you haven't found a solution or if anyone else has the issue. With you having ESSV3 installed I'm pretty sure this is caused by a error when installing the script. Specifically editing server_playerDied.sqf. Take note this is a add below not replace. find _newObject setVariable ["bodyName",_playerName,true]; Add below: _newObject setVariable ["bodyUID",_playerID,true];
  10. Thanks, I would appreciate that a lot.
  11. @iben This is exactly what I've been looking for! I've been trying to integrate giving coins into an admin menu, could never get adding or removing from banks to work correctly. And this is so more elegant a solution to how I was doing it. Thanks :D And also you are completely right about all the great guys and girls on here who are always willing to help others. Its a real shame some people don't appreciate all the hard work they do, (especially putting up with the silly questions I usually ask :D)
  12. Have experimented a little getting this working but having issues, no doubt someone with more experience than me might be able to add further insight. What iv found so far, 1) the function that check for AI killed % is in mission_winorfail.sqf if(((wai_mission_data select _mission) select 0) <= _killpercent) then { { if((isPlayer _x) && (_x distance _position <= 20)) then { _complete = true; }; } count playableUnits; Iv tried this in the files where the missions are setup (example from armed_vehicle.sqf) _ai = ((wai_mission_data select _mission) select 0); [_mission,_position,"Medium",format["Disabled %1,%2 Ai Remaining",_vehname,_ai],"MainHero",true] call mission_init; "_ai" also added to private variable declaration. Unfortunately doesn't work. If anyone can point out exactly where wai_mission_data gets its variables from I will try further. I could be completely wrong with the way I'm trying this, So please correct me if i'm wrong. new to scripting, but wanting to learn :D
  13. Not sure if this will be of any help but I remember WAI having a config to set % of AI killed to spawn the loot. So I'm assuming its keeping track of the total AI alive from the mission somewhere right? I'm no expert though, I leave that job for you guys.
  14. Cant believe I forgot the \ at the beginning. Just had chance to test it and its still not liking the path. Current function is calling: [_pos] execVM "\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\modules\target_drop.sqf"; In game message and client RPT report: Warning Message: Script @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\modules\target_drop.sqf not found Thanks for your help. I will keep trying and post back if i find something that works. Never Give Up
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