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    • By Thug
      UPDATE 2/21/2018
      Just wanted to show where I was with the launcher I have been working on. I have a friend Kevin Phillips that has bee helping me work on this project. 
      Made a short video on youtube and wanted to share.
      Click here to see the video on youtube.
      Please let me know what you think.
      ----------------------------------------OLD POST BELOW-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Hope I am posting in correct location. If not please tell me where I can post.
      What I am posting is possible because of many resources on the internet. A lot information was learned on http://stackoverflow.com/
      Thank you to TheDuke for giving me one of his start bat files.
      Thank you to all the unknown that contributed over the years on different sites.
      This is something I have been working on for the last two weeks. It is still a work in progress.
      What it is, simply an admin launcher. I found that if I deal with more than two server this helps a lot. Plus it was something to do lol. 
      So here we go: FIRST MAKE A FOLDER CALLED SERVERS OR CALL IT WHAT EVER YOU WANT. the files we will be making will go into that folder
      We will make a bat file for origins dayzoverwatch  dayz_epoch
      First thing lets make that bat file.
      If I were you I would use Notepad++  What a great program
      Open a new doc and save as origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat or what ever name you want BUT IT MUST HAVE .bat at the end
      Copy the following and paste it in the new file you just make called  origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat
      EDITED ON 12/31/2016 01/17/2017
      QUESTION:   .bat file is updated with password settings
      Lets say I have a server. That server has a password. The password is dog
      How would I add the password to the bat file?  
      Right now if I try to join a server with a password it will say, you enter the wrong pass word.
      Then I go to multiplayer and select the server and enter the password dog and I am in.
      The .bat file is right below this
      Now make a file and name it bat_test.hta or what ever you want. Copy and paste the following in it and save to the folder SERVERS
      What I did at this point was made a shortcut of the dat_test.hta to my desktop after that double chick it and it should work. Did for me. 
      as you can see I left some of my information in so you could try it out.
      OF COURSE THE LINE <p><a href="E:/BAT START FILES/origins_opoch_Chernarus.bat">Origins Overwatch Epoch Chernarus</a></p> points to where I have my folder
      Like I said this is a work in progress. If you have anything you would like to  share, that would be great.

    • By Donnovan
      04 FEBRUARY 2018 - WE ARE ON v002!
      Thanks to the Discord pals for helping in tailore BRPVP Zombies to Epoch.
      My name is Donnovan and i bring here the BRPVP Zombies for Epoch Mod.
      (You can know more about BRPVP here: http://www.brpvp.com)
      BRPVP Zombies are made of: code, +code, some few images and sounds.

      Here the files v002 (size 432Kb):
      4 February 2018 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ANHL_SaFdKlJOLrDV6CakOD7HTNwVr4T/view?usp=sharing
      You must use the words "BRPVP zombies" or "BRPVP-Z" in your server name and give proper credits to the Author (Andre Luis AKA Donnovan).
      BRPVP Zombies was done completelly stand alone, but with Epoch in mind.
      BE Filters Info:
      1 - The variables set on zombies and target, with setVariable, have the prefix "brpvp_", for easy BE Filter management.
      2 - BRPVP Zombies make use of 3 public variables, the variable names start with "BRPVP_" for easy BE Filters management.
      Remote Exec White List:
      You need that in your description.ext:
      class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class BRPVP_remoteExec { allowedTargets = 0; jip = 1; }; }; }; If you already have a class CfgRemoteExec {...}; declaration in your description.ext you will need to merge the above with the one you have.
      Custom Epoch "FiredMan" Event Handler:
      Get the code inside player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{...this code...}]; in the file brpvp_zombies_stuff_client.sqf and put it in the Epoch file EPOCH_custom_EH_FiredMan.sqf (see https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_code/customs/EPOCH_custom_EH_FiredMan.sqf).
      description.ext file:
      BRPVP Zombies have some sound declarations in description.ext. You will need to merge it with your description.ext.
      BRPVP Zombies add two types of zombies:
      1 - Fixed zombies in infected cities: they stay on some cities and can be triggered from near or from far, with your proximity or with bullet hit.
      Here the configuration for fixed zombies and infected cities:
      //FIXED ZOMBIES ON DEDICATED SERVER BRPVP_fixedZombiesAmount = [ [[1],[10],35,["NameVillage"]], [[1],[10],35,["NameVillage"]], [[1],[10],35,["NameVillage"]], [[1],[10],35,["NameVillage"]], [[2],[15],40,["NameVillage"]], [[2],[15],40,["NameVillage"]], [[2,3],[40,60],100,["NameCity","NameVillage"]], [[4,5],[120,160],150,["NameCityCapital","NameCity"]] ]; BRPVP_fixedZombiesReviveTime = 1800; //SECONDS TO A FIXED ZOMBIE TO REVIVE, THEY ONLY REVIVE IF THERE IS NO PLAYER NEAR Reading above, you will have 8 infected cities on your mission.
      Explaning line 7: [[2,3],[40,60],100,["NameCity","NameVillage"]]
      Zombies will have its force random selected from 2 or 3, they will be in number of 40 if force is 2 and will be in number of 60 if force is 3. The spawn radius in the city will be 100 meters, and the city selected for those zombies will be randonly picked from the list of Cities and Villages provided by the map.
      2 - Context spawned zombies: those zombies will spawn when you are in places with near houses or buildings. You can avoid those zombies to spawn by obscuring your self like walking near walls, entering in houses, going crouch or prone, stay high from the ground, stay near big objects like wreck cars and all kind of objects or group of objects that can block the perception of you.
      All the BRPVP Zombies configurations can be found in this file: brpvp_zombies_config.sqf.
      Older files:
      v001: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q4cavJQdqwxcz-O6DBFo_fKfEG-_g8bj/view?usp=sharing
    • By Thug
      When I send a group invite, the players join, great.  Then you get all this radio chatter and speech text telling you to regroup, heli 1500m out, and BS BS BS . How do I turn off the radio chatter and the speech text?
    • By nathan9117
      Hi there, I would like to move this file to my server pbo.
       I have moved it to my mission pbo and tested by changing the call to this and it spawns fine.
      For some reason however I can not get it to spawn if it is placed server side and executed from server_functions.sqf either using [] execVm, execVm or call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers.
      The main reason for wanting to move this file is that when I edit my map I dont want to place any objects over existing ones. If it is not going to be possible then an alternative will be to load the buildings in the 3d editor make my map and just remove the duplicates that already spawn/exist in chernarus11.sqf 
      Contents of chernarus11.sqf below extracted from dayz_code.
      Thanks in advance ! 
    • By xTimeToShine
      Hey guys,
      i'm proud to present our new "Epic Illusion Gaming - DayZ Overpoch server".
      [EIG] DayZ Overpoch | Chernarus | | Coins | Lift | Groups | Missions | Events | Deploy Bike |
      We are searching for some Players and also for some Admins. Please visit our Server or come to our Teamspeak or Discrod.
      Visit us on ...
      ...Discord:  https://discord.gg/MTQuUHP
      Our new special features:
      Global Coins System Deploy a bike (Toolbox) Lift & Tow Selfbloodbagging Groupsystem Virtual Garage AI Missions Special PVP Events Custom Loadout ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Upcoming features:
      Weaponswitch Enhanced Spawn Selection and much more...  
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