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Found 4 results

  1. Help me! arma 3 epoch napf

    Greetings! I need some help in running arma 3 epoch mod server on a napf map. I found out that I need a file with the coordinates of map buildings for spawn loot like this one used in altis map (if I understood correctly). altis.h I found it in the file "epoch_server_settings.pbo" in the folder "epoch_server_settings\configs\maps", there is also a file for napf, but the problem is it is almost empty. napf.h I do not know what to do.
  2. In your: \Arma 3\@epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo are the different maps... unpack the pbo and open \configs\maps MAPUWANTTOEDIT.H [ It is divided into the different maps. (Stratis, Altis, Cherno, add more if u need ...) ] Example:Altis.H start with: propsPos[] = { //in the propsPos you can add houses, atm, waterbarrels or everything you want. just.... propsPos[] = { //trader city #1 {"Land_MarketShelter_F", { 13315.3, 14512.4, 0.0361125 }, 119.966}, { "Land_ScrapHeap_2_F", { 13315.9, 14499, 0.00584948 }, 255.706 }, { "classnameyouneed" , { X , Z , offsetY }, azimut } // add more if u wish, but the last one without comma Important is only the last batch may not a "comma" so, look at the "," at the end from the line. Build what you want with the A3 Editor, save coordinates for your cpp (press "copy Epoch CFG to Clipbord"), then past this in a empty txt file, or directly into the cpp. *with the custom pbo you can specify more features, such as set vector and so Repack the .pbo and ready *If you want to build with the MCC Sandbox Tool or Zeus, save with MCC Sandbox (press "save all sqm"), then convert the coordinates and add this into the cpp. (Use the Mission converter)* The coordinates: useful tools and links:
  3. Guys, I wanted to add that nice "service point" (repair & refuel) icons on the map and I found the sqf code to add the icons but couldn't find the map coordinates for fuel stations. Then after some more search I found the code but this time I couldn't figure which one is which so I teleported myself to each fuel station on Chernarus 11 map (took a while). Sharing the resulting work so that others -hopefully- can save time. Please note the original file is not my work, I only used teleport to identify which one is which. Also, I got bored after a while and left mapping work at Fuel Stations (that's what I needed really). Fuel Points (i.e.: fuel tanks on map) are still in the document, further down, but they are unnamed - if you need their names enojy the TP :) Thanks And here is a picture if you wish to take a look or publish it on your web/forums for your players. The big red circles are Service Points. Small icons are Fuel Sources.
  4. Change Default Epoch Trader Positions

    What i want to achieve is basically to move the Black Market Trader who is currently at Stary, to my own new location on the map where im building a black market camp. I dont want to create a new trader i just want to know if somewhere in the server files where i can find the code for individual trader coords and then change it to where i want him to be on the map. i know how to add a marker for his new location afterwards but i cant seem to see where it gives there individual coordinates for each trader. or if it even does. i will link my mission.sqm as thats where i thought it would be, but i couldnt see it myself in there. mission.sqm here http://www.sendspace.com/file/l3l76q any help with this would be great, thankyou