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  1. Has anyone made any custom bases and are willing to share?
  2. bFe

    I'm Going to Release ALL My Cherno Map Additions

    Any chance for a reupload?
  3. bFe

    Napf Trade Cenceled with traders

    If you're using the default Napf trader setup you can just open the fil up in the editor, move the trader down and adjust the cordinates in the dayz_server mission.sqf If you need help with that let me know and I'll see what I can do. https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/TraderCitySources
  4. The fix works but noe people can't remove their own plot poles. Any tips?
  5. bFe

    Napf Trade Cenceled with traders

    You have to move the traders to the ground level.
  6. Alright. Well the DLL files are unblocked so I have no idea what it could be.
  7. I replaced all the files in the compiles folder with the one included in the SC 3.0 package. The only thing I've changed in the dayz_server.pbo is the #include bit that goes in the server_functions. Edit: Tried using the premade pbo files but the same error occured. Any special visual c++ version required?
  8. CashMoney is being saved in Character_DATA but the banking_data remains empty when I deposit cash. What am I missing?
  9. CashMoney is being stored in Character_DATA but the banking_data remains empty when I deposit cash. I've applied the fix in the first post but it didn't help. Does anyone know what it could be?
  10. What was the error? I'm having the same problem now after I moved from no bank to bank.
  11. bFe


    Any way to have something like this at the bottom? [health icon] 0 | [bank icon] 0 | [money] 0 [headshot icon] 0 | ... ?
  12. Is there a fix for letting people remove their objects after death?
  13. bFe

    What markers should be on the default map?

    In the mission.sqm, search for "class Markers".
  14. bFe

    Database Tables Question (Maintain Objects)

    It will damage the buildables every third day, yes. I'm not sure if its case sensitive or not, but have you tried changing the name in the event? You can also put this in your init if you want to be able to maintain 24/7 DZE_DamageBeforeMaint = 0.00;